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  • Why Is Blizzard Inviting Former Warcraft 3 Pros to Anaheim? Warcraft 3 Remastered? - MMORPG.com New

    Even Wow from day 1 i said that game looks like crap and i was playing FFXI at the time so that says a lot about how bad that Warcraft engine is.
    So that brings us to the topic of remastered,no question that would make ANY of the Warcraft games look better,i mean how could it not.So do i care about a remaster or a new Warcraft 4?

    Well i'll say i actually enjoyed the Warcraft movie,so if they could forget all their lazy gimmicks like Esports and leagues and selling cards and heroes and make an actual HQ game i might consider a W4 to be exciting news.

    However,every single last game in Blizz's portfolio to me is crap,not worth my time,so if it is a remaster,not interested at all,if a HQ Warcraft 4 game better than what i have seen them do,then yes it could be exciting.
  • Path of Exile - Chatting the Bestiary and 2017’s Success with Chris Wilson - MMORPG.com

    I agree the dev studio is a class act and even the p2w in very low however ARPG's are just trash gaming.Fun messing around with builds for a few months then the genre is so boring,i rather watch Golf.
  • State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)

    Raises hand...realist.

    I don't mind risks but not financially and when your entire product relies on financial's.

    In hockey i was hat defenseman who would cut in front of his own net,i would take that huge leadoff in baseball,i would look for tricks even in Football,so yeah i took risks.I was one of those kids that used to line and jump bikes over our friends laying down,then take my turn laying down lol.

    However to do a game properly,you have to have a set goal to deliver that product and have the ability to pull it off WITHOUT any interference,lack of funds or whatever.If you can only build a small game,then do it,then go big after that.

    What SC is getting away with is just stupidity,tons of foolish consumers just throwing money away to buy virtual items,so more money than brains and yes Chris will ride that money train forever if he can.However usually...most always,you won't get away with that kind of lame business operation which is why FREE money,KS'rs are so lame,they have NOBODY to answer to.

    This particular game obviously did NOT have the proper funds,so he went on a whim,that is no way at all to build a serious game.We were lead to believe through deceptive wording that they could build the game and would be paid for via costs of dying.I questioned it then and soon realized just BS.

    So then i just have to wonder,why can i see the obvious and yet so many blind people out there,are they just incredibly naive,dumb what is it?Yeah sometimes you need some long time learned knowledge to decipher BS but often it stares us right in the face.

  • Kingdom Come Deliverance, too good to be true ?

    Aeander said:
    If this had been a third person game, I might have bought it immediately. As is, I'll wait for reviews. First person melee combat is far too boring, simplistic, and janky. 
    Umm not in a fps,it is the ONLY way to do it.If you tried to 3rd person view a fps'r you would almost never win against even average players.
    However for a rpg setting,yes 3rd is best but i prefer CHOICE in a rpg,i want both.
    I think the reason for first person is obvious,i would not hold that against the game.I mean on a very similar note,so many like to make excuses for low end graphics,i heard them all when comes to Wow.

    I will tell you something else about pvp and 3rd person,it allows players to CHEAT utilizing the camera.If you are a true pvp player you will understand what i am talking about.Third person is also a FAKE viewing idea,it is only needed in rpg's because we have so much to see around us,especially if doing some 24-48 man raid.
  • MMOFTW - Dead Crows Walking - Crowfall Videos - MMORPG.com

    I understand why these games are talked about but for myself,there is nothing to get excited about.All these games except for the Lineage one are all over the marketing web so nothing is really news there.

    To me Crowfall is one game not deserving any hype at all,i could be wrong but i just don't see it.I still pray to god that Pantheon can deliver at least a playable game but since i already have some really good options to go to,i am not sure just being playable or decent is good enough.
    Unlike so many other gamer's,i do not go longevity because i have a lot invested,a game actually has to be really good and that is what i seek,a mmorpg that looks to capture me for many years or how many more i am alive.

    Really sad watching this video seeing some nice Blizzard animated cutscenes and then seeing how bad the actual game looks.Besides that i am completely writing off ANY game that forces players into specific gear sets to do specific content,same reason i wrote off FFXIV and quit playing FFXI.

    Gaming is foremost about FUN and enjoying grouping with others online,it should not be about pvp,fighting among each other is bad but more a design that has players working together to overcome content using player abilities and spells and NOT gear sets.

    I wish i could at least see a promising studio that is capable of a AAA mmorpg,i could at least then have some positive hope.