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mmo experience limited to WoW and EVE. lvl 85 human prot paladin in greymane.


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  • The MMO definition has evolved and the old definition no longer applies

    i left some food outside the fridge. it too evolved...but i'm not eating it.
  • You ever asked yourself "what's the point?"?

    cheyane said:
    Darkest Dungeon kept me up until midnight last night playing. Had I been asking "what's the point?" I don't think I would have been enjoying it. 
    I think the game has become very hard now I was beginning to think like my sad heroes "hopeless", "despair" and "dissolution".
    "I'm only happy when it rains..."♫
    after quitting Rift I realized I'm only happy when I'm tanking...
  • Why are MMOs dying?

    Maurgrim said:
     I would like to know why, because I don't see what they see.
    there were many large-scale raiding MMOs when i started MMOs. Now there's only one.
  • EverQuest "Next" = CANCELED. Bless Online = CANCELED. Lineage Eternal = Dev Team Replaced. COME ON!

    Sovrath said:

    Additionally, one doesn't compare different types of games to "different types of games". So a story driven role playing game wouldn't be compared to a Straight shooter compared to a 4X game.

    Of course you do. In fact, i just did. hmm ... shall i play candy crush now, or WoW (hey a MMO!)? Wait .. candy crush have brighter colors, and i can lie on my sofa because it is on my ipad, but not WOW (see, a COMPARISON). And oh, i only have 5 min .. i can finish a game in candy crush, but i cannot get through a dungeon in WoW .. (wow! another COMPARISON). SO i am playing candy crush for the next 5 min .. see COMPARISONS and decisions. So i just compared candy crush with WoW. Are you going to tell me to "un-compare" the two?
    or you could watch a video on youtube.

    Another comparison!!
  • You ever asked yourself "what's the point?"?

    Hey folks,

    I wanted to share this thought that's been bugging me for a while.

    I've made similar posts before, but let's look at it from a different angle.

    You ever thought "what's the point?" when playing your fav mmorpg?

    Is it mmo burnout? Is it gaming burnout in general? How do you deal with such thoughts?

    I personally am stuck in a vicious circle (been in it for a while) where you just circle through games, never finding that one "home". I do have other hobbies, yeah, but hell, I want to kick back and relax once in a while and play my fav game, raid, gather, craft and such.

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    most of us found that answer already.

    we want to be in that environment. I was wiping an a pink dragon 8 years ago and now I'm wiping to a blue one. But...I was drinking Heineken 8 years ago and now I'm doing the same. What's the point of that?