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  • Gold Death Tax to be Removed, Griefing Under Discussion & a New Game Client Today - Sea of Thieves -

    "Griefing. I know in the March 26 developer update this was touched on by one of the devs, so I won't go much into it. But I will say that after just wanting to explore and complete voyages and racking up a ton of loot, and then getting finally getting to an Outpost to trade in all my plunder subsequently getting ambushed by a four-man crew and losing all of it is one of the most frustrating things I have ever encountered. It is actually making me not want to play this game. Also, a few days ago I was with a group of friends and we were finally doing the skull island raid. We had finally completed all the waves of skeletons, and then another fou-man ship comes in and starts attacking. That's all well and good, it's part of the game and I was good with a little more extra challenge to get our hard-earned loot. We had the key, we finally sunk their ship, so we should be good right? WRONG. They attack again. And again. And again. We were running out of resources, and they were getting more every time we sunk their ship and they came back. Finally, after wasting two hours of our time fighting the skeletons and the same crew a million times, they finally all kill us, the key is lost, and everything that we did was wasted."

    This sounds broken to me.
  • Well it seems you can't have a conversation about having concerns in the coe forums

    Yes strangely official forums are rarely where you should go to discuss things that are controversial because the rabid fans and their brigade will arrive in force to shut it down. I swear fans of a game are way worse than the critics. You end up not wanting to discuss the issue at all and just walk away from the game. 
  • As Ethereum price drops, GPU prices inch toward normalcy

    Absolutely loved this show
  • Do Soulpacks = Lootboxes?

    Man why try so hard it is an in game advantage ....clear as crystal...call it what you want but hell its P2W period.
  • About Action Combat

    AlBQuirky said:
    cheyane said:
    How about when your act of blocking or dodging is tied to a dice roll. Meaning your actual physical skill of hitting a key on the keyboard has nothing to do with whether you get hit or not because the odds are calculated and then decided. So you might hit dodge and block with a shield but if the dice roll decides you missed you still get hit....what type category is that game in?
    I'm no expert, but is there an MMO where "button activated dodge/block" is tied to a die roll? I know TES III Morrowind had this, but do any MMOs? I'm more curious than obtuse :)

    I recall EQ giving feedback through the combat chatbox about successful/failed dodges, blocks, ripostes. No buttons used here, they just happened, which is how I prefer my combat :)
    The calculation is done by the game without you knowing about it and it may not be a dice but it may also be done using a formula based on actual skill with your added bonus from items to calculate a chance of it hitting or successfully blocking or dodging. These calculations are not obvious but games do employ them. There has to be a system because what you observe when you swing a weapon or cast a spell is not what the real result will be in the end. Many times lag and other aspects also interfere with the result.

    When the game informs you that you missed ,you glanced,  you hit, the game is doing the calculation and informing you and if it has no combat text then you just see yourself hitting the mob or missing. Some MMORPGs even give exact numbers for miss, glance, hit and so on. Those figures have to be calculated and don't actually have anything to do with what you observe while playing.

    You also took my dice roll example literally. I was talking about Pen and Paper games while making a reference to MMORPGs but those games do use these behind the scenes and no actual dice rolls in front of your face during combat.

    If you consider loot drops where certain random calculations are made and probabilities even reduced to prolong game play until players actually check and find out that the game developer has secretly increased the chance for failure. These things are not readily observable and sometimes players get into the code to talk about the percentages of skills connecting and loot dropping.

    So whether you're playing an action orientated combat that is using a different method to calculate your hits and misses or a tab target system that is using dice rolls to calculate your hits and misses the combat must be satisfying. At the end of the day if I do not enjoy a game and it has unsatisfactory combat the way the game calculates the combat results will be irrelevant. Fun is  first.