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  • Alleged Perpetrator of Call of Duty WWII 'Swatting' Death Indicted for Involuntary Manslaughter - M

    thunderC said:

    He has a smart ass look to his face, Hope he does some real time

    I seriously hope he makes some real friends while he's inside ......
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Also, I see people talking about political bias as part of the convo. We're all gamers and this effects us across party lines. I'm a little lost how the following infographic isn't pretty straight forward. I don't think it's a lefty/righty issue.

    Indeed!  Net neutrality is a MUST, anyone that thinks otherwise is highly and I mean highly deluded or has his fat CEO hands in the biased cookie jar.
  • Why are you NOT playing Elite: Dangerous?

    klash2def said:
    Asm0deus said:
    People can go read the thread I am not interested in recreating it here,  Like I said in another post NMS has more to do right now that FD, it just doesn't look as good graphic wise and the flight combat is not as good.

    Basically there are some people than think FD can do no wrong and have built the bestest most amazing space game EVA and some that think what has been added is pretty lame and not well done.

    It's up to everyone here to decide which camp they are in or hopefully like myself are not in either and think ED has lots of possibilities but that FD need to get a clue and  actually use the money people give them on the game rather than on their "other games" and then give us poorly implemented and half arsed content.

    It's pretty clear you don't agree with me and that's okay.
    lol I like how you are putting all the ED players in 2 boxes.. either "They can do no wrong, best space game EVA" or "Pretty lame additions not well done."

    I'm neither of those.. i'm more a "I want them to add all these things to improve it, but I can wait patiently because I'm patient and want a high quality product" type of person. 

    EDIT: How do you know for sure they aren't using the money they made (not gave to them, they sold a product) on ED? Where did you get this info from or are you just taking a guess? If so what is your guess based on? 
    Go look on their forums it's in one of the threads I forget which one, one of the members posted some tidbits that Braben told his investors in one of their shareholder / street filings or somesuch, as for the other thing I said there are those two camps and then other like me that are hopefully somewhere in the middle, I do not believe you're in that middle area.

    You are far far too keen on giving them a pass to be "somewhere in the middle".

  • Are game companies following the law on gambling (ones located in the US)

    Kyleran said:
    Digital items have no actual cash value, unless you are talking crypto currencies,  hence there is no gambling involved. 
    Pretty sure that's not 100% accurate, I am pretty sure anyone that creates and sells digital goods like software etc etc would disagree with you.

    @ TheScavenger
    Gambling laws in the USA have been tightened but they still need work.

    Take this for example
    When the North American Free Trade Agreement was concluded in 1994, floppy disks reigned supreme and the Internet was in its infancy. Today, the digital economy (driven by data, software, artificial intelligence, and analytics) spurs growth and jobs in every sector, especially in manufacturing, banking, hospitality, healthcare and education. Despite this enormous economic impact and increasing global competition, there is no trade agreement in place that has clear, strong, and enforceable rules on data. The decision to modernize NAFTA is the perfect opportunity to create rules that ensure the digital economy can thrive and grow across North America – rules that can be used in all trade agreements to come.

    At some point goverments and their laws are going to catch up with the wild wild west of the interwebs.
  • Ian Frazier Moves to Unannounced Project - DLC Death Knell? - Mass Effect: Andromeda - MMORPG.com

    SBFord said:

    Asm0deus said:

    Might have been a different story if Bioware hadn't let SWJ politics slip into the mix.

    When all else fails, through a straw man into the argument. So sick of this particular one.

    That said, please don't go further with this or the thread will just be closed.

    Oh please don't try and sell me politics never play or have impact on games especially the last few years.