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  • RUMOR: City of Heroes & WildStar Closures - An Alternate Viewpoint from the Inside - MMORPG.com New

    Sorry, but the modern mainstream press (gaming and otherwise) just doesn't have the credibility to get away with using anonymous sources anymore. If you can't provide a name or any evidence to back up the statements made by a 'source', then the 'story' is bullshit.

    That being said, at least this site clearly marked it as a rumor. Polygon, IGN, or Kotaku probably would've tried to pass it off as fact. 
    It doesn't matter if they do cite sources and provide facts because in the land of orange juice the truth isn't the truth. If the names were known the kneejerk outcry would be"alt-facts alt-facts!" so your whole "gimme names and facts" line is total garbage and doesn't hold up. You've already shown your playbook and we know what happens when the sources and facts are presented and the simpleton ways those are also dismissed. Oops.
  • RUMOR: City of Heroes & WildStar Closures - An Alternate Viewpoint from the Inside - MMORPG.com New

    tawess said:
    Pretty much line up with how NCSoft have acted over the years. They cut Paragon a massive amount of slack with CoH. It was never a big earner and the studio did have a fair amount of issues as far as organization. But i did honestly thought it was a good but not enough thing and not a "you pissed in my cereal" thing. The later is way more justified and in some ways make more sense. Especially as there was rumors of things like that going back to the early days of CoH.

    So i can belive this, in fact it makes a bit to much sense.
    It doesn't absolve NCSoft one bit. Both EA and NC throw big money at studios with a "hands-off approach" and then nuke them when it goes bad. They should be managing studios better. Obviously being hands-off hasn't kept the bullshit corporate designs out of gaming so maybe they should start "parenting" properly.

    NCSoft, and pretty much every other publisher treats their customers and users like shit.

    Also, nice to see someone post how subscription based games add huge churn and time sinks for the sole purpose to slow players down to keep sub money rolling in. Predatory practices existed before and aren't going away after loot crates are gone.
  • World of Warcraft: Beta for Azeroth - Not Ready for Primetime - MMORPG.com

    My main expectation with a Blizzard product is that it's polished. It's the one thing that makes their glacial pace tolerable. If the production quality goes then they're just another studio that goes really slow.

    I do regret buying the xpac at this point. I was having a great time last winter, but somewhere in late spring or early summer (after I bought it) it started to go south. I could have still refunded but I didn't because I know I'll play it eventually and I had confidence at the time in Blizzard's quality standard winning out. I was wrong, maybe on both accounts.
  • Ashes of Creation at PAX West 2018: What I Learned from Steven Sharif & Jeffrey Bard - MMORPG.com

    tinnis said:
    related: steven sharrif is still the head moderator of the previously community ran subreddit /r/ashesofcreation after it was handed over to them the other month.

    there was no announcement about it happening until it was pointed out.

    they have made no effort to hand it back to the community whatsoever.

    nor are any of the employees or official discord mod replacements active on the subreddit or even reddit in general.

    here is an example of steven's public comments on subreddit moderation stances
    Anyone can make a sub about the game and the community can say anything they want in that. It doesn't matter if there is an officially controlled sub or not because people congregate and post in the subs they want to.

    You can't shut people up on reddit. That's the great and annoying thing about it. You can make them behave in your own sub though. That's also a great and annoying thing about it. You're whining about nothing. Go do something about it if you don't like it, or tell someone who does. No one can stop you. And if you don't no one really cares about your complaint.
  • THQ Nordic Acquires IP Rights from 38 Studios - MMORPG.com News

    This is very good news for fans of the IP and gamers in general. I'm not sure if they'll try and do traditional MMO but I fully expect them to do something with the IP other than just publish previous versions. They have been aggressively acquiring small and lingering IPs and putting money and effort back into them. They've also been diversifying beyond strategy and tactics titles which have been their foundation.