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  • Battle for Azeroth - Embers of War - World of Warcraft Videos - MMORPG.com

    After playing both horde and alliance up to them arriving at the new locations I think the one for the horde was much better than the one for the alliance. The one for the horde was action packed and kept me interested. The one for the alliance reminded me as something from a children's bedtime story. Just didn't capture me. Disappointed to say the least.
  • Mmorpg for kids?

    Wizard101 is a good one.  I have been playing it with my youngest who is now 15 and we have been playing it off and on since it launched 10 yrs ago.  As long as you play with her, it should be fine, but that game as a tendency to grab you by the wallet..lol
  • Warbringers Animated Short - Sylvanas - World of Warcraft Videos - MMORPG.com

    Time for the alliance to take the gloves off. Put its armies control under Greymane or Jaina and tell them to wipe Azeroth clean of the Forsaken and any other horde that gets in the way. Saurfang can't be happy about the burning.
  • ESO combat

    Iselin said:

    I hate the weaving aspect; it's just an exploit that they couldn't be bothered to fix so they allowed it and the game is now balanced around it.

    How can you have real active blocking and interrupts without the ability to cancel out of whatever else you were doing when you need to do it?

    That's where animation canceling comes from. When DPSers figured out they could cancel ability animations by blocking or bashing at thin air and increase their DPS quite a bit by forcing those shorter animations what was ZOS supposed to do? Get rid of active blocking?

    And how the heck do you have active blocking in a game with global cool downs?

    They built combat around the ability to instantly change your mind and that's why when it's played well, it feels very fast paced.

    I quite like it this way and the old style MMOs with GCDs and nothing but roll-dodge for active damage mitigation are the ones that feel clunky to me.

    I can understand players having a preference for one type of MMO combat or the other. But I find it amusing when I read all the posts in the official forums from people that want to get rid of animation canceling and have no clue that active blocking would also have to go if they do that.

    My advise to DPSers who think animation canceling (and weaving which is part of that) is a lazy kludge, is to roll a tank and L2P a tank properly in ESO. If you do that you'd finally understand why it's there and how it would be a totally different game without it.
    I was in the first closed beta and beyond.  Animation canceling was brought to zeni attention in the one of the first couple closed betas and was also listed in the known bugs/exploits way back then.  Nothing was ever done about since they would have to change way to much to actually fix it so they took the easy way out.

    I could do it just fine, but didn't simply because it does nothing but add a level of busy work, not skill to my rotation.  If people find it enjoyable then that's great.  All that matters is people are having fun with it.  Those who don't enjoy it though will never be invited to harder content though since it's required along with the current FOTM build.
  • Anthem - BioWare’s Swansong - MMORPG.com

    IMO I think Bioware has written off the old player base and is looking for a new player base. DAI was a departure from the formula that made the previous two DA games great and MEA coouldn't have gotten any further away from what made the ME series great.

    Story, characters, and dialog used to be the corner stone of the DA and ME series. It has shifted more toward game play and world building at the determent of the others. Anthem will be even a bigger departure from that which isn't likely to drag any Bioware fans of old along with it.

    If the game is successful and I think it will be, I would expect DA4 will be even a bigger departure from what DAI was with less focus on story, characters, and dialog. The only reason I still follow whats going on with Bioware is the next DA game, but my expectations are really low at this point.