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  • From seamless universe MMO to region locked fixed single map arena game with multiple instances.

    lahnmir said:
    Erillion said:
    PSS: Moderators please delete my account and lock this thread. I am not interested to post on a forum where abuse like this get's by un-moderated. Any other forum this guy would have been banned by now.

    Unless you write the mods or report your own post, the moderators will neither read this nor react to it.

    Have fun 
    Wouldn't it be hilarious if it turned out you were wrong and a mod came in and actually deleted your account as requested?

    Where would you "have fun" then?  ;)

    Playing with fire man, playing with fire.


    Well, maybe you will understand one day that it was CryptoCrow that wanted to have his account deleted, not me. And it seems his wish was granted. 

    If my account gets accidentally deleted, i would ask the mods to restore it. 

    If it cannot be restored, i would start anew. It is not the amount of posts that are important, or the length of time one has been active here (14 years in my case). Its about the things one writes about. 

    And i would still

    Have fun 
  • From seamless universe MMO to region locked fixed single map arena game with multiple instances.

    gervaise1 said:

    The title is misleading. 

    I concur.

    Have fun 
  • For Donors ..

    1) one account, one ship (a Constellation) .. 250 $ ... plus a voluntary contribution of 10 $/month (community subscriber , financing the "Jump Point" magazine and the v-blogs)

    2) I donate about 10  times more to charity than to game projects  (all crowdfunding game projects combined) e.g. "Menschen für Menschen" (=help for Ethiopia) , Médecins Sans Frontières, Licht für die Welt, AI etc.

    Have fun 

    Would i donate to the above mentioned "Hospital Kickstarter" ? No. I chose carefully whom i give my money to. And Joe Random Internet and his "great new project" does not make the cut. 
  • CIG is working hard to implement VR

    MaxBacon said:
    Moxom914 said:
    Joan of Arc had visions too.
    as did Hitler
    That moment Hitler is brought up as a follow up to comparations to Chris Roberts, O.o
    Godwins Law

    “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.”


    Have fun

  • CIG is working hard to implement VR

    The percentage was quite high when they released the alpha but as the product has reached a wider market obviously the uptake precentage drops.

    Erillion said:
    As in ... thousands .... (=my personal guestimate). Less than 1 %.
    No offence but this estimate is pointless, if it was just 1% it could be as much as 30,000 which in itself wouldn't be bad for a first consumer version of a very niche product in a niche space game.
    It could be as much as 5% or it could be as little as 0.5%, none of us have an inkling of how many people use VR with Elite.
    How many people do you know personally that play Elite with a VR unit ?

    For me = 1

    And its not me.  I experienced E:D in VR playing on his rig.

    Anyone else I personally know = 0

    Anyone else i know via mail = 0  (out of dozens that play space games, including E:D and SC).

    Do you see a trend here ? And this is a group of people (simulation gamers) that tend to have a higher amount of money available for games and hardware. Higher than the average gamer.

    VR gaming is still rare.

    As i said, it is a personal guestimate, not a hard fact. But for sure neither pointless nor unlikely.

    Have fun