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  • New LOTRO, But it will be F2P

    How about we just hope for an amazing game instead of spreading all the doom and gloom?

    A chance at a new middle earth MMO is better than no chance at all. If it's crap or not exactly what you want from the IP.. no biggie. We can just act like it never happened and move on.
  • Carbine Studios Shutting Down, WildStar to Close - MMORPG.com

    It's messed up. There's far worse games doing extremely well.
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  • Bungie's New Reward System Ties In-Game Activities to All Sorts of Destiny 2 Goodies - MMORPG.com

    arbi15 said:
    hows the game now? ive never heard anything good about it yet,there were so many complaints that i ignored it. but watching some videos i like the gunplay,the weapon and armor designs.

    Did they fix all that stuff that ppl were hating prior?
    Destiny 2 is fine. It's always been fine. The problem is that it's only a sequel because they called it one. It uses tons of the first games' assets and pretty much all the classes, enemies and weapons were the same with only a few exceptions (they've added more new ones now). It was also low on content, like Destiny 1 was, and to get your complete game you have to pay for it multiple times with the season pass... and now the expansion... and also the expansion's season pass. Some idiot somewhere decided that season passes' should actually have seasons, instead of being the all in one purchase option they were always originally intended to be.

    The complaints have never been about the gameplay, it's more about the way it's been released. It could have easily been another expansion to Destiny 1 but instead they made it separate and stand alone, made everyone pay a premium price tag again and made everyone start their characters again.. and threw all the old content into the void. Which was pretty crazy for a game that's well known for being low on content.

    It's not that it has been handled badly, as if they did it by mistake. This is their business plan. They have a number of people sat in a room looking at purchase and user data and they determine that doing it this way will make more money, regardless of whether or not it hurts the game in the long run and pisses people off.

    But... if you've got the money to burn and want to buy the ultimate package that includes everything then you'll probably have a lot of fun with it. Just expect to be really let down when they release Destiny 3 and it's practically the same game again with the best stuff from Destiny 2 striped away so you have to pay for it again later and costs about $100.
  • Bungie's New Reward System Ties In-Game Activities to All Sorts of Destiny 2 Goodies - MMORPG.com

    LurchUSA said:

    Resorting to bribery now... eh?

    Don't be that guy. Things that every game does, like preorder bonuses, are much worse than this. This is extra free rewards for people who were already going to play it anyway.

    Incentives to play are much better than incentives to pay.
  • Henry Cavill of Superman Fame to Play Geralt in Netflix's Witcher Series - MMORPG.com

    NexeusS said:

    SBFord said:

    A very, VERY good pick. :)

    Moreover... Henry is a big fan of the Witcher games. It turns out his wish has been granted to play as The Witcher.

    Here, watch the video before the pick.

    Fun fact...

    He'd already had the meeting to play Geralt before this interview. It was confirmed by the showrunner that he was the first person she met with about 3 months before this IGN interview. He already knew he was going to be doing it or that he might be doing it.

    Kinda makes it all a bit... fake, doesn't it? It was a deliberate plug.. watch it again knowing that and you'll see this interview in a completely different way.