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  • Does This Video Show the First Glimpse of 'New' Vanilla WoW? Some Redditors Think So - World of Warc

    I can't wait for Legacy servers to launch. I wont play them, but i want to see the population numbers.

    Most people who played on private servers din't want classic WoW, they wanted free to play WoW. Private servers usually have tons of free accounts created, but only 4 digit active users, and that's the most popular ones.

    It will be really interesting to see those official numbers when Blizz open those servers and how they will react to the results.

    But who knows, if Classic WoW brings back the 12 million players it had with WotLK or close to it then they would definitely kill current WoW and go back to full Classic running on current tech. I'm OK with anything that keeps the game alive for many more years, which means more story for me to see.
  • Epic to Close Paragon on April 26th - Paragon - MMORPG.com

    Uninstalling Fortnite forever. I will not contribute to the death of the only game i wanted from Epic games by supporting its own killer.

    Glad i didn't give Epic a cent for any access to Fortnite. I'm proud i supported Paragon on PS4, but Epic wont get my money again.
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  • New Tutorial Series Introduces Fans to Game Features - Crowfall Videos - MMORPG.com

    I love the visuals in this game, but the focus on PvP is the easiest way to excuse themselves from making enough PvE content. So i will let reviewers judge it after launch then decide if it's what i want.
  • The Last Jedi DLC Comes Today + Poor Sales Cut Profit Estimates Sharply - Star Wars: Battlefront II

    Jimmydean said:

    heerobya said:

    Bonejoker said:

    I love star wars, but I do not know if it's worth buying the game because of so much controversy :C

    If you love Star Wars - it is 100% worth buying. FOR SURE

    I will have to disagree with that. I tried the demo and uninstalled it. I love Star Wars, but not SWBF2. Even though they turned off MT, the progression system remains the same and is designed to be a slow grind so you will be more likely to pony up. I was also seeing hacks already and just like the first SWBF, Dice is doing nothing about them.

    I only know two people who actually bought the game and both have stopped playing already. They think the game isn't worth the grind. Gets old fast. YMMV.

    Yea take it from this guy. He tried the demo so he knows all about the progression system and whether or not it's "worth the grind". /s

    You are aware EA gives the entire game as a demo for 10 hours right? M9re than enough time to get an idea of the p2w grind fest they call progression.

    YOu have to pay for EA access(subscription) in order to unlock that trial. That is literaly purchasing a demo. They arent giving you anything. Want to try the game? you can only pay for the game or pay for the trial.
  • 5 Movie Universes that Would Make Great MMOs - General Columns

    Terminator would make a good single player game. Everyone being a terminator would be sort of generic in an mmo.

    When i look at Highlander i see two things, and RTS and a Dynasty Warriors clone. However, it could also be a good Horizon Zero Dawn clone.