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  • Best Indie Or Crowdfunded MMO Of 2017

    Erillion said:
    SEANMCAD said:
    Erillion said:
    Crowdfunded ... yes

    Multiplayer ... yes  (if you want)

    MMO ... nope

    Indie ... nope

    Have fun
    I dont consider Paradox or Froniter to be AAA publishers. They walk and talk and act and produce like indies
    Frontier Developments...

    founded in 1994 .... so 24 years old ....

    312 employees

    28 games developed, 1 upcoming

    listed on the London stock exchange

    37 million pounds sterling revenue per year

    Indie ?

    Have fun
    your not hearing me

    I consider them indie because they walk, talk, and produce like one.

    Its like a 70s rock band but they where technically in the 80s. yeah its in the 80s but they are a 70s rockband in how they sound.

    and to be more exact I mean they dont produce shitty games, they dont advertise to the hilt, they dont try and screw you over at every turn the games are actually strikling different from a AAA game experience
  • CES 2018 Thoughts - Michael Bitton - MMORPG.com

    Wizardry said:
    Technology in peripherals does nothing to bring better quality game designs and that is what i care about the most.I feel we are going down the same road as VR,why would i care who has the better VR hardware if there are no good games to play with it.

    When comes to security in games,we don't even need better technology,we need developers to show us they actually care to put in a little effort.So before worrying about tech,i worry about the people behind many of these game studios and what money schemes they are working on next for the cash shops.
    Look at SC,they have done a lot of talk but what have they got to show us,it doesn't look like great technological advances in gaming.Then even with the most important tech,out gpus and cpus,does it matter if we have great PC's if the developers put no effort into optimization.

    Gaming involves a LOT of people,a lot of businesses,would love to see it all come together,great hardware,great games.What in fact do we have,the top 5/6/7 games on twitch are all very low budget games designs that could,should run on very low end computers.

    Let's remember the EQ series,TERRIBLE optimization,geesh i would run them on new computers 10 years later and they still ran like crap.Vanguard yet again ran like crap,Rift when released was bad,FFXIV was bad.So bottom line ,go out buy a 1500 monitor ,600 dollar VR set,Top of the line Cpu and gpu ,then login to play Wow or LOL or Dota or PUBg or Hearthstone on the Unity engine,yeah you get the picture.
    I dont agree but I want to ask you something

    I used to play RPGs on the tabletop, is a computer a 'peripheral' that does not bring anything new to game design?
    I feel like my gaming experience has increased playing Elite Dangerous compared to the Original Elite am I to understand you are saying its not?

    have you considered that most people would find the argument that the original Elite game is just as good and enjoyable as the new one to be a bit absurd?
  • Star Citizen - What are your expectations?


    If you form expectations around something you do not have control over is that a good idea?
  • Play Nice Policies Help Reduce Player Toxicity - Saga of Lucimia - MMORPG.com

    SEANMCAD said:
    SEANMCAD said:
    Sovrath said:
    Orinori said:

    For starters I don't see how that reply is a reply to that post?
    That my mistake, trying to do two things at once.

    What he is talking about, especially in regards to the Terms of Service is that companies will post one but won't enforce it.

    That's pretty true as I sign into Black Desert and can't believe the talk.

    Play nice means "play nice". Keep one's attitude in their pants, to be crass.

    If the game actually launches it will have a small population so it's going to be pretty easy to monitor. If it was a huge population that would be more difficult and most likely would be cherry picking certain incidents that would service as examples.

    As I said above, harassment isn't difficult to know. People who argue against that are either very dense, were never taught well, or as I continually say, become willfully obtuse "well I didn't know... how could I".

    When you leave the house every day there are expectations put upon you by society. Cross too many lines and you are going to be called on it.

    Nothing different here.

    I'll agree with cheyane here. So to recap, don't harass, if  one doesn't know what that is it's pretty easy to learn, if harassment is part of one's game play then find games where that's ok, problem solved.

    Absolutely.  This isn't examining the finer points of modern morality here; the behavior Renfail is mentioning is very obvious and very intentional.
    I want to make an aside observation and its just that, its not intended to be mean so please consider that with your response or lack of response which would be preferred personally speaking but I do feel it important to say.

    we just had a conversation (I think with you as well) over how violence is natural thus not immoral.  I do not think you are aware that you are in effect saying violence is not immoral but bad mouthing someone is. I wish people would take a deep look into themselves on that, its fairly common but to be I find it disturbing.

    You're talking about a conversation in which humans traditionally have enjoyed viewing violence (such as, but not limited to, killing NPC enemies in video games) to griefing, harassing, or stalking other folks online.  One is a general tendency towards viewing a natural, objectively exciting (in terms of adrenaline response) result of conflict (the basis around which almost every story is built) to targetting a specific person with the intent of degrading their experience continuously, usually to no objective benefit of the person griefing the other player.  Any violence involved (such as attacking a lowbie in-game as a high level player) would even be lackluster, as the opponent has no real chance to defend themselves and the encounter usually lasts mere seconds.
    so again just to be clear.

    your position is watching fictional violence for hours without any other content at all in said content is natural, but calling someone a punk is immoral.

    I am not wanting to argue with you on the merit of that but I am wanting to highlight what you are saying and then move on because to be fair this conversation isnt about that even though I brought up the aside
    And only those unable to grasp the fairly basic nuance of the situation would see the situation as strange.
    yes I am unable to see it. I wonder though if you are able to see my observation is what troubles me. I would ask as a human being to another human being in all honesty, give it some contemplation. dont respond, just think about what I have said in an honest way as a human being.
  • What shoul di play in 2018 ?