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  • EA Removes Paid Loot Boxes & Introduces New Progression System - Star Wars: Battlefront II - MMORPG.

    Sovrath said:
    Still not buying this game, and here is why...

    On one hand, when a company makes a mistake and then fix it, you support them as a token of appreciation for listening to feedback.

    On the other hand, that was not the case here. EA didn't make a mistake, they implemented a well-planed royal middle finger for their fans and got caught red handed.
    Nah, you're personalizing this way too much.

    Had they realized this was a "middle finger" they would never have done it. No company would. I've worked for many companies and never once, ever, had any one of them said "hey, let's screw over our customers ... and said ...


    It's just a monetization scheme that didn't work.

    I can't see how they design and entire game progression based on paid loot boxes without realizing the big controversy and problem they will cause. I think they were very aware of it but because they make a lot of money with practices like this in FIFA and other games they went for it... and this time backfired.

    EDIT: maybe they dont see it as "lets screw up our customers", but it looks like they are throwing shit to the wall to see what sticks. And Andrew Wilson is obsessed with aggressive microtransactions tactics.
  • Epic Announces Victory Royale That Pits Five Teams of Twenty Against One Another - Fortnite - MMORPG

    So easy to introduce new game modes to this game and yet they couldn't bother doing the same to save Paragon.

    $%^& them.
  • Playing through HoT and I can't believe the way they killed [SPOILER]!

    Killing characters that have played major rolls without much fanfare seems to be the fashion now a days.  RIP Hans Solo & Admiral Ackbar...
    true, its all about following effing trends. I'm still pissed at Square Enix and the movie Kingsglaive. Killing off (in the movie) the biggest support character Noctis could have ever had in the game was a stupid decision. I have no desire to finish FF15 because of that stupid movie. Stopped playing in chapter 9 and dont feel like playing it again.

    RiP Crowe Altius.
  • $50 tent added to cash shop - and it's a damn good one

    good for them. I'll buy an entire game with that money and still enjoy the in-game tent in BDO.
  • Epic to Close Paragon on April 26th - Paragon - MMORPG.com

    Uninstalling Fortnite forever. I will not contribute to the death of the only game i wanted from Epic games by supporting its own killer.

    Glad i didn't give Epic a cent for any access to Fortnite. I'm proud i supported Paragon on PS4, but Epic wont get my money again.
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