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  • Studio "mortified" that folks are using their pay to reserve a name system to "troll" other players

    Ahhh so it begins!   lmao

    I mean who in the world could have seen this coming!!!!!!!
  • Pay-to-Build and Manage vs Pay-to-Win

    Ungood said:
    Evony and "other such crap" (IE: Browser and Mobile games) are the originators of P2W and where the term stemmed from.

    Because in those games you could Pay to Win a fight. it was exactly what I am saying it was, it was rampant, and it was very common. Hence the outrage. 

    That toilet water you are passing off whisky was never the real deal, and didn't come till much after P2W had built it's stigma and traction in the game community.

    That is why is called "Pay to Win" and not "Cash Advantage"

    Also, very Few MMOs were using anything remotely like a F2P model when P2W was building it's massive reputation in the game world.
    Even back then there were arguments on what p2w was and that the point I am making.  Now it's somekind of BS to say mobile gaming is what started p2w.

    P2w comes from f2p games and mobile gaming, while mobile games took it to the next step and went hog wild with it you are not going to peddle to me that mobile game was a huge thing back then and sole creator of p2w... that's just you trying to fit shit in your narrative like the rest of the spin doctors in this thread.

    F2p in mmo was late 1990 early 2000 same as mobile but mobile was not as popular as standard mmos, f2p or not, till later on.

    Tell you what though KISS and Occams Razor... not one of you spin doctors will admit or look at these two things as it kills your spinnings and is probably why you guys keep ignoring them.

    Far far too busy over complicating stuff to try and prove a negative.

    Asm0deus said:

    I was there when games started to go f2p and p2w etc started and I can assure you p2w was not like you're say barring some extreme cases.

    P2w gained traction in the game world because it was a way to pay to get an "unfair" advantage over some scrub that couldn't afford to pay.  I can assure you there were lots of wallet warriors that sucked and only managed to compete against top players because of said advantage.

    I think this will be the same thing in COE.

    Tbh I find it hilarious you compare COE to Evony and other such crap....lol

    Imo COE is set up more to akin how Revival was to be.

    Interesting as the developer of Revival (Snipehunter) is now the developer for CoE...

    Yes Like I have said before this game and how it is being developed as well as the community it has acquired reminds a whole whole lot of the community in PFO and Revival. 

    They also were very very good at spinning things and making threads pretty much like these ones. 

    I am very very curious to see how COE fares compared to these two other games.
  • FCC killed net neutrality. What does it mean for gamers?

    "Why NN is important" made easy for the layman.

  • Another lawsuit but this time it is personal

    Rhygarth said:
    My thoughts when i see a title with SC in it "not a single f**k is given" 

    so much BS drama surround this game.


    Speaking of addiction I dare say when SC finally goes bully up or releases a final end product some people in the boards here are going to go into major and I mean major withdrawal!!!!
  • Another lawsuit but this time it is personal

    mr1602 said:

    Kyleran said:
    Hero? Hardly qualifies by any definition of the term.

    Because of him, I know at least 2 families who didn't sleep on the streets as the dad got the refund from CIG much more quickly than the charge back process and was able to pay rent.

    Nice cheap shot though. I'm sure this reflects well for you.

    Sounds like the dad in those two families had messed up priorities if they needed a refund from CIG to be able to pay rent....