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  • If you don't play World of Warcraft, then what in the hell are you playing?

    YashaX said:
    YashaX said:
    Kyleran said:
    YashaX said:
    I find it hard to understand why anyone would choose to play WoW considering there are so many better options out there even among mmos.
    Please name some. I haven't seen a decent MMO choice out there outside of EVE in over 15 years now.

    OK. Below are some great mmos that I would play over WoW, because each has something that is really unique and interesting that I find more appealing than what is on offer in WoW. Note I still think WoW is a great game, I just would opt to play any of these before WoW.

    Also I don't seem to be as jaded as some of the posters here who seem to think mmos all suck these days- except for that one love they might have. I think the games have generally gotten better over time and a lot of the hate I hear on these forums and elsewhere seems rather petty to me.

    Anyway, with those caveats out of the way, here are some awesome mmos to enjoy:

    DDO: amazing character customization and a true D&D feel- awesome game.
    NWO: has this great Diablo-like feel, amazing atmosphere and one of the best combat systems in any mmo I've played
    FF14: I have actually never lasted beyond the beginning levels, but I would definitely choose to play this over WoW. It looks amazing, has some interesting mechanics and there is just something magical about it - I wish they made a regular FF rpg in that world!
    BDO: loved the crafting systems, the nodes, beautiful graphics/world, masterpiece.
    GW2: one of my favorite games, I mainly played the spvp, but the other areas of the game are also fun, the world is filled with interesting this to discover, and the combat/animations are top notch.
    Archage: pity about the p2w antics, but what seemed outrageous then has been normalised these days. 
    Tera: why play WoW when I could be killing BAMs?
    ESO: great crafting system, immersive world, deep character customization and gearing system, good combat and best RvR currently on the market. 

    There are probably more, but I can't be bothered typing and I know you don't really like any of these games anyway. 

    Better question: why play any of those over games like Warframe, MHO, or any number of smaller-group multiplayer games that do the combat these do, but better?  BDO may be the only one that has a combat system that isn't objectively inferior to what you can get in a non-MMORPG, and even then it's not a genre-defining feature.

    The rest offer little above and beyond mere multiplayer with shittier combat systems than their non-MMORPG counterparts, or force the player to endure the most classic of shit shops to play them.  GW2 has a nice world quest system that can result in your joining the zerg and the cash shop isn't at the level of, say, ArcheAge, but no more meaningful interaction than these zone trains occurs with any regularity between players.  Why would I play that and endure the cash shop shenanigans on top of it when I can just play another genre that does what those try to do (because they mostly left the massively part behind long ago) but better in most ways?

    That sounds like a question for a different thread, but there are certainly major differences between mmos and small-group multiplayer games in terms of persistence and social aspects, and none of them have RvR as far as I know which is the main reason I play mmos.

    Also, I would play single player games over those you mentioned anyway if we were going to go down that path. For example I'd much rather player Dragons Dogma than Warframe.
    The only persistence missing is the game world itself, which has since been cut up into multiple copies of a game world in pretty much every modern MMORPG.  Social aspects have been cut or mitigated to the point you end up in the same boat: queue and wait.  MMORPGs have done a poor job encouraging anything else.

    I've all but returned to singleplayer and smaller-group multiplayer because the MMORPG scene does little these days to encourage anything beyond auction listings and queue pops.  The auction listings don't, an MMORPG, make, and the queue pops can be had elsewhere with more enjoyable combat.

    The genre is becoming increasingly irrelevant by trying to compete with these other genres at their own game, so to speak.
    I agree with you, but part of the problem is the gaming community itself.  A vast majority of gamers today are totally different in how they act, think, socialize, ect in games than they were when I started playing MP games way back when.  Their likes don't align with mine so I tend to stick with SP games or MP games where I can solo it and PUG if I need to. 

    Community is what keeps me from most MP games now days, not so much the games themselves.
  • Which do you prefer - Starter Cities or Newbie Areas?

    Areas myself.  Leave the cities for later.  As someone else mentioned, in WoW the starting areas aren't very far from the cities so not far to go.
  • Epic Games Store Now Matches Steam's Refund Policy - MMORPG.com News

    Alverant said:

    Let's see how much they honor it. We already know businesses will lie on their refund page if it means more sales.

    Don't really think any court in the country would support them denying an otherwise duly-owed refund if the conditions for refund are clearly listed on the launcher or company's site and the customer qualified per those requirements.

    Saw some folks complaining about this trend of new launchers complain about the refund issue specifically and offer it as the reason they won't install any game not on Steam.  So, now that this is outta the way, will those folks give this launcher a go, or was it an excuse to bash on non-Steam launchers?  :o

    Epic launcher wasn't very consumer friendly and now they have taken a step in the right direction. I will give it 6 months or so and see where it's at with their policies and how things are going before I decide if I'm going to get anything via their launcher.
  • Why I'm Excited, But Still a Bit Apprehensive About Anthem - MMORPG.com

    I read lots of comments about story and it seems people are expecting or hoping for the good stories we got with the first couple DA games and the ME trilogy. While there will be story, it won't be anything deep and dialog choices will be binary.

    Bioware has said, this is a mp shooter first and foremost. given their performance with the last couple of releases, I wouldn't expect much in terms of story.

    This will be nothing more than another gear treadmill game and for those who like that kind of thing, it will probably be a pretty good game.
  • Some PvE Players Are A Cult

    The reason is because one has made a name for itself, as a group, of ruining others' experiences.  There's a group of PvPers who can't just gank someone and move on; they need to make sure that gamer can't do anything but stare at their corpse.

    PvE is, in general, cooperative.  There aren't entire guilds of folks who camp out raid groups to ninja loot until the guild trying to farm it gives up.  You can't, because you gotta be invited to the group and the first time you ninja you won't be invited again. 

    PvP requires a sort of players agency that enables them to have a far greater detrimental effect on others than PvE, at least in general.
    I think if you log into a PvP game and you don't like PvP - well, I don't see the PK as the one ruining the experience.  That is like sitting down to play chess and being upset when the other player takes one of your bishops.

    To me running back to your corpse and getting PK'd repeatedly is like continuously throwing your pawn at the other guy's queen in a game of chess.  At exactly what point do you begin to take responsibility for your game choices and actions?

    If you keep throwing a pawn at the other guy's queen in a game of chess is he a 'griefer'?  Is he stroking his chess 'epeen'?  Does he live in in mother's basement?  Maybe the name calling says more about the one calling names than the target?
    Do the developers offer a PVE experience?  Is PVP gated until a certain level or are certain activities gated until  higher levels then forced upon those who wish to continue?  If you answer yes to any of those then I would be pointing the finger at the devs for trying to entice PVE minded players into their game.

    Many PVP focused games will offer some form of PVE experience to get the population of players up and make the game look alive.  It also gives pvp players more fodder.  BDO is a good example of a game that has PVE up to a certain level and if you wish to go beyond that your forced into pvp.  If it was pvp from the start then they most likely would have a fraction of the game population. 

    I think you mentioned something about miners complaining that Higher level ores were in PVP areas?  What about the lower level ores?  Why aren't they in PVP areas?  I think you know the answer to that.  Point the finger at the devs and complain to them. 

    It's been proven more times than not that in the west PVP games need PVE to sustain them, whereas PVE games don't need PVP.