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  • Over 2 Hours of New World Footage Leaked...to Porn Hub - MMORPG.com

    Yes, im going to head over to porn hub right now! I REALLY want to see this game footage! :D
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  • Special Edition with Brad McQuaid and Chris Perkins - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Videos - MMORPG.c

    Appreciate the in depth answer the my question, was asking more about raids and got that answer and more lol. Awesome!
  • Star Citizen - things you can currently do in game (Status: Alpha 3.2)

    I know I see MaxBacon around a lot and hes a big supporter of this game but I only Erillion only seems to show up in SC threads. Not trying to stir anything up but is he/she an employee of the company at all? Again just asking, not trying to stir anything or draw conclusions to anything.
  • On becoming a backer

    Game Features

    • Enjoy a Lore-rich and deeply complex world where environmental storytelling is central.
    • Immerse yourself in group-focused, intensely social game play using classes that complement each other, encouraging teamwork.
    • Make use of Colored Mana to give your spells flavor and variety.
    • Battle the harsh climates of the world—it can, and will, affect your character.
    • Play classes that have meaningful and defined roles such as Tank, Healer, DPS or Utility (crowd and encounter control). Class identity and group interdependence is key!
    • Choose from a variety of races to play, delve into their epic back-stories and learn of the Celestials who may have been brought to Terminus with them.
    • Discover meaningful questing that is optional, not the primary means of character advancement.
    • Watch the population evolve around you as different NPCs and beasts may change depending on your past actions.
    • Carry on your legacy with progeny—retire a character and have his or her child resume the adventure
    • Rely on your senses as your character’s own intuition may lead you to important discoveries.
    • Learn that limited and class based teleportation may get you close, but in order to reach many destinations you will have to traverse the realm-scarred lands of Terminus through the use of your own two feet, on the back of your mighty steed or even across the seas themselves.
    • Quickly equip situational gear as you move from one climate to the next.
    • Take part in an economy that is largely player driven.
    • Find convenience in dual targeting. Attack your target while healing your allies.
    • Respect your surroundings—succumbing to death has its consequences.

    where is sandbox again?

  • Richard Garriott Sits with the Texas Story Project to Talk About His Career in Gaming - Shroud of th

    Isnt this the same guy that tried to make money off his own mothers death? Yeah such a great guy. His game was awesome 20 years ago.