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  • THQ Nordic Acquires IP Rights from 38 Studios - MMORPG.com News

    This is very good news for fans of the IP and gamers in general. I'm not sure if they'll try and do traditional MMO but I fully expect them to do something with the IP other than just publish previous versions. They have been aggressively acquiring small and lingering IPs and putting money and effort back into them. They've also been diversifying beyond strategy and tactics titles which have been their foundation.

  • RSI Ditches Star Citizen's 'CitizenCon' Keynote Address Fee - MMORPG.com

    JeroKane said:
    I didn't hear any outcry when Blizzard introduced the Virtual Ticket for Blizzcon.
    Double standards and gamer logic. Gamers are freaks with their own set of rules they make up as they go along.

    CIG was operating under the assumption they would operation a convention like the rest of the world. They're a gaming company. They should have known they're playing by a different set of rules.I feel like they're out of touch, but also feel that being "in touch" with gamers is a fickle moving target.

    I would have sympathy but the industry as a whole hasn't shown much concern for throwing themselves in the fire. Their choice, their bed, they made it, whatever. The game doesn't look that good after all this time. I find their direction unappealing and that's the most significant factor for me.

    They could charge $20 for a virtual ticket or give it away. I couldn't care less about that. To me that's just meta bullshit.
  • Citizencon Stream is Paywalled

    Torval said:
    Blizzcon tickets are $200 each at a minimum. The fancy dinner stuff costs more I think ($500) and the "virtual tickets" are $40. This is normal convention stuff, but don't let that stop your irrational judgement of one game company over another.

    The critic cultists of this game are as freaky as the fanboys.
    Ironically similar to atheism, being a critic of SC does not require one to adopt any particular set of beliefs whereas being a 'true supporter' requires one to accept some very specific items on faith.  There are many different ways to criticize Star Citizen whereas there is only one 'gospel of Roberts'.  As such, the "critic cultist" label doesn't work.
    Hahaha, you keep telling yourself that lie. Also, notice how you had to deflect the thing that triggered you instead of actually answering my point? Guilty.

    And I'm not a fan of this game at all. It doesn't look good or fun at this stage. It looks like it will turn out to be a fancier clunkier Elite Dangerous which was a total disappointment.
  • So when is the soft launch, and is this playable right now?

    t0nyd said:
    At least they're not selling thousand-dollar ships...

  • Albion Online - Merlyn Update Arrives - Let the Battle Begin! - MMORPG.com

    Interitus said:
    Sorry, I'm calling bullshit.  Renoaku, the guy who has been polluting every Albion Onlline MMORPG.com thread with his crap since he's been banned would be largely ignored, even though that hasn't happened yet ... ever? 

    You paint a lovely fantasy but it doesn't resemble reality in the slightest.  I'm going to go ahead and stick with reality.
    Ignoring is an act of will. If you are unable to do that, that's on you.  If the sight of him commenting angers you so much that you can't help but respond, that's something you need to deal with. When I first read this thread, ignoring him is exactly what I did.  I read it but he was talking about dev censorship and rule 4.5.1. I had no idea what he was talking about it so I ignored it.

    But it seems others are unable to do that act. Since then I've learned about the accusations of censorship and what rule 4.5.1 is.  It slid my overall opinion of Albion more in the negative.  I was fine not knowing, but a hornets nest was stirred and I'm left with more question than answers. And again I only came here to read about the update. That is all I wanted to learn about.

    So call the ability to ignore a post fantasy. But that's exactly what I did. I even glossed over the reply from Albion because I thought that would be the end of that topic.  Yet here we are still not actually talking about the changes in Merlyn. 
    LOL .. okay.  If you want to talk about the changes in Merlyn, then may I radically suggest you to go the official site where Renoaku has been banned more than once and won't be able to dump his spiel into the conversation.  In spite of your curiously obstinate attitude, you seem otherwise intelligent so I'm going to assume I don't need to link the URL.
    No dude. You. Are. Wrong. Don't ever tell another member to go to another site just because you guys want to play wanking games arguing back and forth in a circle jerk. This thread is for discussing the update. That should be it. This poster is right. An apology and acknowledgement of that is really in order.