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  • Will the next WoW level MMO even be on PC?

    Per the article below, the next big MMO(s) won't be stuck to PCs only.


    What do you all think? Will the PC get dethroned as the hardware of choice for MMOs or will PCs always be the platform of choice for MMO gamers? 
    they could probably put WoW on mobile since its graphics are so dated. at least a lite version of it that doesn't require that huge of a download. 
  • 5 years later and no Beta?

    Elminzter said:
    the writing was on the wall, when they decided to built their own engine, therefore they bite off more than they could chew.., they could have learnt lessons from past mmorpg failures e.g. shadowbane, great game but letdown by a crappy engine poor latency making sieges mostly a lag fest, game was fun when there's no lag but once it lagged its GG!!!

    my 2 cents
    yes it would have been so exciting to have heard "they are using unreal engine" for the 900th time in MMO history.  If i have to see one more freaking MMO using the Unreal engine...ugh.  give them time. wait for their great product, if not then just dont bother following it.  we haven't hit star citizen levels yet. we are like 5 years away from star citizen-level time.
  • Crowfall - The Lessons of Shadowbane, Murder of Crows with J. Todd Coleman - MMORPG.com

    I played DAOC for years at the time Shadowbane came out and I gave it a try. Ugh.

    Shadowbane was a complete mess. It was a buggy horrible game when it first came out. The visuals were horrible for their time. Existing games of the time looked much better. It spent a while in development and was "just around the corner" for so long that when it came out it was a step back in terms of graphics. Think blade of soul / archeage coming to the U.S. graphics (i.e.3-4 years after the game was released in Asia behind the times). It had none of the things it promised when it first came out. Combat was buggy as well. Getting kicked from servers. Basically, think of buying an alpha game in a physical box.

    It was truly ahead of its time in terms of selling an alpha state product to people like we get now with kickstarter and steam early access is about what you got. BUT, back then no one was used to getting a shoddy alpha game at best buy.
    EDIT: ......are these the same people that brought us shadowbane? wtf.......ok i was literally 100% going to buy this game but now my enthusiasm has dropped and I'm like 50% sure I'm going to buy this game now. I realize people change, but shadowbane did suck hard, especially compared to DAOC, i hope i dont see echoes of shadowbane in this freaking game.
  • Will A:IR Reignite AAA MMORPG Development? - Bill Murphy - MMORPG.com

    as long as it doesn't have the clunky asian UI and horrible new times roman font asian games use so often it should be ok
  • New North American - East Monarch to be Added - Are You Ready to Rule? - Chronicles of Elyria News

    im lost a bit. i guess we can buy an item to give out tokens