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  • Bless - How Bless Aims to Be A Realm Reborn - MMORPG.com

    sgel said:

    Have they said when they plan to go to Early Access ?

    This. I am getting tired of the same rehashed information so why not give us something we actually want like a damn timeline.
  • State of the Studio

    Kyleran said:
    If I do end up joining this game the backers will never know.

    In a game like this I never create avatars related to this handle nor share most of my names with anyone unless a throwaway acct.
    Indeed linking multiple game/forum/twitter/twitch accounts etc is kind of like inviting stalkers to stalk you...lol
  • Pay-to-Build and Manage vs Pay-to-Win

    Ungood said:
    Asm0deus said:
    Lets get something clear.

    History of MMO's.

    Now yah, PW has evolved, into a toothless slug that holds no bite or value anymore.

    Hell, in GW2, I have seen Skins (yes, just Cosmetic Skins) called P2W, because people did not want to spend money for them, and felt that if they called them P2W they would either drop the price or put them in the game for free.

    So, yah.. that's what P2W means today.. it's devolved into a pointless turd floating down the river that angry Nerd-Ragers fling at anything they don't want to spend money on.

    So, how does that bring us to CoE and P2W.. well.

    Ok, if it's P2W, what do I win if I pay?

    Seems to me, that if I spend enough, all I win is a burden.
    Yes lets get something clear just because some people claim cosmetics are p2w it doesn't invalidate the other stuff that is NOT cosmetics or make those not p2w.

    You can bitch and moan about some people crying that cosmetics being p2w, I don't think cosmetics are p2w either btw, that doesn't make your argument any more more valid or have diddly squat to do with what is being said in this thread.

    In COE we are definitely not talking about cosmetics so the only nerd raging I am seeing here is your claims of blablabla cosmetics is not p2w and thus the term is a pointless turd.....

    Haha your argument is the only toothless slug I am seeing right now..poor poor COE I kind of feel bad for it with defenders like yourself. :D

  • State of the Studio

    Kyleran said:
    Ugood said:
    Slapshot1188 said:
    Are most people now comfortable that he will deliver SOMETHING? Yes. 
    This is everything.. because at one time, they weren't, just like all the other games in development.

    If I would fault CoE for anything, it would be not hiding behind a nice sanitized PR face, which seems to be what has drawn all the butthurt ire.

    SBS / Caspian remind me so much of Aventurine / Tasos (?)


    Reminds me of PFO's Ryan Dancey!
  • Pay-to-Build and Manage vs Pay-to-Win

    Ungood said:
    Asm0deus said:
    Ungood said:
    This seems to be a constant where the Naysayers repeatedly claim (In every thread) that CoE is a pay-to-win game. I know I am opening a can of worms by making this post and setting myself up as a target. But I want to try to clarify the difference to those that are still learning about CoE if I can. 

    I laugh at P2W cries, I play GW2, where people call mount skins.. not mounts.. not mount upgrades.. just a purely cosmetic skin.. and they call it P2W.

    So yah..  I don't give those cries an iota of respect anymore. I'll see it.. I'll play.. and I alone will make a decision if I think it is P2W.

    Indeed any kind of cosmetic skins that's in such games is not p2w IMO either but then this game isn't offering that is it but things far far different.

    The idea is still the same.. anything anyone does not want to spend money on, suddenly becomes P2W.

    I am playing BDO right now, and, I have heard it's very P2W.. on my 3rd day of the trial.. and I am still am not sure where the Item Store is.. so it can't be that P2W.

    In games like second life, Most of the Money in the game, was player bought, (and money in that game could go both ways), and no one cried P2W about it, mainly because real P2W games like Evony were going strong at the time.

    So with CoE .. we shall see. If it turns out to be unacceptable to me. I'll just stop playing, let my character die in AFK oblivion, and move on to another game, not like I have to invest into the game if I am not having fun.

    But P2W has been soo watered down these days, it's not even worth humoring it's usage anymore.
    Ah no. 

    Sure some people take the term too far but fundamentally p2w never meant "win" as some people in this thread are trying to spin it. This isn't a board game or card game with a clear start and end to a game or match.

    Like I said Occam Razor and KISS.   Anything else is just sophistry.

    I can understand your wanting to just try the game and see for yourself...some of us have enough experience in games to be able to see how it's going to go down by how the mechanics are suppose to work and what happening in the store or crowdfunding phase etc.

    All the luck to you though.

    What really annoys me though are games that are clearly p2w and depending on whales yet try to hide this or can't just own it.

    I mean if some dev or company wants to make a p2w game cause "reasons" then go for it, attract those whales and make mad cash.

     I mean you see it often enough in mobile and browser games and no one cares so why the big brouhaha when it comes to these more traditional rpgmmo?

    I say stop spinning it and own it instead.