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  • stay away from this game

    i agree 100%.

    Now , without me, the game is perfect. All problems are resolved.

    No more multi-accounts, no more cheating. 

    guys, go subscribe and have fun in this great  game. 



  • stay away from this game

    Originally posted by Gwahlur
    I've been worried about multiaccounts since they dropped the requirement to use your phone when registering, I'm glad to see they're on top of it.   I'm also one of the leaders of Yakuza, we pride ourselves in not breaking any rules and playing the game as it's meant to be played, so I don't appreciate our name being mentioned by a cheater.   Good riddance!

    just to be clear to all:


    in ad2460 you can attack homeworlds when you reach lvl 7. And you can attack other homeworlds lvl  7+.

    at level 7, minimum strength is around 5.000.  Medium 10.000.

    you can attack homeworlds near to your strength (75% / 133%).


    yakuza's bank keeper is a homeworld lvl 8 with strength 800. he's not playing. play = building ships etc... = more strength . 

    so nobody with 5.000 can attack  this homeworld.  So Yakuza's banker is untouchable.


    i ask to anyone: is this an abuse? (maybe yes, maybe no).


    is this a multi-account? i think OBVIOUSLY YES. 

    is this account banned? NO.


    so rules are clear for somebody (me) and not for some other.

  • stay away from this game

    just for information, the EULA:


  • stay away from this game

    Originally posted by ChairmanAD2460

    People can play from the same IP if they are different persons - no problem at all. You played 5 accounts. Why should you be allowed to play several accounts when nobody else are?  

    And as your saying "abusing the game mechanichs" - there are different ways to protect an ally bank. This is not abuse, cheating or fraud.  


    Can you see my office ?  Where you've placed the hidden webcam?

    Are you sure about this? Are you sure i am alone and not 5 persons playing together?

    By the way, multiaccount? ok. After 15 free days banned. Right.

    What's about the others multi-account? "when nobody else are". So just me?  No other multi-account? i repeat: guys, subscribe and you'll see. There are not multi-accounts except me. Now the game is clean. The others people play from the same ip-address but he knows they are real persons.

    About ally bank abuse: "This is not abuse, cheating or fraud." i have to say it: you are ridicolous. But again: guys, subscribe and try to attack yakuza ally banker. This is not abuse, cheating or fraud. you'll see.


  • stay away from this game

    Rules are clear for all players.

    Not in this game.

    They are a lot of mutli-accounts. A lot. But they ban just somebody. for 15 days (free) everything was ok,  then I paid and played for a few days. For 15 days ip-address checking was ok. Weird.


    "Rules n.2 = you will use polite language in the chat, in the forums, in messages etc."

    If you apply this rule, you will lose 50% of players. Join and chat. you will see. somebody will be banned?  depends who you are. 


    "Rules .4 = you will inform us of inappropriate conduct in the game, like cheating, fraud, abuse etc.."

    c'mon guys, join this game and try to attack the bankers of yakuza alliance. you can't. he abuse of mechanic rules and you can't attack him. But he can, he's not banned.


    But i don't want to say: "stay away from this game". I want to say: "go, join this game and you'll see". go subscribe and you'll understand.