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  • Sources Claim Disney Has Reached Out to Ubisoft & Activision About Star Wars Games - Star Wars: Batt

    Aeander said:
    I'd be okay with Ubisoft. They certainly have their major flaws, but at least they aren't entirely risk averse. Namely, a single player Star Wars game could have actually seen the light of day under Ubisoft.
    For single player titles I think Ubisoft would be a great fit. They're big enough to tack the IP but still willing to make single player games.

    Like @SBFord said in an earlier post, the IP is saturated. We're in the era of binging everything until we're sick of it. We're at one extreme. There must be a sane middle ground between not seeing something out of an IP for a decade or having it shoved down our throats at every turn.

    I'm so burnt out on superhero stuff right now. Odd thing, that little Marvel Heroes ARPG kept me more interested in that stuff than I'd realized. Now that the game is gone I feel more disconnected from Marvel than I did before.
  • Can A:IR and Bless Revitalize the AAA MMORPG? - Bill Murphy - MMORPG.com

    Rhygarth said:
    I hope both games do well and i will try both but if there is 1 item in the cash shop that even remotely adds a slight advantage i will uninstall, I am done with all the p2w bullshit in mmo's and that even goes for stupid pets that loot for you...
    I'm about the opposite. If they only have cosmetics and no advantage items, I'm out. I'm sick and tired of being the only demographic funding mmos.
  • REZZED: The Most Important MMOs Of The First Modern Decade - The List - MMORPG.com

    koldmiser said:

    Aori said:

    He is talking on a global level not just a NA one. EQ had little impact outside of NA. Whereas Lineage(rarely ever counted on this site) affected far more and had a much broader reach, as he said, it spurred a new market in that region which exploded in popularity and spread even to our neck of the woods.

    Not trying to start a fight, but if he was really talking on a global level then "Fantasy Westward Journey (2004)" wouldn't be on that list as it had zero impact outside of Asia.
    See that's where your cultural myopia is getting in the way. It's had a huge influence in China which has become one of the largest global MMO markets today. It had more players than EQ and DAoC combined and has driven Chinese mmo development.

    Comparatively games like EQ, DAoC, SWG, and all the rest of the tiny mmo blips on the radar have had virtually no impact in the west or the east and don't account for much today even though a few still carry on.

    I think it's remarkable that DAoC still runs today, but notice how people talk about it in the past tense and most never play it anymore? How is a game that insignificant supposed to be on the list? Because you had a little 3 faction pvp fun? Games like Lineage have multiple factions created by player politics that are ever changing and in the open world. Comparatively DAoC is almost a glorified MOBA.

    TL;DR you not seeing the impact outside of China doesn't invalidate the reality of it having an impact on the industry.
  • REZZED: The Most Important MMOs Of The First Modern Decade - The List - MMORPG.com

    Man I miss Richard's articles for this very reason, 4 years later and it still stirs up strong opinions. I loved reading his articles. It was also fun discussing and arguing with him. He's an author that often popped into his only article threads and further elaborated his perspective. Great stuff.

    He had 5 spots and I can see why he chose FF11 over EQ. FF11 broke a lot of ground and was actually innovative. EQ was DIKU in 3D. SWG was not significant. Interesting game, but it's a blip on the map. Again, DAoC not that significant in the bigger picture.

    The reason Richard's articles ruffles feathers, in my opinion, is because he does compare things globally. Lineage still has more impact on the industry than any other first gen MMO except for WoW. WoW is still largely driving the western MMO market while Lineage still drives a huge portion of the eastern market on mobile.

    I wanted to pick a different list "because" but I can't argue with it. UO, FF11, Lineage, WoW, and while I wouldn't have picked it I can't argue that FWJ should be on the list. It's very hard to look at things with a broad eye. This article does that.
  • Investigation into Paragon Institute Raises More Than a Few Red Flags - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMORPG

    IceAge said:

    Torval said:

    Ibja said:

    Well, I wish that SBFord took the legitimate criticisms of the MMORPG readers more to heart sometimes (I have never, in following this website for years, seen her not get extremely defensive when anyone questions the reporting or morality of stories here, often just insulting the posters intelligence by talking down to them rather than trying to explain her position or reasoning) I am glad that MMORPG decided to unveil this as a scam.

    It's incredible that providing information means that there is no need for the reporter to investigate, read further, look at the information you are presenting and decide whether what you are doing is right. Just read anything and put it up on the feed, I suppose. If MMORPG wants to take a loose definition of news and take no responsibility for what is posted or how the information might be construed, then at least it's good to know that when reading the "news" here now.

    That would be an investigative editorial and not a news event story. They reported on a critical editorial. It's never good enough for some people. Always with their edgy pithy sleights disguised as the voice of reason.

    C o m e o n!! The one who report the News is held responsible for the authenticity of the News. mmorpg.com didn't quote another News site ( like they did here ). They reported directly from the source. That is the problem. But hey! Is like you want this site to throw any shit of "News".