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  • Fanfest Taking to the Road in 2019 for Four Separate Events - EVE Online - MMORPG.com

    CCP, the studio that thinks doing it differently, just for the sake of it, means better. It's like they miss the big picture when doing their good ideas. They do have good ideas, then they execute them in the most bizarre fashion.
  • Final Fantasy XIV - The Case for Horizontal Progression - MMORPG.com

    mmrv said:
    Seems like a pretty inconsistent position that takes you down a slippery slope. I would argue if you are casual and don;t raid well do you really need raid gear? Like you say you want to be on par performance with your "Friends" but why? Just so you can say so??

    Move forward next week further down the slippery slope well I want to be on par with my friends but i play the game 1 hour a week I dont see why I shouldnt instantly get max level and max gear? It's counter to everything our society is built upon even with trivial things like gaming earning your way via equal opportunity, its part of what makes it satisfying and rewarding.

    you understand the reward part isnt the "gear" what makes it "rewarding" is that you know you earned it and once you remove that that feeling is gone. There is a reason some people play guild wars 2 where literally there is no gear progression at all, its turbo casual and there is no real rewards that matter, then others play ff14 and raid lets keep people having choices. If you don't care for the raids why care for the gear is the big question? all the other content in ff14 doesnt require hardcore raid gear.

    Again your argument just seems really inconsistent and comes down to I want it because I want it. for reference I did play ff14 for a good amount of time never got into the hardcore raid stuff thought I would have liked to, I am not the hardcore raider trying to protect my loot, I am just pointing out there is immense amounts of things and items for you if you dont raid and none of it requires raid loot so again who cares if special powerful gear is locked behind hardcore raiding? You dont need it beyond "because i want it"!
    Progression raiding is a horrible design trope, but it's the one they went with. They're stuck with it now. It doesn't make sense to redesign a bad progression system from the ground up a third time especially when they have a fanbase that will plays and pays for it in the current form.
  • Making Your Voice Count - MMORPG.com

    Barrikor said:
    I disagree with punishing comedians for bad jokes.  The context is important; you go to those shows expecting humor, and popular comedians all have a well established brand of humor.

    Anthony Jeselnik, for example, has deeply blue humor.  He's made jokes about anman who died in a shark attack, as well as the Boston Marathon bombing.  The difference is this: nobody is going into a comedy show to seek a persuasive argument in support of certain action.  It's all jokes, and that's the point.

    If the joke is terrible, castrate the reputation of the comedian.  That's warranted.  But punishing them through legal means is too much.  The audience is clearly informed that the comedian has one goal: to create funny.  The speech is geared towards that, so it should be approached accordingly.
    I agree, context is important.

    The sad thing is that the lack-of-context is going to hurt more that just comedians. if you say you "killed two birds with one stone" a criminal court in the UK would now have to accept it as a confession to animal cruelty because they're set legal precedent that "context does not matter".
    No. Even if what you said was true (which you have yet to prove), the rest of the judicial system isn't going to throw out the stacks of preceding incidences where context did matter. You're using bad logic and drawing faulty conclusions.
  • EA working on new Open World Star Wars MMO

    Scot said:
    "This sparked concerns about the future of triple-A single-player games. CEO Andrew Wilson denied that the moves were made because it was a single-player game that needed to become a live-service game."

    It was all about that, we know they want the stream of income a live service game brings. Solo offline AAA is dead, how long before solo online is dead? They want you in an online game with other people, which can come in many forms just not solo. That way you have the Jones to keep up with, friends to impress, enemies to outdo.

    That's why they create software that teams you up with a big spender to show you what he is buying, or makes a song and dance about the gun that just killed you, or show you loot boxes falling out of the sky and what's in them, or create a "skin economy".

    The way we play our games, the gameplay, is being distorted beyond recognition to accommodate revenue streams, gambling in gaming and P2W. It is starkly obvious that we are being taken for a ride...on a no return trip cash train to a casino.
    The hardcore forced grouping crowd won the battle but lost the war. It feels like you can't do anything without forced coop but the indepth rpg part also got shitcanned for quick-play stream-friendly esport-style mechanics. How's that for the triple hyphen. That's what our mmorpgs have devolved into, triple-hyphen hypetastic buzzword friendly sideshows.
  • Project Gorgon - Should You Buy It Now? - MMORPG.com

    keithian said:
    I love when people make excuses for the graphics by comparing games to the popularity of something on a mobile phone, as if this site is that focus of person. The reality is that just as there are 'many' that may not care about the graphics, there are 'many' that do. I believe a good game should have both good graphics and good gameplay, not one or the other. I realize that what is good to look at is subjective, as I know some love the more Asian influence, while others like me prefer more realism...which is why Witcher 3 is my favorite RPG of all time...and to many others..it was there's too.

    As far as an MMO goes, WOW I felt looked great in 2004 and for several years after, LOTRO looked good for many years, AOC looked great, GW2 looked great, I really like the look of Elder Scrolls Online...and personally I feel all these games had many other great attributes which had me playing them for quite some time. There is no way I can play a game that looks like something from the 1990s. I didn't get my GTX 1080ti to look at horrible graphics. If I want to loose myself in something where graphics doesn't matter, I go read a book.
    You bought a 1080ti so you throw the name around. You don't need a 1080ti for pretty graphics.