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  • Best Indie Or Crowdfunded MMO Of 2017

    Erillion said:
    Crowdfunded ... yes

    Multiplayer ... yes  (if you want)

    MMO ... nope

    Indie ... nope

    Have fun
    I dont consider Paradox or Froniter to be AAA publishers. They walk and talk and act and produce like indies
  • Teaser For The Upcoming 'Beyond - Chapter One' Patch

    kitarad said:
    The initial tutorial has to be redone in this game.
    100000% agree

    the entry point of this game is terrible but once a person can get passed it its good
  • It's time for government regulation...

    Flyte27 said:
    SEANMCAD said:
    Foncl said:
    Since when is "RNG for reward" required for a good game? anyone who says that must play a very limited type of games. For most competitive games, keeping RNG away is a requirement for it to be good. Starcraft, Counter-Strike and Quake are just some examples where you definitely don't want RNG playing a role in the outcome.

    Even in the types of games where RNG is traditionally used to hand out rewards like MMORPGs and ARPGs I don't see "RNG for reward" as a requirement. You could have bosses and mobs drop a fixed amount of currency and/or crafting materials and it would work perfectly fine.
    It has been argued in academics over the history of games that it point of games is for one in a safe way test their skills against randomness.

    now, dont fixate on that too much, instead ask yourself. How much randomness is in the game you played this week? pick any game, look at what aspects of it is random.

    I played Elite Dangerous last night, when I fly into a zone that is hot, I have no idea who is in there, I have no idea what I will get when I shoot one down, I have no idea what the bounty is like. Its random, its part of the attraction
    It's good if you aren't paying for it in game.
    yes but laserit does NOT agree with that point and clarified that with me.

    his position is that its addictive REGARDLESS of the money.
    I think its absurd to suggest that its ONLY addictive if money is involved.

    so we actually kinda agree I guess.
  • It's time for government regulation...

    laserit said:
    NorseGod said:
    Luiden said:
    Yes, I said something I thought I would never say but it's quite clear that game development companies no longer have the ability to focus on creating quality games.  Over the past 5 years the focus has changed from creating entertainment that sells to creating revenue schemes targeting consumers and not delivering on product.  Before you flame take a look at the following ideas for regulation:

    1.  Games advertised as 'Early Access' and accept money in exchange for allowing a gamer to play the game before release must publicly state a release date.  If that date is not met or changed at any time then the game company must offer a full refund to the gamer at the gamers request.

    2.  Games implementing loot boxes must publicly post the odds of winning each item in the item pool.  Loot boxes will be classified as gambling and will be taxed as such, all revenue generated from loot boxes must be reported for tax purposes.  All items which gamers are gambling for must be public knowledge including an item description and abilities of the item.  Game companies that update or change item abilities after being won in the loot box gambling system must offer a refund to the gamer if requested.

    3.  Every non consumable item (mounts, clothing, weapons) available for purchase through an online cash shop must include a target expiration date.  If a game is shutdown by the gaming company before the expiration date of item purchased then the game company is responsible to reimburse the gamer for the item purchased.

    4.  Purchasing made through online shops or any other avenue must be approved by a consenting adult.  Gross purchases made without adult approval is subject to 100% refund upon request.  The game company must show that a consenting adult has made the purchase.

    These are just some starting ideas but I think you get the picture as to why we now need something like this.  Gamers are severely getting ripped off across all types of games and I hate to say it but we now need some kind of consumer protection.    
    Inviting the government into our lives. What could go wrong? Oh, and the children!

    This is an example of how free markets work. Don't play. 

    You guys begged for F2P and you got it.
    We sure don't want the government stepping on any corporate toes. They should be free to make money with any concoction they can come up with, rules be damned.

    Imagine a football game with no rules. You know everyone is going to be nice and play fair.

    And the children.... Fuck the children, they're too small and inexperienced to fight back anyway.

    The only Free Market is the Black Market. How do you think they play? You know when that guy says his Rolex's are genuine , you can take his word for it.

    What a wonderful world it would be :) 
    its a matter of degrees and nobody is suggesting zero rules.

    do you have rules to protect people from poisionious water? = yes
    do you have rules that require people to not let their core temperature get to cold incase they catch a cold = no that is mommies job.

    so where does how I spend MY money on what I want affect you?
  • Why don't more sandbox/open world MMOs like Ashes of Creation add PVE servers?

    azurrei said:
    Non-AAA devs like to keep their player base small to keep down on server costs/issues and encourage the P2W cash shops as you can't P2W too much in a PvE environment, after all.  Oh, and you really only need a few addicted whales to keep the servers running anyways. 

    Yes, I'm only half joking...
    the better answer is that its easier to throw people in a room and have them create the tension and conflict themselves then it is to code it.

    pvp requires less work on the code side of things.