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  • Bless Online coming May 2018!

    Early Access...

    ....really? games been out in Korea for how long now? 
  • About Action Combat

    the thing i find most off putting of a game like BDO is not the action combat itself, but more the speed at which characters move and perform actions. it's like watching rats running from a fire. the constant sprint, dash, blink and teleport....its positively nausea inducing. i just don't understand how people can enjoy that type of strobe like experience. put a few dozens characters doing that in a pvp environment, and it's just complete seizure inducer. 
    i really liked Tera's action combat because it had the same aiming, positioning and tactical aspects but you could actually understand what was happening on the screen. too bad Tera had the Elin race....

    with BDO its just complete chaos of flashes and blurs.  

    there is nothing wrong with action combat. it just needs to be done right. 
  • The PvP Era - Garrett Fuller - MMORPG.com

    too many CoD kids that just want to gank all day now. back in the day there were player killers but they were few. most people played for adventure and discovery. now it's pretty much the only reasons people play pvp mmos. there is in fact a huge shortage of care bear pvers in most pvp games. it's just a huge gank fest.
    the rules that worked in pvp games 15 years ago dont work anymore. not saying it wasn't fun back then, just that the same game would not be fun today. its a different type of player now. a lot more predatory, a lot more aggressive. the first thing they do is try and find an advantage, the second thing they do is try and find exploits or ways to cheat. it pretty sad.
  • MMORPG.com : General : Kingdom Come Deliverance - Lore Revealed - A Blacksmith's Tale

    god damn this game completely fell off the map in the last 6 months or so. i was starting to think they might have cancelled it.

    hopefully the complex melee combat doesn't end up feeling rooted and restrictive. its always very hard to make combat feel deep and complex but also fluid and responsive. as far as eye candy it looks very nice ala Witcher type RPG.
  • Steam Early Access Begins - Life is Feudal - MMORPG.com

    cant say about the Steam server but i bought this game 3 weeks ago, been playing on Buyan(NA), and have been regretting it ever since. constant bugs and crashes and complete lack of support. game launcher wont launch the game half the time. when it does launch the game is riddled with shit that doesn't work, places where you get stuck, lag, nodeline lag between map tiles (servers), random UI that fucks up. Animal NPCs that get stuck . servers (map tiles) that go down randomly all the time and will either kick you, or won't let you log in....combat is clunky and inaccurate at best, and downright laughable at worst (mounted). and on top of this there is a HUGE grind for absolutely everything you do.

    In addition, there is a substantial skill loss penalty when you die, which is removable if you pay a subscription. so basically if you want to pvp you have to subscribe or you will spend 80% of your time re-grinding skills every time you die.

    Game might be ok if at least it ran well, but it doesn't. it's been out on Steam for less than a week and already more negative reviews than positive. no surprises there. just more early access trash (which has been out in the YO version by the way for over 2 years now) to waste your money on.