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  • Early Adoption - How will things work in the future?

    With the in game currency "REC" gained from playing the Arena Commander Module you can check out OTHER ships than the one you pledged for. Duration: for one week. Often the free-fly weekends also allow you to testfly a certain ship e.g. Hornet for free. 

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  • Every Time Star Citizen Gets a New Update Everyone Forgets What an Alpha is

    At what point will you understand that many of us backers do not care how long it takes ? That we believe in the motto "Its done when its done" from many of the best gaming studios in gaming history.

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  • Every Time Star Citizen Gets a New Update Everyone Forgets What an Alpha is

    "....However, the game is in alpha, and the only sin the team behind it has committed is being overzealous when it comes to giving projected release dates. Star Citizen hasn't ever claimed to be anything but an alpha, and anyone expecting more than that is setting themselves up for failure. ..."

    "....Expecting a full, bug-free version of a game that purports itself as a work-in-progress is preposterous, and I'm not sure what people are expecting out of it...."

    "....Well, games take time to develop, and you can bet that if you tried to play a game that took a while to produce, like Final Fantasy XV, at the halfway mark, it would be a stuttery, broken mess....."

    "... keep in mind this is an unfinished alpha and temper your expectations accordingly. .."

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  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

  • Nearly $35M Raised in 2017 Alone. Funding Now Eclipses $175M - Star Citizen -

    Erillion said:
    And they still don't have a finished product?
    No. Still working on it. Various submodules available for testing.

    You can dogfight in "Arena Commander", shoot people in "Star Marine", socialize in "ArcCorp" zone, decorate your "Hangar" or do missions/buy stuff/transport stuff/pirate/hunt pirates/explore in stations, asteroid belts and moons in "Crusader"

    Current live version Alpha 3.0 for Star Citizen for the multiplayer game.

    For the Squadron 42 solo game they showed a one hour vertical slice, showing around two dozen different features (see SC subforum here for details).

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    Can anyone who buys a package try these now? Or is it restricted the early backers?
    Except for the solo game Squadron 42 all things i mentioned above can be played by anyone that has a basic pledge package. Not restricted to early backers. Alpha 3.0 is available to all.
    Keep in mind: it is an Alpha. You will encounter bugs. You may encounter drops in performance. You will also encounter fun if you let it happen - especially if you play with friends.

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