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  • It's Not a Perfect Game, But It's a Lot of Fun - Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr Review - MMORPG.co

    Aeander said:
    cmacq said:
    I find it interesting that so many people's comments reflect on the price and they'll buy it when it gets cheaper. I just don't get that. The game has issues but it's a lot of fun in a lot of ways if you like ARPGs and the WK40 universe. Gaming is by far the cheapest form of entertainment in my life so what's another $20? That's not even a round of drinks in most places. There are so few games of this type out there that personally I feel I want to support them. I bought the game in early access way back when at full price and was happy to do it. FYI I played Van Helsing so have some familiarity with Neocore. I think they're in it for the long haul and the game will continue to improve. In the meantime I'm having a lot of fun with it. D3 is in maintenance mode, I don't care for POE, and I'm kind of burnt out on Grim Dawn. This one is now my goto ARPG.
    I think price is a relevant topic here. This is currently the most expensive game in its genre by a wide margin. That's a tough sell, because the vast majority of ARPG's are not worth $50 at all, either because of low production values, low content value, or both. This one might be, but the only way to know that is to purchase it. See the Catch 22?
    It's not even the most expensive game in the genre. If you mean it can't be played then yes, but most expensive? Hell no!

    Path of Exile is the most expensive if you want a full game experience. It costs hundreds of dollars and is an endless revenue sink. Grim Dawn is $58 for the game plus DLC. Victor Vran is close at $51. You can pick up TQ and the DLC for $40 which is $5 cheaper. You can pick up D3 with DLC for $45 as well.

    It's not overpriced compared to the rest of the genre offerings and is in at least as good condition as Grim Dawn or Victor Vran on release, or other indie titles.

    I get people wanting to wait for polish, and feature love. I don't get people being cheap and unwilling to play or choosing a mediocre experience in a F2P whale driven cash shop game.
  • J.J. Abrams' Film Studio Forms Games Division in Partnership with Tencent & Warner Bros. - MMORPG.c

    Great, so now Abrams can ruin video game versions of the cherished intellectual properties he's already ruined for me on the big screen.
    He's the best thing that happened to Star Trek movies ever.
  • What is beyond volta 11xx nvidia? 12xx of course, but what is it?

    We're at this weird point where 1080 and 1440 doesn't need the highest end video cards anymore. Soon integrated graphics will tackle that. 4K is a few years away, or at least until 4K monitors are $300 - $500 for 144hz gsync IPS or better panels. Right now a good 4K panel that about meets those requirements is $2K.

    I'm gaming at 1080/60hz now with a nice ASUS 29" IPS monitor. My next upgrade will be to 1440/144hz. For me increased power is less interesting than size and power reductions. 4K is too expensive overall - expensive bandwidth, expensive storage, expensive to produce, expensive to render, and for what? A small increase in texture fidelity? For me 1440 at a higher refresh and higher quality panel is a better experience so more powerful features aren't as attractive anymore.

    I'm looking for smaller, lighter, and less power consumption for the same or slightly better performance. My next desktop build is centered around PC power in a console form factor. That means mITX and ideally integrated graphics with the power of 12xx or Zen. I want to do that without creating a space heater as a side effect.

    So Ray Tracing and fancy features or huge power bumps aren't going to grab my attention as much as shrinking the size and power rating.
  • Upcoming GDPR regulations and impact to gaming

    Torval said:
    Golelorn said:
    Leiloni said:

    The GDPR is the law of the land, now. My company previously had to follow 4 different sets of rules in the European countries where we had offices - UK, Belgium, France, and Germany. All of that is being replaced now with GDPR at least as far as compliance is concerned. Not sure what the status is of any national laws, but the GDPR is the only one we're concerned with now.

    And for us at least, the GDPR is far more wide ranging. We didn't have to do anything special for people outside those 4 countries. They were treated the same way we treat everyone else's information. But now we have a lot more people whose information needs special treatment because the GDPR forces us to do it for everyone in the EU.

    But it's also affecting more departments internally, so it's become a huge, huge thing. Honestly my team's small part in this has driven me to my limits because it's so stressful and the idea of data protection isn't even new to us. My boss and I have been dealing with the above 4 special cases for 10+ years, and we implemented CASL regulations without much help on our own a few years ago when that happened. So while this was bigger, we at least had personal experience, and it was still tough. But the rest of our company has had to undertake a massive effort in ways that never would have even occurred to me. It's honestly mind blowing. It even affects how we handle our own EU employees' information. That part isn't really my job so I don't know the specifics, but the idea is just insane to me.
    If Google and Facebook are having trouble implementing this, I would think there are a ton of companies out there that are going to be in for a rude awakening. 

    Sadly, companies have brought this regulation on themselves with all the data breaches that have been allowed due to neglect or criminal behavior. 

    Folks wanna bitch about the costs, but ignore why the regulations were created in the first place.

    You wanna blame someone?  Blame yourselves if your company was sharing your user's data all willy nilly, or other companies that did so to necessitate this bout of regulations.

    It's like blaming the teacher for assigning a quiz after half the class abysmally failed at answering any question about their reading material correctly.
    Yeah? So Common Core is the parent and students fault for not testing better and using the horrible public education system.
    You just brought a completely unrelated issue into this because I used an analogy to simply illustrate the point of blaming the wrong folks for regulation costs.

    Common Core is not a regulation meant to protect a citizen's right to privacy.  It was an attempt to standardize education to ensure students received the same education throughout the country.  It's not even remotely the same goal, nor was it made in response to remotely the same kind of issue.

    If companies weren't abusing the data of individuals, resulting in issues with privacy, there wouldn't be a need for regulation.  Fin.
    You introduced the topic of schools and poor performance. Common Core is the regulatory result of poor public education performance. If students hadn't abused their freedom and teachers had worked harder then this wouldn't have happened. It's their fault.

    Same is true with data. It's the fault of companies for not having the foresight the EU would add another ineffective and costly layer of bureaucracy to their existing operational overhead.

    Playing the blame game misses the complexity of an issue and accomplishes nothing but social vilification.

    Not everyone abuses customer data and this won't stop other from abusing it. The EU has no regulatory authority outside its border unless it has some sort of trade agreement including the GDPR. American and Asian companies don't need to do anything different if they don't have an EU presence. Data isn't being protected at all.
  • ArcheAge - Are Fresh Starts Just a Phase? - MMORPG.com

    Torval said:
    Torval said:
    I read the article because based on the title I thought it was going to be someone attempting to scamsplain Archeage "fresh starting" 3 times (which is ridiculous in itself).

    Instead it's a sponsored (but not) post about the most recent fresh start and how fantabulous it is while being willfully obtuse about the issues, other 2 fresh starts or what they do to the other servers.

    It's not sponsored, but you knew that when you puked out your tool spew.
    "Instead it's a sponsored (but not)."

    Look everybody I have a salty hype man with a pocket full of sour grapes.
    What? Calling you on ignorant bullshit is now hyping? lolwut? Nice try cowboy. You keep shootin blanks there.
    You joined a thread less than 5 posts in, added 0 to it so you could repeat something I already said while tacking on extra. That's a hype man.

    Just admit you're emotional from a dust-up from another thread and stop making a jackass of yourself trying to get even. Here, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. You can stop now.
    You didn't hurt my feelings. It's not sponsored and you're obviously trolling. If you need safe trolling space look elsewhere. If you were trolling another thread and I said something that triggered you then maybe stop trolling and flamebaiting?

    The author obviously likes the game. You obviously take umbrage with them for that. You added zero to the discussion as well, again. Throwing shade and calling someone obtuse adds nothing.