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  • Newest PTR Patch Notes Reveal Cosmetic Item Loot Crate Odds - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - MMORP

    I know people here hate loot crates but I think the RMT trade for these virtual items is much worse. It has been a scourge on our gaming culture since before Steam when this was done of forums and eBay, but it is on a completely different, higher, and more caustic level than ever before.

    In this environment, designers not only build the game around RNG, but RNG that is designed to promote gray trade. It's the most insidious progression yet in monetization. It's the core cause of underage gambling issues in the UK according to a recent study (you can find it in one of the loot crate threads). I want to see Valve drop support for RMT virtual item trading.

    I still applaud PUBG for taking the lead. I hope other loot crate peddlers follow, and eventually we'll see published odds for any RNG loot tables and chase items locked behind a recurring fee or paywall.
  • Participate in the Bonus Event to Earn Up to 6 Free Crown Crates as an ESO Plus Member - Elder Scrol

    Torval said:
    Hariken said:
    Spiider said:
    Beautiful game. But crates... Stopped playing.
    Whats so sad is that this doesn't seem to bother today's mmo player. Just the way it is now.
    Since we've been dealing with RNG paywalls, renting our games, and paying for progression for about 20 years now, this surprises you why?

    ZOS is a master of multipronged monetization. If you play the game seriously, you need to sub (some features are locked) and buy the chapters. If you actually want to own any of the DLC you'll need to buy more Crowns or sub for a long time to unlock the rest of the game.

    It can be one of the cheapest MMOs you play or it can get expensive quick. At least they give options. And since this is one of the best modern MMOs on the market then it makes sense that people just ignore what they don't like to gain access to what they do. I don't find that surprising at all.
    Renting the games isn't a video game problem, but a software one.  It's what happens to consumers when governments are too scared to set up a proper framework or misguided consumers insist that the "wild west" should be allowed to fester.
    I'm sure you wanted to make a point, but you forgot to include it somewhere on the soapbox. That would make a good blog or youtube channel title, "Somewhere on the Soapbox". You should start it and post angry outlandish rants and make gazillions off of advert clicks.
  • Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan Review - It Gets What Being an ARPG Means - General Columns

    The game doesn't seem to justify its B2P model very well.

    Why would I pay $20 for this when I can pay $0 to play Path of Exile?
    Why? Because for $20 with no cash shop is a much more attractive way to package and sell a game to me. They want $20 and if they want more then they need to make that attractive enough for me to open my wallet.

    With Path the amount they want from me doesn't have an end point. While you can play cheap early on it's not hard to spend way more than $20, or you can grind a really long time. That actually isn't as attractive to me as just buying the game, like Victor Vran or Grim Dawn.

    This game does have fun combat. It's stumbling on how that is put together, specifically the repetition of the map design. But then again my early experience in Path is that it can also be very repetitious. Same with Victor Vran, but not so much Grim Dawn. GD excels in the narrative driven experience in my opinion and the ARPG repetition part doesn't hit until much later.

    TL;DR - Because a packaged purchase is much more attractive than something with no spending end point.
  • Player's Choice 2017 - The Most Wanted MMO - General Awards

    Shaigh said:
    Torval said:
    Shaigh said:
    If I remove all games I don't find to be MMO's and all games that won't release in 2018 the only game left is Bless Online.
    I'm going to be playing Ashes in 2018, dunno about you.
    I hope it won't release in 2018 because if it does its going to be as generic and as flawed as bless online.
    I was being a little cheeky. If they're open to the public in some manner and taking in money then the site and readership call that released. It's not my  preferred way to look at things, but it seems to be the consensus. So since they'll have accessibility and are taking money I'll call it released, but I personally don't consider it "fully released" or released in the traditional sense. I get what you mean. It's black and white in a gray world.  :smiley:
  • Player's Choice 2017 - The Most Wanted MMO - General Awards

    Shaigh said:
    If I remove all games I don't find to be MMO's and all games that won't release in 2018 the only game left is Bless Online.
    I'm going to be playing Ashes in 2018, dunno about you.