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  • : General : MMOFTW - The Return! We're back!

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    If you find Columbus that offensive maybe leave the land he discovered and donate your equity to the native people or you know just stop with the for show “outrage”.

    I'll just leave that there.
    And they list their sources so feel free to look it up.

    It's not just the US that is trying to get rid of Columbus worship you know. The cause is just as popular in Latin America.
    Thats not true and the only people in the US making a big stink a few crazies.
    Yeah? Which part specifically is not true?

    "Many South American nations also celebrate the day commemorating the Indigenous peoples in their countries, like Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, which officially renamed the Columbus Day as the Day of Indigenous Resistance in 2002."

    Marxist populism. Just look at the countries doing and what they have elected.
    Fact is:

    Colonial history is nothing to be proud of.
  • : General : MMOFTW - The Return! We're back!

    I hope there's many more to come :smile:
  • Star Citizen, I am disappointed.

    Orinori said:
    Man eats half baked cake then complains 'it don't taste good'.

    "It feels petty to slam a game in alpha" then continues regardless and his reasoning? because Star Citizen is high profile so it's OK!

    It pretty much literally reads - I can't believe this alpha doesn't play like a finished game, I am so disappointed........

    just lol

    Ahh Mr Murph, always searching for those bad reviews or bad angles to post about SC. So reliable!

    The fact that this game is still in alpha and is still having these difficulties should be more than enough to worry everyone: gamers, investors, and even their own employees.  I mean, c'mon - the resources and time these guys have spent certainly make framerates a valid criticism.  That, along with the lack of content, which has been foreshadowed since the game's inception.  
    As far as the article goes...

    Not posting his computer specs is just bad journalism.

    For those in the know, is there a command in game to show the framerate?
  • Star Citizen, I am disappointed.

    I spent $60 on SC back in 2013

    I've played around with v3.0 for about 6 hours in total.

    I'm heavy into flight sims.

    My rig used is an I7 7700k @4.96ghz, HT_on, GTX-1080TI, 64gigs of hi end Gskill ram Asus Maximus mb, SSD drives etc. etc.

    I've had very fluid and responsive frame rates with hiccups here and there, nothing game killing.

    Flight feels really good. Had to stop thinking like an airplane. Being able to exit my ship anywhere and float around in space is pretty cool. You can float onto asteroids, grab interactive objects and bring them back into your ship. Graphics are absolutely gorgeous.

    Have I ran into bugs? you bet. One of the biggest ones so far seems to be that I can't seem to find a way to enter my Hornet. My freelancer is just fine and very fun to fly.

    My thoughts

    I hope the road blocks are pretty much taken care of. There is a hell of a lot of work left to do. Developing moons is very easy compared to developing whole planets with live weather and atmosphere's.

    What I did experience was very good.

    There is definitely a fun game/sim in the making here.

    Having experienced the last almost 40 years of  desktop flight simulator evolution. I can appreciate the task and the time in development that SC has ahead of it.

    Do I regret spending the $60?


  • EA Files Patent for Matchmaking System Algorithm that Can Track Player Spending - News

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    The inevitable march towards more and more aggressive and deceptive monetization practices isn't surprising anymore.
    well at least in one area of gaming anyway
    Nah it is pretty much everywhere... and not just in gaming... 
    I play video games every week and i have NEVER experienced a loot box.

    They are not 'everywhere' its just people have been programmed to think only AAA games are games
    There is an old saying...

    Never say Never
    no I am expressing the past.

    I have in fact, never experience a loot box, others have.
    interesting that the course of action is to be combative about the options
    And what I'm am saying is I wouldn't be surprised if one day in the not too distant future that one or more of your favorite Indy games starts to implement loot boxes. 
    so break down the three options.

    1. play a game with lootboxes
    2. play a game without lootboxes
    3. dont play a game without lootboxes nor look into which ones dont and complain that they might in the future have them and ignore and be combativity with the statement 'games i play do not have lootboxes'

    When I bought into ESO it didn't have loot boxes...

    Now it does.

    If loot boxes become accepted and the norm, do you honestly believe that Indy developers will ignore them?