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  • Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 4.2 - The Best of the Rest - MMORPG.com

    If only they didn't botch up classes and combat ..sigh.

    Housing of course was terribly done in the beginning,it was considered more of a guild thing than a house thing.

    As well i did not like the lazy approach to the avatar fights that were in reality an instance in the open.
    Imo where they went wrong was they tried too hard to be different than FFXI without putting enough thought into it and ended up worse from a core design perspective.

    overall it looks nice,all the content is nice but some portions done badly.Their purpose was hopes to get all the FFXI community to jump over to FFXIV,so they could cut costs,put all resources into one game ,even to the point announcing FFXI content would no longer continue.That didn't work,so they just continued to give FFXI very little effort and put all into FFXIV.

    I understand FFXIV has a lot more players but guess what,if they put that kind of effort into FFXI with a graphic upgrade,it would likely be reversed.My point?I do not feel SE nor the FF community needed a FFXIV,instead upgrade the old engine,upgrade graphics and add new types of content.
  • What Would a Star Wars Activision Game Look Like? - Garrett Fuller - MMORPG.com

    SWG wasn't really that good,however just upgrading graphics would make it 10% better.

    The whole intrigue was to get a Jedi and when that got changed,it created an uproar.

    Ok now the part where i try to make sense to all those thousands that never "got it"before.

    1 Are you playing for FUN,is the game FUN for YOU?So then why were you worried about others attaining FUN and why worry about how much grind you had to do to get the JEDI if you were having FUN?

    Then if the whole uproar is over nerfing the ease to get Jedi,was the game really that good,were people really having FUN?

    To answer the question of the OP "what would it look like?"Well right now seeing how games have really become superficial,i would expect similar,some single gimmick to make sales and if Activision gets it ...look out.

    If i had to choose between the two,Bethesda in a heart beat,best of chance of a complete story game and less chance of a super lame cash shop.I would much rather see Square Enix get it but seeing they are way over there in JPN,that is not happening.Besides i am 100% certain Disney is ONLY looking at who attracts the bigger numbers and NOT who can build the best game.
  • Star Citizen - Development Updates


    More ships for sale,more work going into cash shop than the game.

    Everything is FOR SALE but guess what,you do not own that purchase just a license to use it as CIG sees fit...have fun.
  • Chris Metzen Publishes Children's Book Called 'Snow Fight: A WarCraft Tale' - World of Warcraft - MM

    He is so good he needs to pay a license fee to Blizzard to use their IP.This is typical of gaming now a days ,using popular IP brands to make sales and not on merit of the product.Also aiming for that all elusive kids market is also weak,kids are not buying this so foolish spending parents are buying it why?Do they really feel there is a need,their child should really have this Warcraft book?

    But this is what Blizzard and businesses do,they market their products the best way they can and aim for a market they feel they can easily target.

    Metzen's portfolio..Warcraft,yeah aside from bad game design the universe is pretty good.
    Diablo..nope total trash,just an overall very cheap game design.However cheap the entire product is i will admit some of the atmosphere in the zones is well done.
    Starcraft really bad,nothing there at all for universe/scripts.

    So this guy did a good job on 1/3,nothing to brag about and if not being part of Blizzard nobody would care.

    Is it NEWS worthy,well if you think some guy selling a book,targeting the kids market is good,then perhaps,personally not news worthy on a gaming site but yeah he is exploiting the Warcraft brand so it needs to be out there in the Blizzard community.

  • Do you only play 1 game at a time or multiple games at once?

    1 each genre ,several genres so i never run out of games,never feel a need to buy anything that comes out unless it is real good.Right now i'll bounce between EQ2 and FFXi ,several strategy games to choose,however i have kind of given up on tcg's all the same doing very little for gaming,mostly just trying to sell cards.

    Do not play any arpg's anymore or moba's all trash games that do nothing for me.FPS's i stick to the best Quake and Unreal as these new wave attempts are more flash than good designs.IMO fps's belong in arena settings not running around trees and rocks and forced gas.