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  • Capcom Announces MHW As Its Fastest Selling Game to Date with 6M Copies Shipped - Monster Hunter Wor

    Wizardry said:

    So glad i did not play follow the leader and jump off that same bridge,the game does not warrant my time,nor is it good enough to warrant any longevity.

    I have already seen giant sized mobs,that kiddie stuff doesn't excite me anymore,just like Ark,Dinosaurs are cool but again  i am a big boy now,cutesy gimmicks do not bait me in.Just based on watching not playing,MH is barely a 5/10,if it was a 6/10 i might actually play it for a bit but i won't because it doesn't look good enough.
    I am pretty sure Capcom doesn't miss my few dollars if they are making millions,guess what ,the feeling is mutual as  i don't miss playing a game i feel is not good enough.

    you never fail to amaze people, for all the wrong reasons. I think you chose "Wizardry" as your forum name to make people think you actually played that classic series. You don't seem to play anything. Why bother bashing every game? just play something you enjoy.
  • Cook, Kill, Craft, Repeat - Monster Hunter World Review - MMORPG.com

    Forgot to mention in my post above (it was too long already so i'll just post again)....

    If you are taking too long to kill a monster, just capture him. The only times where it is mandatory to kill a monster is on quests marked as "Slaying Quests". If its a "Hunt Quest" you can do either of them. Just capture the monster when it starts limping, or after the first time it goes to sleep. You also get more rewards for capturing than for killing.

    And capturing the monster usually brings the monster to town to give you an Arena quest to kill the monster with the help of heavy artillery. Quite entertaining.
  • Motiga & PWE Announced Game Closure Effective July 31st - Gigantic - MMORPG.com

    Aeander said:

    We just assembled a pro team with the intention of competing in e-sports tournaments around the globe, what now?

    Hahaha, I saw your post too on the Paragon forums.

    Your ficticious team now wont be able to compete in Gigantics World Series anymore :(

    I have assembled many e-sports teams. Unfortunately all the games close down :disappointed:

    In that case, please make a team for PUBG.  ;)

     I am in discussions with other players to make a pro team for Wildstar. We have a meeting tomorrow probably.

    Looks like every game you plan to join as esport closes down. Can i ask you to start joining EA games, please?
  • Monster Hunter World Scores Megabucks for Capcom with 5M Copies Shipped - MMORPG.com News

    Plus, who doesn't want to dress and arm their cats to the teeth?
    my Cat is fully geared like a Watcher from Horizon Zero Dawn and it even makes the little robotic movement sounds. Can't wait to dress my character as Aloy as well.
  • Dude plays a game for >14,000 hours and doesn't recommend it. What game have you played the most?

    if we are talking about modern games for me it's probably GW2 or Warframe. For older games i don't even remember.

    And if Capcom supports Monster Hunter World in the long term then i suspect i will surpass those two games. I got 22 hours in and i cannot put it down. So much fun. And i'm not even counting how many hours i'll play with my PC friends when it launches on Steam. /bye real life.