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mmo experience limited to WoW and EVE. lvl 85 human prot paladin in greymane.


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  • World of Warcraft - Hands on with the Alliance Side of Battle for Azeroth - MMORPG.com

    Kootur said:
    This expansion seems pretty underwhelming.
    i've been reading this for 10 years.
  • Should Best In Slot Exist?

    anemo said:
    Should there be any such thing as a Best In Slot item in an MMORPG?

    In a game that cares about player skill only, I guess it's not necessarily a bad thing (but why bother with a levelling system then).   There only being allowed to be a BIS item means that the devs can't be evil and make you grind 15 times to get every situational item. 

    Personally I think a Best In Slot item is pretty braindead, or at least indicative that the devs choose to leave something unbalanced.   RPGs should be about building your character and hopefully making them unique, if everyone is aiming for the same achievement and ends up in the same place that's more along the lines of growth instead of development (I'm sure someone will bash me for such silly wording, but growth is just something that happens and development has some adaptation or choice implied).

    Or if you do have BIS you should at least provide reason to not want to use it all the time.  Could be maintenance costs (higher than some rewards), chance of loss, some sort of fuel cost, or maybe something more creative like NPCs refusing to talk to you.
    there's always the ideal specialized item for your aim.

    with WoW legendaries for example, since you can only wear 2, a fight might require a certain item while next might require a completely different one.

    Things like tier bonuses also come into play here...

    trinkets and interactive items typically offer deeper design whereas armor...well...it's armor. there's only so much we can do.

    I play a tank. I want the thickest, toughest thing I can find. if there's a fight that requires resistence gear (hasnt been one in a decade) then for that particular fight my BiS will change. 

    Resistence gear is something I loved but ... wow got rid of it. But with that, there were many different "bis" items. which lead to the problem of "I must have them all to be viable" in the eyes of some.

    Looking at EVE fits, there's no clear 'bis'. modules change constantly based on your purpose. mid-range? long range? pve? gank? compeltely different build. 
  • Pantheon doing level scaling? Seriously?

    it's...kinda against the point of levels but we whined about levels in MMOs so maybe this is...what we want?
  • The MMO definition has evolved and the old definition no longer applies

    i left some food outside the fridge. it too evolved...but i'm not eating it.
  • Blizzard Takes Aim, Closes Newly Opened TBC Private Server - World of Warcraft News

    Tyvolus4 said:

    Renoaku said:

    There are only two games I play of Blizzards today, that is Over Watch, HOTS, and sometimes Diablo 3, nothing else WOW is dead to me needs to be reneweed as World OF Warcraft 2.0.

    I play zero Blizz games. They lost me with WoW. Just a horrid game. SC2 was trash as well.
    obviously you have no interest in good games...