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  • Ding, $20M!


    Hope you guys find the time to work on Farming and Fishing like you said in one of your Q&As, as that would bring a lot of my friends in.  That's all they do in MMOs that have it.  Along with RP and PvP. 

    I also have a lot of farmland parcels, so it will give them an additional use. 
  • Love to Garden? You Can Now Through the Garden Plot Deed - Guild Wars 2 - MMORPG.com

    So I would have to gamble with a lootbox to get a likely poorly made feature that will require a single click and is only harvestable once per day? Like. Legitimately. They could have just saved this for the next expansion and made it a worthy feature -- or a part of real housing instead of just a static home instance -- instead of this. Heck, even a guild feature with the guild halls that could be big and require team work to keep things planted, trimmed and watered.
  • Crowfall - Crafting Changes and the Damned Dirty Word - MMORPG.com

    BruceYee said:

    The big difference between ESO, GW2, BDO and Crowfall is Crowfall until their recent 6m extra funding was mostly/almost entirely crowdfunded unless I'm mistaken?
    Yes, you are mistaken - and very much so: currently only some 20% of their total comes from pledges.

    BruceYee said:
    They have been able to fully create a business from other people's money that can possibly fund their lives for the next decade(if they don't screw it up) but are going to keep charging more to the SAME people that gave them free money.
    That money is not free, it came with lots of obligations; furthermore it's almost spent (and IMO very well); based on publicly available information, their yearly expenses should be ~4M, which will likely increase as the team grows.

    On "...going to keep charging more to the SAME people...", this nonsense really doesn't deserve any comment. You have lots of negative (and, oh by the way, wrong) prejudices about Crowfall.

    Quoting this for the $4,000,000 per year costs.  That is with an indie level of amount of employees, without reliable income (since it hasn't released), etc.  This is also mostly without the marketing that will happen prior to its launch.  They will likely purchase new servers and hardware when finding any problems as tests ramp up, make development easier or get more ideas to put in.
  • Need Feedback: Crafting System

    "...quality level anywhere between 1 and 100."

    Stopped right here, because this is a huge red flag for me and I had to passionately begin to write:

    No.  No, no.  NO.  NO!  No.

    LiF does this, and it is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my entire life as a crafter and builder in a game.  Though the main problems are that:

    Eventually (or immediately) anything below 90 is trash.
    There will be 100 different types of the material in your bag, unless you can combine them all and still maintain their unique qualities.

    Inventory management is a pain in the ass and the majority of materials are useless.  Which makes gathering a pain in the butt as well.  Most crafters and gatherers think with efficiency in mind.  They calculate time to collect and materials necessary.  They'd be willing to mine for 9 months straight to get what they want.  If they need 500,000 stone?  Sure.  But when you start putting in 100 different quality types, that just gets depressing when you see low numbers.  Disheartening.  There are other crafting and gathering games at that point.

    If you must have quality materials for the sake of historical accuracy, stick with "Bad", "Normal", "High Quality".  Then have uses for each, or ways to make the bad into good through processing and taking out impurities.  Items, too.  "Shabby" "Normal" "High Quality".  With skilled crafters able to make "bad" into "normal" through professional techniques (if they don't take out the impurities to make it normal), and normal into "High Quality".  With normal having a much higher chance at being normal than bad would, with the same going for HQ materials having a higher likelihood of producing greatness in the hands of a master.

    Balance your game around normal (maybe bad at the start) quality, with HQ being a luxury for veterans to spend money on (and an economy having low cost normal items that new players are able to purchase, and a luxury HQ version that will steadily increase in price over time).  With HQ only being slightly better as a whole.

    Avoid RNG as much as you're able.  As a crafter, I want to feel as such and not like I'm playing a slot machine or just a mini-game of gathering by just pushing a button and seeing a bar fill up.

    If there's a mess up, I want to say "I shouldn't of done that" instead of "F**k this game."  Just some interaction where I feel like I had some control over whatever the outcome is.

  • No Announcements at Blizzcon but 'We're Hard at Work on the Future of Diablo' - Diablo 3 - MMORPG.co

    (o.o) This is me.

    (-.-) This is me giving up.

    [D3]<(-.-<) This is me giving up on the Diablo Franchise. <br />

    Well. At least we still have Star... Hmm. Uh. D--... Hm. Warcraft IV... Ehh...

    Make way for Phone Apps, RNG and Arena games.