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  • The many lessons of Agnarr

    this is a good thread. I would also say I believe Dynamic Public Events are a must. Quest Grinding has become boring. 
  • Level Grind: can we finally admit that this turns off most players in New MMOs?

    When it comes to "Level Grind" in new released MMOs, can we finally admit that this turns off most players in New MMOs?

    Especially when your game is marketed as a huge PvP game with off the chart Faction vs Faction wars, yet its totally locked behind a Level gate that say 

    "Sorry, but you can not play this Faction vs Faction battle until you are level XYZ"....

    Now you start to look at each level as a force of labor , rather than a fun journey. Hence why this is the age of Power Grinding. 

    I will admit, when I was new to MMOs, and didnt know how the system of MMOs work, and all the Filler illusions, I thought levels were the coolest element. Then one day I reached the level I wanted, which was max, and played all the features I wanted to play, and realized that all that leveling and false pride of being a higher level than my friends, was just an illusion of filler, to keep me busy while developers make content.

    that may be a legit reason, but at max level I still enjoyed long periods of gameplay even though I wasnt leveling. So its not like Levels are the only way to do filler. 
  • What is a Living Breathing World MMO? Any examples of one of these MMOs talked about here?

    Living Breathing World MMO. I know this is figuratively talked about around here.

    But what does that even mean in terms of MMOs?

    Are there any examples of such a MMO being this "Living Breathing World" that people here been scratching and begging for?

    I been thinking about this request, when it hit me. What the heck is a Living Breathing World MMO feature?

    Seems like a heavy requested feature, but doesnt really seem to have ever been done before. So I been confused about where this request even started from.


    School me on this you all.

  • Sandbox vs Themepark Discussion Thread

    Originally posted by sagil

    Sandbox should actually have more content than themepark. Take this as an example of a feature: quests (i dont like seeing just terrain, i would like to go on missions and uncover the history of the world) that give fame to particular factions. Since in sandbox you skill up instead of going up in levels so you can freely choose what to be.
    It's too bad only small budget developers are making sandbox games.

    Sandbox with lots of contents is a Theme Park.