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  • The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition - $19.99 on Steam

    bartoni33 said:
    Their is an optional launcher called GOG Galaxy that is similar to Steam or Uplay or Origin or Glyph etc.
    In a small part it is similar to those services, but there's a huge difference, which is that simple word "optional". It is not a mandatory bloatware sitting on your PC all the time :wink: 

    Mainly it has two functions, one is a slight convenience for the regular gog.com usage (helps with downloads, notifies when a game got a patch for example, etc),
    the second is the net connection for a few games which have Galaxy support (and just for that, the game works fine without it, even the multiplayer if it has regular multi. Galaxy is only needed the multiplayer over the net, kind of like a server browser was for older games).

    I don't use it personally, tried it once (played a few matches over the net in Gwent, that is an example of Galaxy-using games) and then removed it. I prefer Gwent as a singleplayer game anyways :smiley:
  • The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition - $19.99 on Steam

    Sovrath said:
    he's saying why would you buy a game that is an icon of DRM Free games from steam when you can instead just buy it from Good Old Games.
    Yep, that's what I tried to babble about, just failed to do so apparently :smiley:

    There's also Dungeons 2 for free, till tomorrow:
  • Death of MMO genre - Nuff said ...

    I like his Death of a game series (even if it has hiccups sometimes, like APB, TOR, and of course AoC which just got a new server :wink: ), and this video too was a thorough description of the current situation. At least from one viewpoint... Still, I can't much relate to it - neither the evaluation, nor the suggested remedy.

    Maybe just a personal preference (as Travis wrote in his letter, "never kickstart, never preorder" :smiley: ) but I doubt crowdsourcing is a solution to anything. Neither the everlasting wait for the new big mmo messiah which will change everything overnight with its huge success - commercial success that is, as he says, to lure in more investors.
    I believe the issue has more deeper roots, in the core demand and in the way how gamers nowadays look at their leisure time - and correlating with that, where the gaming industry as a whole is heading.

    What can be the solution? No idea, and to be honest, don't even care. I don't like this new direction, while on the other hand I still love and play my old games. Maybe that's why I never really delved too deep into this mindset of frequents threads about "when is the new mmo home will launch, I seek a new game, etc". I'm fine with my current games, even if they are 10 years old.

    Plan is, I will play my games until they are online, and when the last one gets the axe... I have a massive stash of old singleplayer games which would keep me occupied for decades :wink: 
    (because the problem is not only with MMOs, or online games in a broader sense. The entire industry is going downhill, quality-wise... but hey, they are making tons of money because of their new audience loves this, so nope, not dead, "only" changing.
    To the worse, I might add, but that's just how we old gamers see it, right?)
  • Saga of Zath is the New Limited Time Server Set to Release on January 24th - Age of Conan: Unchained

    Herald is the only one, that's his signature move :wink:  and does pretty good damage while possessed (in demon form).
  • Saga of Zath is the New Limited Time Server Set to Release on January 24th - Age of Conan: Unchained

    AoC has 12 classes, with at least 1 unique in each archetype category, those might considered a bit more difficult to handle, but also more fun to play. Necro is not among them (from the mages the 'unique' one is the herald, a melee mage who can turn into a demon).

    Another factor might be the combo system, which could be a bit confusing for a new player (or at least that was the case 10 years ago, now it is more common), but, necro doesn't use the combo system.

    I can't think of anything else just those two points :wink:  so yep, a necro sounds like a good starter class based on that. It handles just like any casters from other MMOs, and it is fun to have your own little army. Has a limited form of 'pet management/formation' but nothing close to CoV's mastermind for example. Simply you have a set amount of points, and can only summon that much pets at a time, according to your goals. Can be a swarm of (smaller) melee damage ones, or two hard-hitters, etc.

    As for support, I think it's only limited (but admittedly I always went after damage with my necro). Has CC, some buffs, but where it really shines is damage. The pets don't tank for you (by default, you can set one to grab aggro but it will die fast, and then you're the target again), and the pathfinding can be wonky, so necro is not as smooth as a demo for example. Can go for a pet-less route too, and just being a dark mage, that is smoother but more boring, since pets are fun.

    Ranged/support, that sounds more like the ranger, but I never liked the ranger... maybe @Nebless can drop in here (instead making a new thread :wink: ) and update you on rangers.