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  • Hands On with Far Cry 5's American Adventure - The RPG Files - MMORPG.com

    DataDay said:

    Torval said:

    Scot said:

    "But you’re not here to see what kind of party Ubisoft throws"

    Actually would love to hear more about that, if its a cult in the mid west, did anyone get baptised in a river? From the UK here, and that happens in every film and TV series I see about that mid west so they must have done? ;)

    (1)As a whole people in that area of the PNW treasure gun rights, personal rights, local over federal government, and all the stuff you might typically associate with "murica".


    Our region attracts extremist groups because they're looking for a place to operate without interference. A lot of people move out here because outside of Seattle/King County, and a much lesser extent Portand, most of the region is rural and sparsely populated. Lots of people come here to live out the western fantasy, live off the grid, or find seclusion. Cults, para-military nuts, extremists, and other wacko groups make up a portion of those. Most find that their fantasy of the wild west isn't as fun when it gets hard.

    I hope that provides a little better picture of the regional detail. I know often when people refer to areas and regions in the UK I get the broad stereotyped trope instead of a more local perspective. I hope it's helpful.

    (1) For more neutral context
    I don't care about your neutral context that you're implying is more insightful. I live here. I have family all over the region. I'm just relating my perspective from experience. There is no neutral perspective. That's a lie told by people trying to sell their own perspective as the right one.
  • Never played WoW, now I try it out

    It's not that you always win. It's that you never lose.

    There are two types of mmos.

    1. Those where you never lose.

    2. Those where you always win until something comes along and takes all your shit.
  • Visionary Realms Wants to Know Where You Draw the Line on RMT, F2P & More - Pantheon: Rise of the Fa

    Okay, then don't support the game. The thread is for people who might want to play these games and how they see paying for the game.

    $15 and a box fee with xpac fees will work for VR given a certain population threshold (whatever that is). Relying on that alone seems risky to me. What if they can't meet those numbers with that scheme? The whole project should flush rather than regroup to consider alternatives? I hate when projects die so casually.

    Why are they asking if they aren't interested? They have to know that a box fee and a sub is what most of this demographic would relate to, so they must want to know how to keep revenue solid during fluctuations or if math isn't looking good. Maybe that's not enough for them to live well and expand content. I don't know, but they had to have asked for a reason.
  • Bloody Gaming B975 Optical Gaming Keyboard: A Bloody Good Upgrade - MMORPG.com


    replace the keys caps  and add a new logo ,aka re-branded.

    Same with a few mouses I've seen reviewed on here. They simply get the style they want , order a shipment.  A lot of industries do this , it is nothing new.
    Like I said, you're wrong and lieing. Facts don't support you.
  • Do you only play 1 game at a time or multiple games at once?

    bonzoso21 said:
    Torval said:
    Torval said:

    I used to play gaming like that and I missed out on a lot of cool games that way. Sure, you can always play it later, but the social aspect of it will have passed.
    The social aspect is irrelevant because you can socialize across games. Just use a chat room/chat program, FB or a thousand other social media platform when you are playing games. It is not like gamers are still socializing exclusively within a single game.
    Maybe you miss my point. My point being that if I'm in Discord and everyone is chatting about a game they're playing that I'm not because I'm only playing "one game at a time" then I miss a large part of the social connection they share because we're not sharing the same experience. My experience with their game is all second hand so I have no personal connection. I get they're having fun but I can't relate to their experience "killing the boss" or "fighting in through that one dungeon".

    If I play the game years later then they can relate, but the topic of conversation has moved on. It's like watching a current event on the news compared to actually being in the current event. That is what I mean by missing out on the social aspect. It has nothing to do with the mundane aspects of where social interaction takes place like which platform or social media facilitates that chat. It's about participating while it is the current topic.

    There's a lot to be said for wanting to take part in the "water cooler talk". As much as I've enjoyed MMOs over the years, they've always been a bittersweet relationship because I enjoy playing games from every genre  and on every platform there is, and there are interesting games coming out every month. When I'm playing an MMO too much, that means my backlog of other games is piling up and I'm not going to get the cool experience of getting to chat with everyone about that other big game they're all playing. It's like seeing the new Star Wars 3 years later or something. I so want to get back to Zelda: BOTW on Switch, but it's been 10 months since everyone else was into it and I'm late to the party, so there's no sense of urgency. 
    Yep, my experience is pretty much the same. I enjoy that watercooler talk and shared experience. It can help keep me focused and motivated to finish a game too. To bridge that gap I've taken a couple steps.

    Occasionally I play a game roughly the same time as someone else. Often it's someone that hasn't played the game either or didn't finish it so it doing a playthrough. We compare notes, stories, and strategies. That's fun.

    There is a group called the MMO BookClub. I've not participated yet, but I've lurked in the sub and enjoy their posts. They have a Discord channel too. The link is on their reddit.  https://www.reddit.com/r/TheMMOBookclub/

    I also have the opportunity to do an occasional review, news, editorial, or interest piece about gaming. That keeps me connected to current gaming activity. I enjoy that a lot too.