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  • Geralt of Rivia Coming to Monster Hunter World on Consoles in Early 2019 - MMORPG.com

    Aeander said:
    SBFord said:
    Scorchien said:

    I know im the minority here... but i am sick of Geralt ..... go away :)
    I'm with you, that's for sure. I'm tired of seeing Geralt everywhere and of seeing these weird crossover things too. :D
    Fuck that. I want him in Smash Bros. Now that we have Joker, anything is possible.  :p
    That's where crossovers belong, in a game designed around mashups. They should stay out of other games trying to cross promo and market.

    I like CDPR and GoG, but I'm pretty sure they're only carrying the "No DRM" flag for marketing purposes or to save from paying Denuvo. They don't really care about anti-DRM or open source (which is where anti-DRM finds its roots). They care about marketing whatever they can however they can.
  • Ashes of Creation Apocalypse to Launch Open Beta on December 18th for Windows PC

    I'm not very happy with this or Intrepid for adding this aspect. But, they're not behind schedule, seemingly, and they haven't failed to deliver the product, so I'll keep it at that for now.
  • Bill Murphy - Fallout 76 May Be the Sandbox MMO We've Been Waiting For - MMORPG.com

    Albatroes said:
    I have this feeling Bill threw a live grenade into a crowded room just to see the reaction.
    He rubbed his hands together and cackled like an evil genius right before submitting this article.
    Are you suggesting Bill would toy with the easily triggered like a puppet master? :naughty: :mrgreen:
  • Fallout 76 May have a Huge Hacking Problem - MMORPG.com

    Good article G. I've been watching this since someone posted a reddit thread about it in Slack.

    This one is on Bethesda to demonstrate the concerns are covered. The people making the claims are modders who play with and test the limits of their engine. If someone has demonstrable proof of concept then Bethesda and ZoS need demonstrate the fix.

    The keystone issue here are mods and how the game loads functionality. The TL;DR is that the engine itself is modular so unless they lock out mods completely their game is rife for hacking by an experienced group with lots of source material.

    Bethesda could lock out all mods except those explicitly approved. This would allow them to validate file integrity before loading assets. This cannot be done and still allow open modification. This is the route I expect them to take. It will also become a revenue point.

    There are still some deep core issues with the engine. It does a lot of client side work. That makes exploitation magnitudes easier. Like Gaz said in the article, they will have to implement server side checks and it doesn't do that now.

    Remember those recent MMOs that got fried for launching a PvP game with client side validation? This is doing that same thing, only it's much worse because everyone already knows how to do it and have built mods that leverage those engine traits.

    So, there you have it. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. There is a lot going on here.
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  • Jake Song, 'I Was Shocked by the News About Trion Worlds' & ArcheAge - MMORPG.com

    Rhoklaw said:

    ArcheAge was such a P2W catastrophe that even the private server ArcheRage couldn't escape the cash shop. Yep, the private server actually kept the cash shop active, lol. Trion is precisely the proof needed of what happens when you DO NOT listen to your customers. No, seriously.

    Private Server can't escape the p2w because the regrade RNG system is 2.5 patch. 2.5 patch until 4.7 patch is a casino for a whales. They got free patron but they selling regrade charms and labor so it is the same p2w. Jake Song came back to Archeage in 4.5 patch and they make fresh start server with time gated content to see and study the p2w aspect of the game a problem. 4.7 patch Jake made a new gearing system that you don't need regrade charm and changing gems without RNG putting in the gear. 5.1 He made only very tiny RNG but huge cost of gold sink for +1 temper only. So it's not p2w he made. He want to make Archeage f2p without p2w for everybody. He knows not everyone can afford subs.
    Who cares if people who can't afford to pay for the game can't play? Obviously XL does because they're still in the whale driven mindset. There's only one way to make money when your players are cheap ass freeloaders carried by whales.

    Studying the P2W aspects of your own game to see how it can be fixed is one of the dumbest thing I've heard this week and there have been some good ones, like the Ashes BR fiasco or Shroud's F2P announcement. What's unsaid above is that they're trying to make a game F2P gamers won't cry over while still raking in cash from the whales. They're disgusting and should be ashamed for the lying doublespeak.

    Their mindset is a curse on the industry.