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  • Legacy of the Necromancer Release Notes Published - Lord of the Rings Online - MMORPG.com

    Opinions may vary, and to drop one from the other side: their f2p is the best.
    There. :wink:  just an opinion like yours.

    The second part is not correct at all, you have to pay nothing to reach the endgame. You don't even have to grind Points for it, you can level in a casual speed with the book quests and crafting and the (free) dungeons and (free) skirmishes.

    If you want to unlock all the zones while you're at it, that's a different beast. And that's where the best part of their f2p is: you can do it any way you like, any way fits the most for your playstyle. You can do it for free (but then you will grind a lot). You can do it by individual purchases (with some planning and using of sales you can get everything in maybe 40ish bucks). Or, you can be lazy, subscribe for a couple months and just play.

    Now, Mordor itself at the very end, that's a stupid priced expansion, I agree. But that's also available in the in-game store too, and I advised to everyone since the Mordor announcement to ignore the bundle and buy only the expansion from the game (where the above listed methods are all in play, you can get it for free, or by purchase, or from the subscription).
  • Legacy of the Necromancer Release Notes Published - Lord of the Rings Online - MMORPG.com

    My favourite part of the notes is that everyone will get the fiddle by default, and that the level req. of the more "exotic" instruments is lowered too. Will be much easier for bands to visit other servers.

    The episodic content sounds nice as well, Bingo's adventure was really popular and welcomed.

    Sorry I'll have to pass!
    Nope, you shall not pass!
  • What are the most disappointing games from your favorite franchises?

    Age of Conan, was nothing like what was promised
    Really good video, a blast from the past :wink:  that UI with the circular combo bar in the middle... and necro had scorpions as base pets instead of mutilators. The part with "how you handle the lag" when he said "we have great coders"  I just /facepalm

    Not really a fitting answer to the OP though, it is not part of a long-running, popular franchise, it has no prequels, unless you mean the few action games on console of course...

    When I saw the thread title, without even reading the detailed OP I instantly thought about UO. First timers are the heaviest hitters I guess... (at least for me, like Auto Assault as my first cancelled game)
    Ultima was a massive series, the start was a bit rough but from IV it really took off, just to Ascension botch that momentum while UO takes a huge dump right into the middle of it.

    It is probably the curse of online-ification, that's why I usually avoid the threads about "which game you want an mmo" :wink:  There's ES, when you thought Skyrim is the bottom of the pit, ESO proved you're wrong.
    There's SW:TOR as Ridelynn mentioned, there was WO just to drag the Wizardry name through the mud, there's the years-long halt on the GTA series just because of the crappy online part... still, none of them was as harmful as UO. Garriot flushed down the whole Ultima franchise in the loo with UO.
  • How do you feel about?

    Loke666 said:
    It is certtainly unfair if a female mage can wear a really skimpy dress but my make barbarian must be fully clothed instead of just running around in a loincloth [...]
    Might be unfair, but the world is not ready for the opposite - remember the complaints about the mankini in TSW? :smiley:

    It was an April's Fool joke, exactly against that unfairness you mention, players loved the silliness of it... and then the suits forced them to remove it and refund everyone, because of the backlash and voices outside of the game on different websites.

    (funny sidenote about how solid are they: "Funcom management feels strongly that the Mankini outfit goes against what The Secret World intellectual property (IP) is all about and they did not want this item to stay in the game permanently.
    That's the same management which 2 years later rushed to state, when still in the early beta stage, that of course Legends will have the mankini right from the start. So much for their strong feelings about it :wink: )
  • The 10 Best MMOs of 2017 - The List - MMORPG.com

    You can't go wrong with an acronym like POG!
    I am Po_gg and I support this message.