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  • Telltale Games Down to 25 Employees, Some Speculating on Studio's Closure - MMORPG.com News

    SBFord said:
    Very sad, but perhaps the studio had become to unidimensional in the games they developed? Still...RIP. I hope the employees find new work soon!
    Pure speculation on my part, this seems reasonable. I think of their games as one dimensional. I know a lot of kids watch game play videos and streams instead of actually playing it themselves. Sometimes my son will do share play sessions with close friends and they'll take turns playing a game while chatting.

    Overall, I can see these games being "revenue challenged". There is little replayability. They're not only linear, but predictable and simple in the few places they provide game play. They essentially interactive visual novels, which is fine, but not particularly lucrative anymore.

    Raph Koster has brought this up several times and has addressed it in some of his writings and speeches. Some games aren't going to be profitable to make in the present climate. That's my paraphrased interpretation of his point. Some games are more expensive to produce "per byte" and generate less revenue that others. This falls into that kind of game. Many single player narrative driven titles fall into this category.
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080/2080 Ti Review: A New GPU King is Born - MMORPG.com

    Scot said:
    The wider question we have to ask is are video cards now reaching the end of their ability to bring out substantially faster iterations? If that happens will computers become like domestic appliances, a household essential but not really changing year to year? The only thing that will continue to change is software, which while still being potentially a cultural game changer will be set in a machine that is paddling water.
    Graphics cards will soon go the way of sounds cards. Discrete cards will be an enthusiast option for quite a while but integrated will take over the mid-range space soon. AMD current gen Ryzen APUs already do a pretty good job at 1080.
  • Intel 9900K and 9700K will Be Soldered

    It could imply a few things.

    - Intel wants to more heavily discourage custom OC modding. This is one small, very inconvenient, way to do so. Why would they want to do that only on their K series HEDT CPUs?

    - These are going to run hot and solered IHS will provide a more consistent cooler part out of the box.

    - Non-soldered IHS is acceptable in lower end parts but has a higher failure rate in more extreme configurations. This is stretching it because an enthusiast will more likely build custom cooling than anyone else. This supports the idea that they want to stick with out of the box preconfigured vendor OC solutions.
  • Nvidia announces Turing architecture

    Many reviews, including Anandtech, have been very disappointing with their comparison cards and test choices.

    Sites are still tripping all overthemselves over the power of rebranded upscaling. The big 'ooh ahh' point is how DLSS can "alias" through glass. Well no shit, because it's not aliasing through the glass, it's upscaling the entire image.
  • Nvidia announces Turing architecture

    Strangely enough Nvidia's RT implementation relies on Microsoft's DX12 RT which doesn't actually hit Windows 10 until the Fall Update in October. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3305331/components-graphics/nvidias-geforce-rtx-graphics-no-ray-tracing.amp.html

    I wonder why they didn't just time the release for the day of or after the software update.