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  • Begathon forever

    Scorchien said:
    Dakeru said:
    Scorchien said:
    Dakeru said:
    Scorchien said:
    The % does not matter here .. Why do you care if this is what that community wants to support .. Why do you fucking care.. If they donate 10%  50% .. 80% .. who cares its there fucking money its there interest ..

      How is it hurting you ..

            Or anyone else ........... why does it bother you ... there should be no reason
    The % matters a lot.

    But the real question is:
    How is this hurting YOU?

    Why does it bother you what we think?
    Why does it bother you to a degree that you are talking like a Stop and Go sign?
    There should be no reason.
    It should not bother you or anyone else what other people do with there money .. The pissing about it is a bad petty  look .............

     but way to not answer ...

     Why does it bother you what they do with there money ?

         an answer would be great ...
    I will answer you as soon as you answer me.

    We can keep going all day.
    Very good ,

     you have NO reason .. thats why you cant answer..

      I think people who bitch about how others spend there money are petty chidish fools , who sound ridiculous ,, Is it just jeaolousy for these people .. I dont know .. There is noe reason for anyone to care how they spend there money even if 0% went to charity ...
    I have no reason?
    Hmm let's see.

    I see a lot of money getting pulled in by this project while the game itself is below average.

    And I see loads of projects like this built on mediocrity and a mix of false promises and glory from a long gone past.

    So I ask myself: Why should anyone make a good game anymore when you earn money by making bad games?

    And I also ask myself why would you defend bad games like this.
    Let me finish this by telling you that your post made you sound very very childish.
  • Whats up with the hatred?

    Brugas said:
    Dakeru said:
    Brugas said:
    Albatroes said:
    Dude literally sold his blood for money to the community. Nuff said.
    And?  It was part of a huge bundle of goods and charity event for a Blood Bank.  Silly trolls and their negativity.

    When you sell your blood and people actually buy it then that speaks for a major case of cult like behavior.

    You defending it by saying it was a normal item inside a bundle and calling us trolls speaks for the nature of this game's community.

    Not exactly an environment most of us would want to join.
    Ahhh no it doesn't but I bet you didn't even look at the link. The Blood Reliqurary was a theme item for a BLOOD BANK Charity Event. If you're not even going to investigate or bother with facts and just go on by hearsay and make up you decisions on one-sided stories, then by all means... troll on.  At least the rest of the gamers can see for themselves now.

    What does that change?
    At all?
    You just repeated what you said before ignoring what I said.

    He sold his blood and people wanted it.
    How does pointing this out make us trolls?

    Actually don't bother - you are one of the cult and just repeating your nonsense yet again won't change anything.
  • Studio "mortified" that folks are using their pay to reserve a name system to "troll" other players

    Costanius said:
    In CoE high level backers like Kings and Dukes won't keep their position and title for long if they don't manage to build a community of supporting players around and with them.
    You won't be able to be a King or Duke just alone for yourself, just sitting on Your virtual throne and feeling great about yourself! The feudalsim-like political system of CoE will put hundreds, if not thousands of players below You and You'll be responsible to actively manage, organize, protect and support them, deal with their wishes, needs, issues and complaints.

    So what almost all of the kings and dukes and counts were doing since they pledged was recruiting and trying to build a community and to get future mayors, residents and followers. To be successful in this You need management, social and leadership skills. Kings and Dukes also need to build a reputation and need to invest a lot of time to build and grow their community.

    So I can understand that SBS was not expecting this trolling behaviour from one of the top tier backers because that action would ruin his reputation in the whole community and probably among his followers. And if You invested a big amount of money You probably better not pi** off the developers because they could ban You or punish You in many ways. Which could get You in trouble with Your own community that You might have built already.

    I would have expected such behaviour from players who haven't invested much so they won't loose much and who are not really interested in the game.
    One would expect that high level backers and the developers are on the same side and generally have an alignment of interest and I'm still sure that most Kings and Dukes care about their reputation. Many of them have indeed already invested a lot of time and effort in building their kingdoms and duchies, growing their communities, writing lore, interacting and communicating.

    So I can understand SBS got surprised and wasn't expecting this from a high level backer because of the above mentioned reasons.

    But they reacted appropriately, adapted to the situation and made clear that they don't tolerate that, that they enforce their rules regardless of how much money somebody pledged!
    So what?

    Reminds me of a game which development I followed some years ago.
    There were 3 promised classes, where the outstanding one was the politician, who would use resources to craft customized quests for the soldier from which both would benefit.. and of course the merchant class to round things up.

    The reality when things went into beta were class free characters with 3 basic stabbing moves and only 2 playable maps.
    Nothing from the original plans to run the game on abstract player made quests could be realized.

    Want to bet with me if any of the political kingdom rule mumbo jumbo you just named will make it into the actual game?

    Not to mention the idea that people will only follow a good and caring king is absolutely absurd.
    Ask @Kyleran about the structures and behaviors of the goons.
  • Valve Openly Allows Fraud, and Scams

    I get it - the scam didn't happen directly related to the third party site.

    However, I have never gotten any of those trading requests by a bot.
    Did it occur to you that using the third party site flagged you as lucrative target?
  • Dead Maze Exclusive Exceptional Nailed Bat Giveaway! - MMORPG.com

    xsunxx said:
    codes dosent works fuck this
    The code does work.
    After seeing your post I would guess you were having issues understanding the claim instructions.

    But yes, on the topic itself:
    Weapons break way too fast for this to be really worthwhile and I'm not saying this to trash talk the company or mmorpg.com in any way.

    A fluff item like the mmorpg.com t-shirt back then on Secret World would have been a much better idea.