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  • Pantheon about todays live stream

    Xiaoki said:
    Sovrath said:
    Xiaoki said:
    Scorchien said:
    To be honest, that combat gameplay looks terrible to me. Animations are awful and feel completely disconnected, there's no feeling of impact of your hits. I mean, compared to existing games, both older and newer.
    well it is Alpha .. need to consider that .. i think at its stage , its fine
    Hmm, where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah!

    "Its Closed Beta, they still have a lot of time. Its fine"
    "Its Open Beta, more people testing will help them fix it. Its fine"
    "It just released, they have a lot going on right now. Its fine"
    "Its been a year since release, they ....I dont know anymore. Its ....fine"

    Whats funny is that I remember this exact same song and dance for Vanguard.
    I think the real issue is that people just don't know what they are looking at.

    This will be, to use a term, a "retro game". It just is.

    For some, that's fine or preferred or at least can be overlooked.

    for others, they won't be able to understand why it doesn't have cutting edge combat and animations and "whatever".

    Tempering expectations is very important. Sadly, some gamers have no idea how to do this or have no idea what they are looking at.
    I know exactly what Im looking at. Even by "retro" standards the combat doesnt look good.

    Perhaps people like you dont know what you're looking at. People so desperate for a "retro" game you will dismiss any and all flaws and criticisms.

    So again, what is so bad about the way it looks? Ive seen a few posts saying the graphics are bad and combat looks terrible but I watch the same thing and think it looks great, yes it has some refining and polishing but it looks better than a lot of games that are way way further in development. 

  • 5 Movie Universes that Would Make Great MMOs - General Columns

    The Matrix, Star Wars, LoTR, Star Trek and stargate... Oh wait. :-)
  • Can loot boxes be used for good? EA and others could use this idea and make loot boxes loved by all

    EAs charity is right in their back pocket.
  • (updated!) Authorities looking at regulating RNG as gambling

    Do I think governments should step in? No. But at the same time companies like EA have become too freaking greedy and have brought the worst case on themselves(if this happens). This isn't a gamers fault or a group of naïve gamers that did this. Its the companies that have embraced this method that is to blame. If they have to pay extra, lose business or be heavily fined it is all on them. And rightfully deserved. 
  • Embattled Star Wars: Battlefront II Microtransaction System Taken Offline - MMORPG.com News

    I wonder why this was the game to truly anger the players. I would love to see all games with loot boxes be given an adult only rating and subject to strict rules.

    So true but I think its the fact that such iconic characters are hidden behind a massive grind to unlock just one or an insane paywall along with the retail cost. On top of that they are messing with the star wars franchise which has a very strong following and just like other beloved franchises when the fans feel wronged watch out.

    Not to mention EA continually drags there name through mud and makes things worse and worse.