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  • Premium Currency to be Introduced in Early 2018 - Crowfall - MMORPG.com

    Not bad, on sale right now you can reserve a guild name for $40 then your guild can buy a palace for $7,000.

    I liked the sound of this game but all I see is cash shop crap everywhere, not saying its going to be bad cause I like the way it sounds but the signs for me are pointed straight to run away.
  • Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Our TwitchCon 2017 Chat with Brad McQuaid & Corey LeFever - MMORPG.co

    Just realized this:

    "BRAD: The plan is to have basic mounts. It'll help with speed with a buff. Then you get saddle bags and things which will help you. Because the banks are not global."

    Don't know if I heard and forgot but I don't remember the localized banking. THAT IS AWESOME!
  • WoW Player DDOSes Teammates to Secure Raid Spot for World First Hunt - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.co

    Look I was in a top raiding guild in a couple games, I was MT. We posted links all the time, it was common practice really. Those saying don't open links obviously haven't raided much or been in a guild. Now if he recently joined I can see not opening them or if he has a history of being an idiot but normally you share info.

    This guy takes the cake for being a dick, if the story is true.
  • Expansion I: Curse of Osiris Launch Trailer - Destiny 2 Videos - MMORPG.com

    Use your cellphone to team up because we're to lazy to add features pc gamers have come to expect from online games and progress your character that won't actually make your character stronger. Get access to our first expansion in destiny 2 that should have been included at launch but wasn't because activision.

    Compete in Crucible Arenas and see who can get more headshots with aim assist when you have potato aim or download some software, buy a xim4 and get aim assist with kb&m! Play Dec 5th! Yeah!

    Haven't had issues with holding my own in crucible.. Even against some that I would suspect of aimboting. Here's a tip, anything upper chest will register as a headshot as well. Sounds like you got destroyed and rage quit.

    However on your other points.. absolutely lol.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II: Making Melee Work - General Guides

    So your telling me paying for a game($60) only to find out the most iconic characters in the franchise is locked. Ok no big deal.

    Then you find out you have to do roughly 40 hours of grinding to unlock ONE character.. well that sucks. Second option is to pay over $100 instead. 40 hours for someone working full time with kids is probably what a month or so of gaming? If they are lucky. So someone willing to PAY for a powerful character will have it in on hour as opposed to a month? And you are saying that is not pay to win? You get a POWERFUL character BY PAYING for it. How exactly is that not p2w again?

    And yes they did temporarily remove only to be brought back at a later point.. that is what EA said.