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  • Trove is the Most Original MMO Right Now - Bill Murphy - MMORPG.com

    Ungood said:
    Torval said:
    Ungood said:
    skadad said:
    Minecraft has it, modded minecraft has it and more.
    Minecraft is a single player game where you punch trees for wood or you play god-mode and mod what you want, that compared to fully laid out fully functional MMO like Trove, is laughable.

    I really have to wonder if the people that think Trove is like Minecraft ever actually played Trove.
    Or Minecraft. :lol:
    I tried Minecraft, because I liked Trove, so... like many others, I assumed they were kinda alike, so.. I gave it a spin. While I am sure as for people that like mods and Voxel building Minecraft might be a great game, but, as someone that was just looking for a game to play, Minecraft felt lacking. The interaction with the world though your character felt painfully bland in comparison to Trove.
    They share a lot of similarities and you can easily see how the developers took inspiration from Minecraft. However, they don't play, feel, or even work the same. Building in the two doesn't feel alike at all to me. Combat is lightyears better in Trove. And Trove may have a pixel look, but again they're worlds apart to me in graphics quality. Trove looks beautiful in a way you'd have to mod Minecraft to even come close.

    If a vanilla game can't stand on a majority of those merits then it's the mods, not the game itself, carrying it. Skyrim gets the same treatment from me. The vanilla game has some great qualities but much of it comes from the mod community that will bring those features to any moddable game lacking them. The games don't get credit, from me, for their ability to let others finally make them good. Trove stands on it's own that way in a manner Minecraft does not.

    That's the longer version of why the Minecraft clone comparisons don't work for me. I just can't imagine anyone who has played both comparing them like that. Maybe someone played Trove and thought, this must be what Minecraft is like. And vice versa for some MC fan who just saw pictures of Trove and thought, hmm modded Minecraft.
  • Prime Progression Server to Launch on March 7th - Rift - MMORPG.com

    Here are some LiveStream notes HolyRoller12 posted on the Rift Forums. They're rough but better than nothing. Thanks for his effort.

    You can read the current edits and discussion here: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-discussions/general-discussion/501914-friday-2-23-2018-live-stream-notes.html

    These are the very rough notes for the 2/23/18 Live Stream. Always remember that any and everything is subject to change and I will be highlighting the stuff that I'm not 100% sure I noted correctly. I tried to get in as much as I could. I'm sure clowd may clean this up later and some point and post them over on Ghar Station for everyone. Hope this helps.

    - 2 characters on Prime (mainly to limit crafting professions)
    - Pack will carry over to live after the prime ends 
    - Prime uses the live install so you will alway need to update once for both versions of the game as they come out.
    - Both factions available
    - Free for all pvp servers were a potential idea for a future prime server where you're only safe from your guild, but limited to 5 members.
    - End date is not set in stone, but they plan on going through all of the current and past content available.
    - Live content will (mostly event type updates) will release on Prime too.
    - Both servers will be supported and no attention will be taken away from Live.
    - Prime global chat will be separate from Live server chat.
    - Prime will have separate forums. Anyoine can view and read the forum, but you have to be a patron to post there.
    - Live unlocks such as packs, wardrobes and the like will not carry over to prime. You will be starting from scratch on that server specifically.
    - No carry over from live servers at all.
    - You cannot unlock character slots on Prime.
    - Multiboxing will be allowed on prime just as they are on live servers, but like live, you will not be allowed to bot or play unattended.
    - The calendar will be getting a revamp for both Prime and Live- 
    - The calander will contain a random mount at the end of the month. One you don't already have. I think this may have had more to do with the point below this one.
    - Montly challenge rewards are being looked at. 
    - Prime will have exclusive mounts that were intended to be released with the original game, but never did. They will be in there with this new launch.
    - Classic currencies will use void stones
    - No PA on prime at launch.
    - Guild levels will go to 30
    - Starting with the original 8 vanilla souls and unlock the rest with planarite and planar notoriety. (Subject to change) but never purchased.
    - No Primalist on this first version of Prime.
    - Mystic Archer is a possibility, but it's still may be too strong for Prime.
    - Survival and fishing will be available at launch, but dreamweaver won't come out until they get to Nightmare Tide.
    - Prime will have a limited number of mounts and companion pets will be available for credts. Guild name, name change scrolls and some dimension items will also be available credits.
    - Entire wardrobes will drop throughout the world and off of bosses on Prime
    - Greenscales Blight will Not be released on launch. Content releases will depend on how fast players get to it like leveling and gearing up. Content releases are not set in stone for that reason.
    - Soul damage will be back again, but falling damage will not return.
    - Warfronts available from day 1, but conquest won't be coming back.
    - Vengeance and valor will not be coming back.

    Anything PvP related will be for a future version or next iteration of Prime server/s. This first iteration will mainly be focus on PvE, but will of course still have mercenary activated warfronts. The same way it is on live.

    - PvP ranks will be enabled, but capped at level 50.
    - No PvP rifts with this version of Prime
    - All classes will be locked to their armor classes. Warriors can't use leather as an example.
    - Wardrobe appearances wil not unlock by just landing in your bag, You have to equip them in order to unlock it. Warriors can wear all armor classes and they don't want them rolling on everything. "
    - You won't need Crit Power in classic Rift. Not until Storm Legion at Least
    - Crafting rifts and raid rifts will not be available until later.
    - Guild names and character names will not be allowed to be reserved. It's a free fo all.
    - Prime will support zone event API. It won't roll out with the launch.
    - No loyalty
    - Fragments ARE being looked at right now by the devs.
    - Wed and Saturday for raid Lockouts
    -- When prime ends, you will be allowed to choose the region and server that you want to transfer your characters on live, butIf you're character capped (13 per server) on the server you want to pick, then you'll need to find room. I'm not 100% sure and it wasn't clarified from what I heard on whether or not they will unlock a character slot for you automatically if your personal cap is something less than 13 or if they just mean for whatever your person cap is in the first place.
  • What are the most disappointing games from your favorite franchises?

    Ultima 8 and 9 are pretty forgettable, then Ultima Online ugh. Ultima was never about an open world pvp gankfest social experiment. Neat game, not an Utlima. wtf!

    Following up with that Shroud has been an immense disappointment of a reimagined Ultima universe.

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms after 2 or 3, and definitely whatever it's turned into today.

    Final Fantasy 11 - another total departure from the spirit of playing Final Fantasy games. The only thing it carried over was the worst art theme and the horrendous grind. The worst parts of bad FF games. FF14 is somewhat of a redemption because it at least feels like a FF game. Limsa Lominsa is an awesome little town.

    Star Trek - The CBS game set in the movie reboots. It lives somewhere in the uncanny valley of WTFville. Probably the worst game I've ever tried to play. They did everything wrong with it.

    Any Breath of Fire past 4.
  • Something Mind-Numbing (In A Good Way)

    That was another question: action games such as God of War have always felt much better with a controller.  Is Darksiders the same?  I think PS4 controllers can be used with a PC, right?

    I'm likely going to play a few hours of Vermintide tonight to reacclimate, by the way.  I know you might be in V2 closed beta, but if you're down, I'd enjoy playing with some folks in familiar with, rather than trying to jump in with strangers who are likely much more experienced than I am.
    I'm not in the WH:V2 beta. I actually don't have Vermintide. @blueturtle13 is a big Vermintide fan and why it's on my list. Vermintide 2 is just something I noticed because I did the news blurb on it and it stuck because I'm a fan of hack n slash, bmups, and shmups.

    Darksiders is one I would recommend with a controller. I can't remember if I played it using the PS4 controller or not. You can use one. Wired it works fine. If you want wireless you'll need to buy a dongle for $15. I use a wired Xbox One controller. They're cheaper and compatible in more games. The problem I had with PS4 is Sony doesn't provide a driver for it to work generically. The game needs to support it specifically or the results are very hit and miss (even if the game was originally for PS4 - go figure).

    Vrika said:
    I'd recommend Dust: An Elysian Trail, or if you want co-op then Trine.

    Trine games are on sale at gog.com.
    Dust is a great platformer. I forgot about it. Totally underrated and pretty challenging.
  • Something Mind-Numbing (In A Good Way)

    You want hack n slash, shootem and beat em up types? Are you looking for more of a directed story that you can just blow stuff up as you go along? Any specific genre?

    Most every ARPG is like that. Diablo 3, Grim Dawn, Titan Quest. Victor Vran is an option. The narrative is mostly on rails, but the ability to roam and tweak each map for completion can require a lot of thought and choice.

    Shooters: Bioshock series, Borderlands 2, DOOM, Destiny 2, Rogue Trooper Redux (it's an oldschool remaster - lots of fun and challenging)