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  • STOP Playing FREE to PLAY Games

    you are wrong. we need to play MORE F2P games, so that eventually, by sheer luck if not skill, they will make an amazing, to-die-for, F2P game....i mean, it's just a numbers game. if they make enough of them, eventually they simply HAVE to stumble onto a really good one. like penicillin...they were just making a bunch of molds, until baam!...they got something amazing. 

    so yea, play AS MANY F2P games as you possibly can in order to expedite this whole luck of the draw inevitability  ;) 

  • Around the Verse - Grotto You Waiting For? - Star Citizen Videos - MMORPG.com

    my grand children will absolutely love playing this game!
  • What would make a proper UO 2.0?

    never played UO myself, but i've played MO a ton and i've heard there are a lot of similarities. personally i absolutely loved MO and would still be playing if they just had managed to successfully remove bugs, controlled cheating and stabilized the server. 
    in the end the most important aspect of a sandbox mmo like that is the community. interacting with the same people. creating long lasting guilds and friendships. having allies and rival guilds. holding the same lands for years. having a reputation across the server and bitter enemies. in MO's case the community was incredibly tight knit even if a bit psychotic at times. still to this day, that is what i remember the most. 

    personally i don't think you can "bring back" UO, simply because its a different generation playing video games. the expectations for games now are stratospheric. even young gamers these days have played everything under the sun, and have years and years of heavy gaming experience. it is incredibly hard to hold their attention even if the game is perfect. this ADD mentality unfortunately creates a lot of dissatisfaction (cause no matter how much you change and consume you are never happy) and this creates an exceeding large amount of angry, rude and abusive gamers. such gamers simply cannot build pleasant gaming communities. so eventually, the more the game is addicting (anything good easily becomes addictive), the more toxic it's community becomes. its  a vicious circle. 

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder. same goes for games. it is not the games that have become worse (on the contrary games have become works of art), it is us that have changed how we look at them. 


  • Viewers Watched 611 MILLION Hours of Fortnite in March Alone - Fortnite - MMORPG.com

    why watch when you can just play?

    i've actually found myself asking that same questions lately as i sit there watching others play on Twitch. why is this so entertaining? why don't i just play myself? why do i almost prefer it to actual gaming? the reason i think it's that it's a passive vicarious entertainment. lets face it, gaming can get frustrating and stressful and rightdown enraging at times. watching someone else game is completely passive. the same principle that reality tv employs. why do people watch reality tv? because there is a specific pleasure in watching and experiencing things through others, as you expend absolutely no energy and sit in perfect comfort. as gamers, we focus on other gamers, but the process is the same.
  • Are in-game communities today weaker or stronger?

    maybe it's just me, or the games i choose to play (pvp mmos, mobas mostly), but altogether it seems like the gaming community has gone down the toilet in the last 10 years. 

    it used to be that the grand majority of people you'd meet were nice, with the occasional guy that was annoying. having to kick a guy out of a party for being a total douche was a extremely rare occasion. nobody considered himself a pro at anything, and everyone was just happy discovering things even in failure. 

    these days, finding nice and cordial people seems to be a rarity. everyone is incredibly rude, elitist, short tempered, aggressive, and often right down abusive. you miss a few clicks or offer any unwanted advice and most players unload a ridiculous barrage of nastiness, or throw the game, or rage quit, even going as far as trying to add you as "friend" so they can continue the abuse after the match.....

    again maybe it's just me, but it does seem that finding enjoyable gaming communities is getting harder and harder these days.