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  • Microtransactions & the 19-Year-Old Who Spent $13,000 - News

    Kyleran said:

    Lets try to keep things in perspective.

    On the surface it sounds shocking , but if evenly distributed across 6 years (probably was higher the past few as more disposable income was available) its roughly $180 per month.

    Steep perhaps but I'll bet some folks here have spent that sort of caah, if not on gaming some other entertainment activity.

    As I have paid for multiple accounts over the years it was not unusual to have $75 to $100 a month in active subs, plus the cost of initial box purchases, expansions and buying and maintaining 3 gaming capable PCs so all could play.

    Heck, even now my media subs for cable TV, Netflix, XM radio (car and internet), and Slacker radio run me roughly $215 per month, not including On Demand fees and going out to the movies which adds easily $75 to $100 per month.

    So yes, $13K is a lot for gaming MTs but my guess is some reading this would say I spend a foolish amount of money on monthly media.

    But hey, much of that is to keep my wife entertained and happy so I can game in peace, money well spent in my book.

    Alas I can't get her into gaming, probably be cheaper.


    Sure but to put it in real perspective you have to realize this was done while he was aged 13-19.

    Dunno about you but when I was 13 I didn’t have $180/mo to spend on anything. I’m sure that the spend is curved and as he aged he spent more money, but a lot was spent as a minor.

    That's why we have parents and our parents should teach us values. Buyers remorse is poor reason to blame others for your own stupidity. 
    Are you advocating that children of shitty parents are open season for exploitation?

    I hear this excuse all the time.  

    I can be a predator and it's the parents fault if their kids fall prey. 

    I really wonder how many people remember what it was like to be a kid.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II AMA Happening Today - 'This is Fine' - News

    Gdemami said:
    laserit said:
    I don't want to be punished though my taxes because of dumb fucks spending their rent and not being able to feed their children because their addiction to this tripe.
    Good, you can start working towards making 'dumb fucks' illegal, 'regulated' or w/e....

    That was tried back in the 1930's-1940's
  • Star Wars Battlefront II AMA Happening Today - 'This is Fine' - News

    CrazKanuk said:
    laserit said:
    I don't want to be punished though my taxes because of dumb fucks spending their rent and not being able to feed their children because their addiction to this tripe.

    Again, what are we solving here? Are we solving for the 80% or are we solving for the 20%? Actually, it's more like we're probably solving for the 0.005%. We're essentially suggesting to implement something to prevent someone from spending all their money on it, which would be an exceptional case. I would suggest that regardless of the regulations put in place, whatever the game companies counter with, this person would still have a problem and end up spending all their money on it, whether it be a straight-up cash shop or some other gimmick. What you're suggesting is that we create a bubble room for people who can't control themselves, instead of maybe creating a MUCH less expensive support system for these types of people (or the ones who WANT help) in order to actually HELP them. 
    It's a predatory business practice.

    I'm a manufacturer, I make metal parts and I have regulations that I have to abide by. Just because its the entertainment industry doesn't mean they should get a free pass.

    How about when you buy your next house you buy it via a loot box and that will decide whether you get a mansion or a bamboo hut.
  • Johnny Depp's Production Company to Produce TSW Series - Secret World Legends -

    Excession said:

    , but definitely a very bad person who has some severe mental or anger issues or whatever to cause him to be abusive.

    Really? Proof please.

    Holy shit I just did the exact same google search on Mother Teresa and look what turned up.

  • A new way for MMORPG's?

    Loke666 said:
    laserit said:
    Having issues with reading comprehension?

    Last time I played WoW with two or three hundred people in the immediate area it was a slide show.

    Slide shows are a big reason why people like me tend to stay away from large scale PvP or PVE encounters.

    When the number of concurrent user hurdle has been overcome,  we will see the next generation of MMO's come to fruition.

    Game worlds where 10's of thousands, 100's of thousands or even millions play in a single instance.

    Were still in the baby steps phase of Massively Multiplayer games.

    Prove me wrong
    Wow released 13 years ago and with the upgraded graphics you can't expect it to run fine with hundreds of people in the same area. It was not originally built like this and when you add more and more stuff to an old engine you eventually get performance issues.

    But hey, EQ2 had the same problem but worse since day 1 and it never got fixed.

    Add the fact that many peoples hardware can't handle it. For instance I heard many guys complain about getting a slideshow in GW2  while my FPs have gone down to 45 a second (which isn't great but it certainly isn't bad either, it is very hard to notice the drop until it gets below 30).

    Since we all use different hardware more then a few computers will have really bad performance around many people. High end users wont have a problem but for low end you either need to use culling or lower the view distance a lot and even wityh that it wont run well.

    The third thing is that high end graphics and thousands of players in the same area does not mix well together.

    So basically: If you make a new game with high hardware requirements and mid to low range graphics you can certainly make a massive game that runs fine. But it wont be pretty and need to sell only on gameplay instead of looks (as most MMOs been selling on for a long time).

    You also need good mechanics that prevents chaotic zerging (zone of control and tactical formations should do the job). And if you are PvE focused you need enough content for all those players.

    Can it be done? Certainly but will it ever be? Doubtful.
    Pretty much agreed.

    The PVE content hurdle can be mostly solved with a more sophisticated AI than what game developers are capable of producing today.

    Cars have been around for over a hundred years and we are still making new innovations with them year over year.

    For me... its not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

    Anyways, My point to dear old nari is that the development of true MMORPGs are just as much stalled and stifled by current technology as much or more so then they are by popularity.

    Every genre eventually suffers from "been there, done that". Every genre can gain a resurgence and be refreshed by the addition of new interesting and interesting mechanics.

    Its called Evolution and without it, almost everything eventually dies.