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  • Bloody Gaming B975 Optical Gaming Keyboard: A Bloody Good Upgrade - MMORPG.com


    replace the keys caps  and add a new logo ,aka re-branded.

    Same with a few mouses I've seen reviewed on here. They simply get the style they want , order a shipment.  A lot of industries do this , it is nothing new.
    Like I said, you're wrong and lieing. Facts don't support you.
  • Do you only play 1 game at a time or multiple games at once?

    bonzoso21 said:
    Torval said:
    Torval said:

    I used to play gaming like that and I missed out on a lot of cool games that way. Sure, you can always play it later, but the social aspect of it will have passed.
    The social aspect is irrelevant because you can socialize across games. Just use a chat room/chat program, FB or a thousand other social media platform when you are playing games. It is not like gamers are still socializing exclusively within a single game.
    Maybe you miss my point. My point being that if I'm in Discord and everyone is chatting about a game they're playing that I'm not because I'm only playing "one game at a time" then I miss a large part of the social connection they share because we're not sharing the same experience. My experience with their game is all second hand so I have no personal connection. I get they're having fun but I can't relate to their experience "killing the boss" or "fighting in through that one dungeon".

    If I play the game years later then they can relate, but the topic of conversation has moved on. It's like watching a current event on the news compared to actually being in the current event. That is what I mean by missing out on the social aspect. It has nothing to do with the mundane aspects of where social interaction takes place like which platform or social media facilitates that chat. It's about participating while it is the current topic.

    There's a lot to be said for wanting to take part in the "water cooler talk". As much as I've enjoyed MMOs over the years, they've always been a bittersweet relationship because I enjoy playing games from every genre  and on every platform there is, and there are interesting games coming out every month. When I'm playing an MMO too much, that means my backlog of other games is piling up and I'm not going to get the cool experience of getting to chat with everyone about that other big game they're all playing. It's like seeing the new Star Wars 3 years later or something. I so want to get back to Zelda: BOTW on Switch, but it's been 10 months since everyone else was into it and I'm late to the party, so there's no sense of urgency. 
    Yep, my experience is pretty much the same. I enjoy that watercooler talk and shared experience. It can help keep me focused and motivated to finish a game too. To bridge that gap I've taken a couple steps.

    Occasionally I play a game roughly the same time as someone else. Often it's someone that hasn't played the game either or didn't finish it so it doing a playthrough. We compare notes, stories, and strategies. That's fun.

    There is a group called the MMO BookClub. I've not participated yet, but I've lurked in the sub and enjoy their posts. They have a Discord channel too. The link is on their reddit.  https://www.reddit.com/r/TheMMOBookclub/

    I also have the opportunity to do an occasional review, news, editorial, or interest piece about gaming. That keeps me connected to current gaming activity. I enjoy that a lot too.
  • Sources Claim Disney Has Reached Out to Ubisoft & Activision About Star Wars Games - Star Wars: Batt

    Aeander said:
    I'd be okay with Ubisoft. They certainly have their major flaws, but at least they aren't entirely risk averse. Namely, a single player Star Wars game could have actually seen the light of day under Ubisoft.
    For single player titles I think Ubisoft would be a great fit. They're big enough to tack the IP but still willing to make single player games.

    Like @SBFord said in an earlier post, the IP is saturated. We're in the era of binging everything until we're sick of it. We're at one extreme. There must be a sane middle ground between not seeing something out of an IP for a decade or having it shoved down our throats at every turn.

    I'm so burnt out on superhero stuff right now. Odd thing, that little Marvel Heroes ARPG kept me more interested in that stuff than I'd realized. Now that the game is gone I feel more disconnected from Marvel than I did before.
  • Can A:IR and Bless Revitalize the AAA MMORPG? - Bill Murphy - MMORPG.com

    Rhygarth said:
    I hope both games do well and i will try both but if there is 1 item in the cash shop that even remotely adds a slight advantage i will uninstall, I am done with all the p2w bullshit in mmo's and that even goes for stupid pets that loot for you...
    I'm about the opposite. If they only have cosmetics and no advantage items, I'm out. I'm sick and tired of being the only demographic funding mmos.
  • REZZED: The Most Important MMOs Of The First Modern Decade - The List - MMORPG.com

    koldmiser said:

    Aori said:

    He is talking on a global level not just a NA one. EQ had little impact outside of NA. Whereas Lineage(rarely ever counted on this site) affected far more and had a much broader reach, as he said, it spurred a new market in that region which exploded in popularity and spread even to our neck of the woods.

    Not trying to start a fight, but if he was really talking on a global level then "Fantasy Westward Journey (2004)" wouldn't be on that list as it had zero impact outside of Asia.
    See that's where your cultural myopia is getting in the way. It's had a huge influence in China which has become one of the largest global MMO markets today. It had more players than EQ and DAoC combined and has driven Chinese mmo development.

    Comparatively games like EQ, DAoC, SWG, and all the rest of the tiny mmo blips on the radar have had virtually no impact in the west or the east and don't account for much today even though a few still carry on.

    I think it's remarkable that DAoC still runs today, but notice how people talk about it in the past tense and most never play it anymore? How is a game that insignificant supposed to be on the list? Because you had a little 3 faction pvp fun? Games like Lineage have multiple factions created by player politics that are ever changing and in the open world. Comparatively DAoC is almost a glorified MOBA.

    TL;DR you not seeing the impact outside of China doesn't invalidate the reality of it having an impact on the industry.