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  • Xbox One X Official Review: The PC Gamer’s Console - MMORPG.com

    Next week on mmoftw. You should totally buy a Dreamcast because PS4 isn't totally better in every way.
    As a MASSIVE Dreamcast fan I absolutely agree with your statement.

  • State of the Studio

    I know a perpetual motion machine is something hypothetical, but man, this thread comes close 

  • State of the Studio

    So wait, WHAT? @Slapshot1188, @Dakeru and @OrangeBoy AREN'T the same account?

    Mind.... blown....

    This thread delivers more then the game being "discussed" ever can. Do continue.

    Edit. Could I please be @Kyleran too then? I like cats, I could be him!

  • Can A:IR and Bless Revitalize the AAA MMORPG? - Bill Murphy - MMORPG.com

    DMKano said:

    In current state - Bless will only disappoint. The Korean devs are making a HUGE mistake letting an unfinished version on Steam be the firsr impression in the west.

    AIR - too little is known to make an educated opinion at this time.

    coming from a devout WoW fan, I'll take 2 grains of salt. 

    I'll take niche over theme park treadmills any day of the week.

    Good for you...

    To revitalize an interest in AAA games requires a demonstration of mass market appeal to justify the cost, something that at least WoW historically achieved and somewhat maintains.

    No matter how good a game scratches a niche it will at best inspire more niche, and as such won't revitalize anything.
    What is there to revitalize? What the fuck are you even talking about. The only people complaining that the market is stale are WoW players.  THe only people whining are "WoW players. There are hundred of millions of non-wow players enjoying many types of games. 

    For real, Black Desert is populated, Blade and Soul Populated, GW 2 is populated, Eve is populated. This fallacy that a genre is dead because WoW is still losing players, is not only redundant but ignorantly misleading.

    WoWplayer says "Boo hoo im not happy in the genre, so sniffle sniffle its dead and needs revitalized. "

    Tjhe Mars Orbital death ray says "Get the fuck out of here with the whiny bullshit"
    Interesting. Because all the "boohoo the genre is dying" nonsense I hear comes from people that don't like WoW. I have never, ever heard WoW players complain about this. Its the group that keeps calling every other MMO a WoW clone and WoW a dumb kiddie game that keep on whining about the death and decay of the genre. I have been around here for a fair while and have never seen what you describe. The opposite though? Many a time. 

  • State of the Studio

    Gdemami said:
    frostymug said:
    Is there any progress that can be quantified by a layperson?
    That is the crux here, there isn't.

    They are in early development which means all the works goes towards backend - a part you, as a user don't see. The fact that the game is very different in design and thus in development terms does not help much either.

    And when you add lack of technical/management savvyness, you get plenty of fuel for trolling...therefore threads like this one.
    Right, because they already built so much "back end" on SpatialOS.........oh wait. No they didn't.
    Back end, isn't that the part they talk out of? Because it seems very much in use  ;)