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  • Alright, Caspian, let's dance

    I will say I want this game to get developed, I want it to succeed, it sounds fun. I wont fund any kickstarter though and it has nothing to do with this project. I do remember when he came to these forums, he did answer questions. He was a dick to people who were being a dick to him. The questions he had a smartass remark to were being smartasses themselves. I grew up in a way that if you acted a certain way you got that treatment back so it didn't offend me.

    Having said that he is representing the company and the project so there probably is a better way to handle the situation and respond to people like that. But at the same time the people who were overly provoking him cant come and claim him as a devil when they also have horns as well. There are ways to answer questions but there are also ways to ask questions. Neither side is really clean but because of the position he is in, his blotch is a little bigger.
  • Why are not more people playing this game here ?

    Ok, ill give it a little more effort then. Ill look at some current gameplay, read some info on the classes and see. I'm not against the game by any means :smile:
  • How exactly is this legal?

    *looks at thread title*
    *sees who made the thread*

    Got busted for buying gold again huh?

  • Before you buy this game "Read the Terms OF Service"...

    Lol this is pretty funny. Dude acts like this is something new, yet in the same breathe says he's been playing games for 17 years? No need to read the ToS, common sense works great.

    Other thing I laugh at is you stated you've only been accused of this a few other times? Ive been playing MMOs since eq just before kunark, 0 questions, 0 accusations, 0 bans. 

    Not knocking you for doing it or looking down on you for doing it, its how you act since the first post. You got caught, you know you cant do this, man up. Just cause a game has hacks doesn't mean you can buy gold. Both will get you busted, just saying. 

  • Development Recap (May 19) - Albion Online Video Podcast

    healboot said:

    player vs player in a mmo role playing game? And someones role they like to play is ruin the game for the masses. I wonder what makes designing this type game around pvp a good idea? I forked over $100 for this game and it disgusts me.

    So you forked over $100 for a known pvp game, now you are disgusted by the fact there is pvp in a known pvp game that you payed for? I think I'm a little lost here.. Did you just see the name of the game and think "well this sounds like a good title, please take $100 now!"