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  • Fortnite is Necessary - MMORPG.com

    Thank god my younger daughter, the gamer, doesn't like it or shooters in general. Many of her friends play it, but she isn't interested. She would much rather play a fantasy based RPG or any game that has an actual story instead of mindless killing. When she feels like doing that we load up LFD2 and kill zombies for an hour.
  • What are some of the greatest game trailers of all time?

    Hard to choose since there are so many, but from WoW it's an in-game cinematic.  SPOLIER:  if you haven't done the alliance side and don't want a story spoiler then don't watch this:

    From the witcher 3 it has to be this one: 

  • Are multi-accounting ruining MMOs?

    Kyleran said:
    How many players would Eve have if there wasn't multi-acounts? 10?
    One who would be @Kyleran ?? :D
    Well, I do have 4 subs active atm, but I've set them to expire in Aug. My time is done perhaps.
    I guess that explains why I have had an increase in the "Come back and join" emails from ccp lately.  You would think that after 10 yrs away that they would take a hint.
  • World of Warcraft - It's a Whole New World Once the War of Thorns Begins on Tuesday - MMORPG.com

    pantaro said:

    Utinni said:

    I've been subbed for a while now, but haven't been playing. It's always there waiting for me... 7/17 sounds like a good day to dive back in before BfA.

    Try demonology warlock, survival hunter, arms/fury, disc priest. All are beautiful to play right now.

    My BM hunter is 110, and despite the folks telling me they're not in a good place, I still loved playing him through Legion.

    "Not in a good place" is all the perception that top end guilds give out. Honestly, if you enjoy a class then play it. I cannot stand all the people talking crap about classes that they do not play, because some stat screen they read from the top .1% of raiding guilds numbers.

    Even PvP, people try saying such and such class is horrible. It might be true in some 1v1 fights, but every class has its place, and it is a matter of figuring out how to discover and use that to your advantage.

    Just my 2 gold 

    this is kinda my logic in most games,games are supposed to be about having fun. play whats fun for you to hell with the meta!

    That is how I have always played in any game. I have been in wow since TBC launched and the number of raids I have been invited to, I could count on one hand. This being because I play what I like and won't meta.
  • Mondays in MMORPGs - 'Have Players Forgotten How to Play in a Group-Based Game?' - Saga of Lucimia -

    Renfail said:

    People haven't forgotten how to group or socialize in game, they have instead flat out rejected that playstyle, in many parts due to blatant toxicity of their fellow players. That and being reliant on others to get anything done isn't fun. We all have enough of that in real life and we play these games to be heroes not to be forced to cooperate with someone elses goals as in life.

    You said a lot of what I was going to say. I enjoy group content as much as anyone, but I think too many games now are forcing it upon people, requiring it in order to progress. To me, the very best games allow each player to choose when they want to group, and when they want to go solo. I don't understand the idea that playing an MMO should 'always' mean you are grouping with others; that just doesn't make any sense.

    I think the other issue nowadays is that most gamers' idea of researching builds or skills is asking, "What is meta?" in chat. As a community, it seems as if our attention spans are at an all-time low. Most players can't be bothered to read, or to take others' opinions into account.

    What about tabletop games? Or how about board games? In both cases, you are "forced" to need other players to complete the games. Should you be "allowed to solo" those games as well, despite the fact that they are designed to be social, community-based games? 

    I could be mistaken, but I thought this was about online games, not tabletop games..