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  • Your Moneys Worth - Hours to Dollars Ratio

    if you are calculating $$-per-hour on your games.... i've got news for you: you're not having much fun.

    if a game is hella fun, there is no thinking of price. sure, you might cringe a bit when you think of what you are spending, but it's quickly justified and forgotten by how much fun you are having. the issue these days is that the grand majority of games are simply re-skinned, rehashed, sub par clones of all the other boring games you've played. you play 5 minutes and get that "been here, done that" feeling. all style/flash and no substance. all eye candy and no brain cake. soulless, husks painted with bright colors.

    so it gets harder and harder to justify spending your hard earned money on shit that isn't even that much fun....and this is where you start counting dollars-per-hour. cents-per-minute....

    as an example, i remembering lining up at 9pm for a midnight release of WoW ( a 60$ price tag on a premium sub game) without a single thought of how expensive it was. i was hooked, the game was fantastic, and i was going to have it. even looking like a uber nerd , full grown man, waiting in line at 11pm on a Thursdays to buy a video game....i still laugh at that.

    a word of advice. go do something else. if you have to nickel and dime your games, they are probably not worth your time. 

  • So, I tried to craft a saddle...

    this is the reason you see hundreds of people afk fishing all the time....gathering and crafting is all IN GAME time. so players are forced to stay in game, and since you can macro fishing afk, it just makes sense to do it as well.

    i personally don't like games that force me to stay online afk to get things done. 


  • Lahn Class to Arrive on May 23rd - Black Desert Online - MMORPG.com

    on more close quarters, melee, dps class that spins a lot?......no thanks. i've already played like 7 of them.
  • "There are no MMORPGs worth playing anymore" myth or reality?

    Damn dude you jump beteeen topics like a pin ball machine on crack. From nostalgia, to drug addiction, to pve questions, to group vs solo, to the adrenaline of full loot, to wanting to try WoW, to your hardware problems.... I smell some serious ADD here....

    Regardlles, as far as the title of the thread, I would say yes, I'm not playing any MMOs right now.....so I guess there aren't any worth playing for me right now. Great games, like good friends, are rare. when you find one, keep that in mind. 
  • Do I have any business playing PUBG or Fortnite?

    i was thinking the same thing just a few months ago, so i chose to try Fortnite first because it was free (and i happen to have a ps4). i have since tried PUBG on a friend's computer as well. 

    Fortnite is a lot more forgiving imo, especially aiming wise. most fights are pretty close ranged. it seems to have a lot more average players, and is all around a lot more casual and silly in everything. a lot of time you can make it to the last 10 in the map simply by hiding, or camping (lol). the construction part is fun as well, once you get the hang of it. if you get lucky and find a spot where they leave you alone for a bit, you can literally construct yourself a defensive base, which does help. it's really hard to take seriously though. feels a lot like Team Fortress. just silly fun.

    PUBG feels a lot more serious. a lot more hard core and intense. however, it relies much more heavily on your shooting skills, as that's all you are able to do. you can't fortify yourself anywhere. the one with the best aim usually wins. there is luck involved in finding good weapons/armor, and knowing the map always helps, but in the end it really all comes down to your aiming and reflexes. i often get killed by players so far i can't even see (which doesn't really happen in Fortnite). 

    if you can find a friend to play with, it's a whole lot more fun though.