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  • Rumor: Daybreak Games in Talks for Possible Acquisition - MMORPG.com

    Tiller said:

    All I'm going to say is, Intrepid Kickstarted Ashes right? Buying the rights to the games and the IPs would be kinda expensive.  I mean, DC Universe alone... not even talking about it as a game but the IP, that could be a pretty penny. 

    Yeah, that's why I assume a bigger company may buy it up. Intrepid can't afford it, and since they have yet to publish Ashes, they aren't gonna get any investors on board.

    how do you kno what intrepid can and cannot afford? ? im confused.. if intrepid has enough to fund a 30million project (confirmed on ks) then why couldnt they afford to buy daybreak?  

    Because they could not afford a 30 mil project without a kickstarter? You cant exactly run a KS to buy a company, at least I don't think you can.

    Not saying they cant BUT...
  • Pantheon about todays live stream

    Flyte27 said:
    Letsinod said:
    It just won't work in todays gaming environment.  I'll be damned if I have 3 hours to game a night and spend a hour finding a group and setting up.  Then get half way through something to find out 2 people need to go.  Nope...I lived that back in 99-2003 and it wasn't fun then.

    Watching the video there was nothing about the combat needing special timing or challenging about it.  It looked like if the healer had mana then they were ok.  Otherwise they died.

    We've hardly seen any of this game 5 years into development.  They will never be able to create the amount of content that will be needed.  People will poopsock the crap out of what is available at launch super quick.
    The group makeup didn't seem to include crowd control.  I believe there was a wizard or cleric that rooted.  There was an example of aggro management where the rogue had to turn of his auto attack due to the ghost casting damage shield.  That is the type of thing people don't do these days.  They just kind of run in and solo the mob.
    Might want to rewatch the stream. They had an enchanter in the group, and talked about the mez graphic. 

    Yeah you can see at one of the points the mob was mezed but they took too long and the mob broke the mez and came at them. Honestly the group could have worked but what I noticed was there was 2 tanks. If they had another dps instead it could have been a different outcome. And even if he could have off tanked something they used him more like an additional dps.

    One thing to note as well they mentioned pretty late in the stream, Your target audience has grown up and has jobs, families ect. how are you compensating for that? They mentioned dungeons are designed with that thought in mind, couple hour bursts basically, not 6 hour grind sessions.

  • Pantheon about todays live stream

    The game isn't all about dungeons, they are showing one area in the beginning of the game. There is also open area, cities and what not.

    This isn't a game where you are playing a legendary warrior who mows down every enemy he has ever faced. Also if you even watched the stream, it wasn't a "natural" dungeon, they were not fighting humans. Also to note, they were lvl 14/15 in average gear in a lvl 15 dungeon. This is how the game will be, you'll die, learn, advance.

    Game is group focused so that potentially will put off some people,

    Combat is slow paced with an emphasis on working together and fighting challenging encounters, someone mentioned well the trash mobs didn't seem hard but if you got too many.. well yeah that's the point of trash mobs. Group/mob positioning is key, knowing and watching your surrounding is vital. Some people wont like that,

    When you die, you will have consequences.. A lot wont like that, most like to just zerg there way through stuff, you wont be able to do that here.

    One thing too is combat is always a bit slow/boring in the beginning.. lvl 15 is early stage game.. But this is true for every type of game.

  • Capcom Announces MHW As Its Fastest Selling Game to Date with 6M Copies Shipped - Monster Hunter Wor

    I jumped the gun and got it for ps4. Thought I would regret not waiting but am loving every minute so far. Lots to do, each big monster feels very different and plays out different. Grind for new gear doesn't "feel" grindy and soo many little things added that there is something there for literally everyone.
  • State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)

    Question, if you don't like the game at all, cant stand the developer. Why are you not only reserving discussion threads for said game but also hanging out in discord with them? Seems a little stalkerish or troll. Not trying to be rude but on every thread about CoE you are there non stop, if you don't like the game that much why are you putting in so much time for it? Is there some personal beef you have with the dev team or something?

    Just seems theres got to be more to the story.