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  • Citizencon Stream is Paywalled

    Babuinix said:
    Oh yeah the old "X game will release and destroy Star Citizen" that oblivious haters were spouting years ago is as dumb now as it was then lol...

    People who actually love games enough to dedicate their lives by making them admire the effort of their fellow peers, gamers who actually like to play games embrace the effort of new companies trying new things and pushing the genre.

    Angry gamers who feel their poor little heart as been shattered by "broken promises" spread bitterness and salty comments on forums to ease the pain...

    Kinda pathetic but hey whatcha gonna do, haters gona hate :D
    Star citizen would need to be released in order to be destroyed or dethroned.

    This has been an entertaining thread, I feel bad for Erillion. I just wonder if he's hourly, daily or if he/she is paid per post?
  • Game prices argument

    Its comparing apples to oranges. Two completely different industries with the only similarity being that they are both considered forms of entertainment. You can say you spent this for x amount of time and you played this game for x hour at this cost but its not the same. 

    I got my son a nerf gun for $10 he's been playing with it for 2 weeks, 5 hours a day 7 days a week. I can beat "most" games in under 40 hours, costing $60. Which should cost more at that point? More hours of entertainment DID come from the nerf gun after all.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Social Media Warfare Takes Down Two Writers at ArenaNet - MMORPG.com

    Now that ive read more about this situation, learned of the previous situations of the parties involved and actually read the tweets in question, it is a little bit of a misleading title. Should be more along the lines of "Devs twitter outburst leads to firing"
  • Rumor: Daybreak Games in Talks for Possible Acquisition - MMORPG.com

    Tiller said:

    All I'm going to say is, Intrepid Kickstarted Ashes right? Buying the rights to the games and the IPs would be kinda expensive.  I mean, DC Universe alone... not even talking about it as a game but the IP, that could be a pretty penny. 

    Yeah, that's why I assume a bigger company may buy it up. Intrepid can't afford it, and since they have yet to publish Ashes, they aren't gonna get any investors on board.

    how do you kno what intrepid can and cannot afford? ? im confused.. if intrepid has enough to fund a 30million project (confirmed on ks) then why couldnt they afford to buy daybreak?  

    Because they could not afford a 30 mil project without a kickstarter? You cant exactly run a KS to buy a company, at least I don't think you can.

    Not saying they cant BUT...
  • Pantheon about todays live stream

    Flyte27 said:
    Letsinod said:
    It just won't work in todays gaming environment.  I'll be damned if I have 3 hours to game a night and spend a hour finding a group and setting up.  Then get half way through something to find out 2 people need to go.  Nope...I lived that back in 99-2003 and it wasn't fun then.

    Watching the video there was nothing about the combat needing special timing or challenging about it.  It looked like if the healer had mana then they were ok.  Otherwise they died.

    We've hardly seen any of this game 5 years into development.  They will never be able to create the amount of content that will be needed.  People will poopsock the crap out of what is available at launch super quick.
    The group makeup didn't seem to include crowd control.  I believe there was a wizard or cleric that rooted.  There was an example of aggro management where the rogue had to turn of his auto attack due to the ghost casting damage shield.  That is the type of thing people don't do these days.  They just kind of run in and solo the mob.
    Might want to rewatch the stream. They had an enchanter in the group, and talked about the mez graphic. 

    Yeah you can see at one of the points the mob was mezed but they took too long and the mob broke the mez and came at them. Honestly the group could have worked but what I noticed was there was 2 tanks. If they had another dps instead it could have been a different outcome. And even if he could have off tanked something they used him more like an additional dps.

    One thing to note as well they mentioned pretty late in the stream, Your target audience has grown up and has jobs, families ect. how are you compensating for that? They mentioned dungeons are designed with that thought in mind, couple hour bursts basically, not 6 hour grind sessions.