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  • Viewers Watched 611 MILLION Hours of Fortnite in March Alone - Fortnite - MMORPG.com

    why watch when you can just play?

    i've actually found myself asking that same questions lately as i sit there watching others play on Twitch. why is this so entertaining? why don't i just play myself? why do i almost prefer it to actual gaming? the reason i think it's that it's a passive vicarious entertainment. lets face it, gaming can get frustrating and stressful and rightdown enraging at times. watching someone else game is completely passive. the same principle that reality tv employs. why do people watch reality tv? because there is a specific pleasure in watching and experiencing things through others, as you expend absolutely no energy and sit in perfect comfort. as gamers, we focus on other gamers, but the process is the same.
  • Are in-game communities today weaker or stronger?

    maybe it's just me, or the games i choose to play (pvp mmos, mobas mostly), but altogether it seems like the gaming community has gone down the toilet in the last 10 years. 

    it used to be that the grand majority of people you'd meet were nice, with the occasional guy that was annoying. having to kick a guy out of a party for being a total douche was a extremely rare occasion. nobody considered himself a pro at anything, and everyone was just happy discovering things even in failure. 

    these days, finding nice and cordial people seems to be a rarity. everyone is incredibly rude, elitist, short tempered, aggressive, and often right down abusive. you miss a few clicks or offer any unwanted advice and most players unload a ridiculous barrage of nastiness, or throw the game, or rage quit, even going as far as trying to add you as "friend" so they can continue the abuse after the match.....

    again maybe it's just me, but it does seem that finding enjoyable gaming communities is getting harder and harder these days. 
  • One of the largest Wormhole battles ever - 600bil+ combined total losses

    Eve is a game i absolutely love to read about  


    too bad these huge epic battles play out incredibly different than you would think.

     IF you have been playing for years and have all required skills, and IF you happen to be in a corporation that is in a alliance large enough to partake in these conflicts, and IF you have hours and hours to spend mostly afk guarding (basically waiting) your allotted space post, and IF you have the patience to follow orders to the letter from your superior officers (which most of the time tell you to be ready and wait at your post), and IF after hours and hours of waiting you just happend to be online when the shit hits the fan, and somehow you are not the first instant casualty of the battle.....

    ......ONLY then will you have the pleasure of actually partaking in the most slow motion, cluster fuck of space dots ever, which 90% of the time consists of you doing ONLY and EXACTLY what your squad leader tells you  WHEN your squad leader tells you to do it (at the penalty of getting instant kicked and banned forever).....otherwise you just wait.....wait in slow motion. 
    wait and read about epic EvE battles :D

  • Would people care about cosmetics in a first person only MMO?

    short answer is yes, those that care about cosmetics will care about cosmetics in a First Person type mmo. however, it wont be as high a percentage of players as in 3rd person games, where your avatar is always right in the middle of your screen.

    i have played MO for quite a few years and there are plenty of people that wanted specific types of armors simply because of how they looked, even though they can only see it in the paper doll. 

  • WoW Player DDOSes Teammates to Secure Raid Spot for World First Hunt - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.co

    Ddosing seems to be the new rage kid trolling past time. Even in dead ass games like Mortal Online people ddossed the server to avoid a siege on their keep.... and there are maybe 300 people on average playing this game.... Kids these days are so effing retarded.
    Just wait till one of these kids is the new president of a nuclear superpower.....