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  • World of Warcraft - Our Guide to Keeping Busy Until Battle for Azeroth Arrives -

    SBFord said:
    SBFord said:
    @thunderC -- they've already said that the legendary system such as is in Legion is going away. :) YAY!

    @geezergamer There's no way that Classic and BfA will come out at the same time. I'd say BfA will be the focus of PR and will come out first followed by Classic at least 6 months, if not a year, later. They ARE working on it as the jobs listings have proven, but it's not the focus for the closest WoW release despite some folks' hopes. Their goal with Classic is to "get it right" and they're collecting fan input because the range of what people want from Classic is huge. Some want new models. Some don't. Some want transmog. Some don't.
    Well. it's either Classic or it's not. If "getting it right" means fixing the bugs that existed, fine. Otherwise, if they start adding QOL features, then it's not really Classic. It's "Classic-Like" and then they aren't "getting it right"
    You should go take a look at the official classic forums because the opinion on what "classic" represents is huge. That's why they're soliciting opinions and why it's going to take awhile for anything to happen.
    Which is the exact long road they took that put them in this place where players want Classic WoW. Classic WoW was not perfect and many hours sucked. But it worked for me and many others. 

    They can give BFA to everyone who wants all the new QOL features and functions and give Classic to those who want to re-play their nostalgic WoW (like me) from Vanilla. EFFING with that formula is what got them where they are now and probably won't work as well for either crowd.

    Trying to find a happy medium in Classic is going to leave no one happy. QOL seekers will go back to BFA, and Classic WoW will go back to whatever they were doing up to this point.

    Trying to please everyone? It's not gonna happen. They will fall flat on their face if they compromise on this. I am not reading that whole thread, but if they start doing all that, they'll end up with a fork and not Classic.

    I hope I am wrong.

    Well, to be fair, it's not as simple as Classic is Classic is it?  Is Classic v1.1 or v1.12 ... or maybe v1.5?  That's what Blizzard needs to figure out and I think that's the underlying point Susie was trying to make. 

    Perhaps Blizzard decides to use v1.12 as a baseline but implements the original version of Alterac Valley?  Alterac Valley is just one example of something that change significantly during the life span of vanilla WoW.  So which version of Alterac Valley do they put in Classic?  Pre 1.5? Post 1.5?  Perhaps both?  I guess we'll find out eventually.
    Original Alterac Valley with all the warts :)

    and a big

    Fuck You Korrak! 

  • Star Citizen, I am disappointed.

    Are there actually playable avatars in this one or is it going to be like Eve and we just sit in a spaceship all the time?
    Completely playable avatars. First or third person

    Seems to be completely free roaming.

    I just did an experiment that disappointed me :( 

     I flew out of port with my Freelancer, turned on full afterburner. Once I hit my top speed of 1004 meters per second, I got out of my seat walked to the back of the ship. I opened the rear cargo door and the spaceport I just left was not visible. I  jumped out of the rear cargo door and immediately the spaceport became visible and my Freelancer and I were stationary and not moving.

    I was hoping that my spaceship and I would of been separately hurtling through space.

    Maybe my Freelancer is like one of those Bombardier jet skis and has one of those safety keys that stops the vehicle when you fall overboard ;)
  • The Nvidia Titan Xp Star Wars Collector’s Edition Review -

    Siphaed said:

    laserit said:

    I'm still waiting for a limited edition Star Wars Soap on the Rope.
    The ropes sure have shrunk!

    I'm talking the ones that you put around your neck to protect your behind ;)
  • Star Citizen 3.0 License update

    I have my own ToS

    And by taking my money, it means that you agree to my terms ;)
  • The Nvidia Titan Xp Star Wars Collector’s Edition Review -

    I'm still waiting for a limited edition Star Wars Soap on the Rope.