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  • State of the Studio

    Dakeru said:
    Dakeru said:
    If a creator is unable to complete their project and fulfill rewards, they’ve failed to live up to the basic obligations of this agreement.

    This part here is very critical and really not speaking in your favor.
    Because on KS they made it sound like they only needed the KS money to finish the game in 2017.

    Clearly they failed the basic obligations they stated on KS.
    Lol, you should read the whole thing.

    And can we move on?  I'm more than willing to go over this whole TOS with you, if you want on DM, but we've been asked to move on from the topic.
    You mean the part where he explained that it was always obvious to him that the KS money would never be enough?

    But yes let's move on, you guys will always defend him on this and arguing over that is pointless.

    To me he is just a blatant liar and liars don't get second chances or the benefit of the doubt from me.
    You are too emotionally invested in this to have a rational conversation.  
    And you are bias free and neutral about this project.
  • State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)

    Wake up and see that this thread has 50 new posts.
    *ponder and skip over it

    An actual critical and civilized discussion going on.

    I'm mindblown.
    More of this please.
  • State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)

    Gdemami said:
    cheyane said:
    Sorry who is harbinger ? 
    ...'polite' name for a troll.
    That answer comes 1 month after the question was asked and bumped a thread that died 10 days ago.

    The irony in your post is strong.
  • Caspien clarifies that there will be no support for 1000 player battles

    Actually Ungood wasn't talking to or about slap when slap interjected.  You don't know what you're tlaking about.  No wonder you and Slap are friends!
    Ungood said:
    So, Slapshot is totally off the mark with a week being a few hours. 

    Yeah my bad.
  • Ascended Gear

    Dakeru said:
    Dakeru said:
    I absolutely agree.
    During events whenever a legendary champion deals a major aoe you will see so many downed players who went with the berserker meta.

    My defensive Necro just shrugs it off.

    Until the last expansion I even just used the regular Necro (not Reaper) and went with the Death Shroud aoe healing.
    You would be surprised how much value you get out of that skill by teleporting downed players out of the danger zone to res them.
    BTW, what elite are you using? I have a necro, I used him just enough to unlock my Raptor, then I rolled an Eng. But I was thinking of Reaper.
    I'm on Scourge now going with the aoe buff.
    I don't think the Scourge is particularly cooler than standard Necro but I want to work towards the torch kill achievement.

    On standard Necro I simply used the Flesh Golem because it's the only elite summon that lasts indefinitely and its charge attack is a powerful cc to break defiance bars.
    What stats do you focus on for defensive? I am assuming one is Vit.
    No I meant I am still using rabid stats.
    The crits trigger more bleeding which is your main source of damage.

    You are missing out on power but without high ferocity that's not a big deal so I prefer the toughness from rabid just to survive heavy blows.

    I like this cause you are still dealing very nice damage while it gives you a feeling of being a bit of a tank and minor aoe healer.