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  • World of Warcraft in one single patch is now top #1 MMO in the world

    Calling a game good because you THINK they made 1% of the entire content great again,is a strong fallacy.
    A mmorpg and it's adventure is NOT inside of dungeons and raids,end of story.questing has ALWAYS been super easy in WOW and EASY rewards and EASY xp.So yeah it doesn't matter at what juncture of the design you aim for,it has always been EASY.
    I do not condone instance raid content at all but if i was to talk about it,FFXI raids would likely make Wow raids look sadly weak.Matter of FACT there are some normal out in the open world mobs that could WIPE a group of the very best players in Wow until of course they learned what the mobs can do and how to play around them.

    So yeah Wow has NEVER been good at anything really ,unless of course you think simple easy xp rewards is a good way to discover a ROLE playing experience,i would surely hope not.
    You also do NOT ever need to communicate with the worlds npc's .all you do is vee line for the yellow markers over their heads,you could in essence remove those npc and accomplish the same thing.Then of course the added hand holding EASY mode markers on your maps,really a sad hand holding design.
  • Alleged Perpetrator of Call of Duty WWII 'Swatting' Death Indicted for Involuntary Manslaughter - M

    So what about the cop who did not follow orders and shot the guy?Like that cop pulled his gun and killed a guy for NO REASON,he should be in jail more so than the guy who faked the call.

    The last poster "emergency situations"there was NO Emergency and it was apparently NOT assessed on the scene either,this cop obviously assessed it BEFORE he knew anything and had already drawn a conclusion before he got there that he would pull his gun in rogue fashion.

    Also obvious is that no,not every cop who shoots someone is guilty or a bad cop,in this case,100% he is a bad cop,i would not want a cop in my neighborhood that pulls his gun that easily.I know cops personally,i have 3 family members who are cops,my grandfather was the chief of police,i also played hockey with them for 5 years and drank at the bar with them afterwards.What i saw,learned is that cops are not special ,there are some really good people and some really bad apples and hiring is NOT done with any realistic criteria and most often just family and friends get hired.
    If i was to pull out a number based on the cops i know/knew,i would say about 10-15% should no way in hell ever be allowed to carry a gun,extremely violent people who would beat you to a pulp just for looking at them wrong.So there is obviously terrible systems in place in monitoring cops and their behavior and the unions that stand behind them are basically above the law.
  • MikeB's Most Anticipated Games of 2018 - Michael Bitton - MMORPG.com

    I saw a game i think was yesterday being bantered here on the threads that i wouldn't play for free and was given a 4 1/2 stars out of 5 on steam.I mentioned before that Steam actually took on a game that was called "to shower with your dad" or something like that,so they have ZERO integrity,much like this site,take on ANY game if it means money and business relationships.

    I really don't need to see any review or rating anyhow,i know fully well what i am looking at in these games,i can judge for myself and i would say that 90% of the games on Steam are total trash 0-1/10 but somewhere out there will get at least 3 star ratings maybe 4.
  • Developer seems frustrated that publishers don't understand CoE's appeal

    Sneaky devs deserve the worst.

    If in the beginning devs come right out with all of their intentions,so be it,at least nobody is getting mislead duped into a con job.

    But what is happening are devs change the field of play whenever they feel like it,it is all about money and not the game,not the community,simply money and imo when it comes down to money alone,those devs should not be making games.

    If you have a passion and can afford it with no cons or misleading speeches,then go for ,make a quality game.
  • SC is now selling tanks ...

    TANKS for the money.