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  • Trove is the Most Original MMO Right Now - Bill Murphy - MMORPG.com

    4 letters ...LMAO.

    We just saw a Trion thread popup a few days ago,must be money time and some serious ass kissing.
    But yeah the Lego  idea is sooooooo new,someone should tell Lego about that.Yeah Lego has only been around since 1949,70 years,yep sure seems like an original idea.

    "Brave mmo"again lol,a super low budget,easy to create content for is about as brave as deciding to wager a $2 bet at the horse races,oh yeah be careful spending that $2.

    Inb4 the Atlas Reactor thread pops up next and the "most unique game ever".
  • Gated Content in MMOs - With All There is to Do, It's Not a Bad Thing - Saga of Lucimia - MMORPG.com

    No it's a terrible way to design a game.

    Gated is perhaps the correct term to use but i noticed somebody talking about it the other day in game.Someone in EQ2 said the "title"implies mostly or lot's of questing,to which i can't argue and makes sense.However devs are ALSO adding the title MMO and the title RPG and if your game design deters from either,then your not designing the game properly according to the genre.

    So using the cicyle analogy,it is like saying,it is ok to ride a bike,it is ok to follow that linear path or road but if your riding a bike wearing snowshoes and football shoulder pads,your not doing it right  and looks way out of place.If your riding that bike with a flat tire,your doing wrong and looks out of place,if the INSIDE content/tires don't have any spokes you won't last long on that ride.

    The thing the term "QUEST"really has been diluted badly.We all have an idea of what a quest should be,Monty Python on the quest for the holy grail,Jason on a quest for the golden Fleece,quests to discover new races/cultures and then to live with them and learn etc etc.

    What devs are doing is VERY lazy work,quests do not feel at all like quests but more like errands.Then on that argument,there is nothing wrong with doing an errand or a quest "if acts like a quest"but you do NOT award experience to class skills for doing errands.A Warrior should not be better and more skilled at wielding a sword and shield just because he did 50 errands,those skills and errands should be 100% related to the skills you are awarding xp to.

    VERY few developers have ever done it right,most just think designing a mmorpg is create 2500 errands,add a hotbar ,an xp bar,and some instances,i got news for them,you get a 1/10 for that kind of effort or LACK OF.
  • The Importance of Story and Lore in the MMORPG

    Well Lineage fals in line with what Asian gamer's seem to cater to and that is pvp.They are not there for the RPG aspect of a GAME but instead just to form real life clans to  pvp.
    They took pvp to an all new level with some very serious unlawful stuff going on in that game.

    How much was true is rumor unless we see it  with our own eyes but since some did hit the real live news it was surely accurate.Stuff like threatening people within the game to release addresses of players,then they would go to those houses and beat them up or threaten them etc etc.

    Just look at the recent "swatting" incident,i have personally seen NOTHING good come from pvp communities.You know who benefits from pvp,the developer.
  • Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 4.2 - The Best of the Rest - MMORPG.com

    If only they didn't botch up classes and combat ..sigh.

    Housing of course was terribly done in the beginning,it was considered more of a guild thing than a house thing.

    As well i did not like the lazy approach to the avatar fights that were in reality an instance in the open.
    Imo where they went wrong was they tried too hard to be different than FFXI without putting enough thought into it and ended up worse from a core design perspective.

    overall it looks nice,all the content is nice but some portions done badly.Their purpose was hopes to get all the FFXI community to jump over to FFXIV,so they could cut costs,put all resources into one game ,even to the point announcing FFXI content would no longer continue.That didn't work,so they just continued to give FFXI very little effort and put all into FFXIV.

    I understand FFXIV has a lot more players but guess what,if they put that kind of effort into FFXI with a graphic upgrade,it would likely be reversed.My point?I do not feel SE nor the FF community needed a FFXIV,instead upgrade the old engine,upgrade graphics and add new types of content.
  • Maguss Set to Hit Open Beta Tomorrow - a Mobile Location-Based Game of Magic - MMORPG.com News

    ry7737 said:
    Honestly i for one am excited for the wave of augmented reality games. i cant wait for a non childish themed game to come along and totally smash its predecessors. Like a MTG, D&D or Monster Hunter themed A.R game for example. Just something for the balls have dropped crew of folks out there. Not hating on Pokemon Go or this new Maguss game here because lets face it kids need games too. However grown ups like games as well and most would prefer a more mature theme. I hope one day soon it'll come along and surprise us all.
    Maybe done on a quality platform,phones are NOT good gaming devices,they are crap as matter of fact.
    The best phone game anyone is ever going to see will be FFXI when it comes out but i would not try and fool anyone into thinking it will be a good platform to play a game on because it is a horrible platform.

    You know what a large majority of people do with these games,they buy emulators to play them on PC's,the only reason phone games sell is because people are ADDICTED to their phones and feel a need to spend money on them constantly like alcoholics and their booze.Even gaming has went from grab 1-2 games and enjoy years of fun to now people buying a new game every time they see one on Steam,people truly have NO control and are easily addicted.

    So yeah if they want to create some HQ VR/reality games,GREAT all the power to them,but keep it on PC's.I have yet to see ONE quality reality/VR game let alone a HQ one so i wouldn't get too excited for a good one,not likely for another 5+ years seeing what  i have sen so far.