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  • Legacy of the Necromancer Release Notes Published - Lord of the Rings Online - MMORPG.com

    Opinions may vary, and to drop one from the other side: their f2p is the best.
    There. :wink:  just an opinion like yours.

    The second part is not correct at all, you have to pay nothing to reach the endgame. You don't even have to grind Points for it, you can level in a casual speed with the book quests and crafting and the (free) dungeons and (free) skirmishes.

    If you want to unlock all the zones while you're at it, that's a different beast. And that's where the best part of their f2p is: you can do it any way you like, any way fits the most for your playstyle. You can do it for free (but then you will grind a lot). You can do it by individual purchases (with some planning and using of sales you can get everything in maybe 40ish bucks). Or, you can be lazy, subscribe for a couple months and just play.

    Now, Mordor itself at the very end, that's a stupid priced expansion, I agree. But that's also available in the in-game store too, and I advised to everyone since the Mordor announcement to ignore the bundle and buy only the expansion from the game (where the above listed methods are all in play, you can get it for free, or by purchase, or from the subscription).
  • Neverwinter : Reroll

    Loke666 said:
    As for Cryptic, they are the people that made STO which is rather terrible. If they made something like Artemis in the trekkie universe I might have had a different opinion. CoH was pretty good though. CO was so-so. Again, just my opinion and at least Cryptic tries to do things their own way..
    Yep, it really is a matter of taste - with some mixed nostalgia, mayhaps :wink:
    They got me at CoH which was good, and then CoV which was a bit even better. Then CO was great (at least for me :wink: ), STO was also great, and Neverwinter... err... I like DDO more but it was fine I guess.
    Played it pretty heavily at launch, loved Grakulen's Foundry Focus series. Actually, still go back from time to time, but I think I can safely say it is my least played Cryptic game among the three. It is fun, it gets the most money and dev time, and probably the most populated... it's just I like STO and CO more.
  • Neverwinter : Reroll

    Strange, I could swear you play CO and thinks that is the most underrated :wink:  But reading further it turned out the Arc lured you away from Millennium City.

    Just a few notes:
    you won't be spammed in-game, because character name is not enough for that (needs the @ handle too for sending a tell or a mail).

    "Oddly he was never capped to 70 because I don't even know, such a long time ago."  I think I can guess, simply because of the level cap raise to 70 happened only after you left :smiley:  (it was in the module Elemental Evil in 2015)

    Loadouts, a.k.a. having multiple builds is a new(-ish) thing as well, and for icing the cake now you keep earning power points beyond 70, so eventually you can get all the powers, no need of juggling with the point distribution. -> no such thing as "messed up, needs to fix a bad spec" anymore.

    "There is a cool features that after you complete a map area, I got to claim additional rewards"  that is also a fairly recent change, happened probably 1-2 years ago. Maybe the best boons from that list are the extra bag, and the profession stuff.

    Arc... I'm at the side of those voices too, I admit. Simply don't like it on my gear.
    But it's true that it's lighter than Glyph, I give you that.

    F2p, that's a mixed bag, based on what you want from the game and what's your approach. I posted about it in details a while ago, comparing LotRO's and STO's f2p, and Neverwinter has a model very close to STO.
    In a nutshell, it's a pretty friendly f2p model.
    But Keller's right as well, it really pushes you towards the shop. You don't need to use it, but it still can be annoying how adamant they are with spamming the shop into your face...
  • What are the best movies/shows with good magic in them?

    I contrast this to LOTRO, where Gandalf pretty much sucks. I mean if he's such a wizard, why is he fighting with a sword. Yeah, he can stop that Balrog, but in other cases, the magic just sucks. He runs a lot for someone who is one of the most powerful wizards ever. I envision a wizard just kicking ass with impunity. Half the time, Gandalf just runs away. 
    As @Sovrath said above, magic in LotR is not working that way. Istari are not you cardboard-cutout, fireball juggling weirdos :wink:  That's why there was no "classic" magic class in LotRO (until they bowed to the demand, and added the widely hated lore-breaking rune-keepers).

    But those (both the LotR and the LotRO versions) would be off-topic, and a much lengthier discussion, so, for the question:

    Long ago, when there was still TSW and its community, there was a thread on its forum about less-known books, movies and tv series, which are great and suggested to those in love with TSW, the setting, the mood, etc.  Without that thread I'd have surely missed this following one (it was mainly mentioned due to Bertie Calver, as he is one of the voice actors in TSW):
    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.
    Really fun, and an interesting portrayal of magic. Plus a nice alternative version of the 19th century England, and TSW was all about the hidden things behind historical events :smiley:
  • The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition - $19.99 on Steam

    Can't? Maybe you can, at least a little :wink:
    GoG has now (till Feb.20) a flash sale, accompanied with discounts all through the weekend. One of those discounted games is W3 GOTY.

    So, why would you "anchor" to gabe one of the flagships of drm-free games when you can buy it from GoG as well? :smiley: