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  • All About the New Saga Server with Jon Devers - Age of Conan: Unchained Interviews

    Well Jon Devers I haven't gotten talked to in game so I'll toss my comments on here and maybe you'll see them.

    I don't know if you want to call the Saga server a throw-back, classic or speed thing, but it's brought alot back and some new to the game. Good and bad seeing Tortage packed with respect to MOB's and mainly players don't seem to be into grouping on the fly in the field as much as the old days, but solo right along side of you fighting for the same kills. Not much you can do about that. And I think this approach was good for those coming back, with only max level and those with new characters. Get to see the game from the start etc......

    I too think the next Saga Server should be a Pvp one (and I don't Pvp) and the one after that Need's a new quest line. Take a leaf from Lord of the Rings Online's Bingo Baggins quest line. Some dev wrote 52 quests that were released one a week for a year so you could start at lvl 10? and go up to the high 90's or so. All you guys would need would be 14 since the servers are limited time, but it would give us something different to see. You could also turn on the Battle for Tortage special quest that was on last year; the one where you go back to Tortage and have to fight through the city from the docks to the gate and then into the shadow realm to fight up the Ach Ruin's. Or even any of the older holiday events, just something for the quest types among us.

    I like that the game has seen an increase (Steam shows a 23% up tick) and hope that many keep playing when they move to Crom at the end.
  • It's Spring Cleaning a Bit Early in Trion Games - PC Name Reclaim Ending January 31st - MMORPG.com

    No clue about the game, but not a bad policy especially for some of the older games. Wouldn't hurt to free up names of characters not played in years.
  • MMOs didn't go free because they have good hearts

    Free=ALWAYS worse quality game than buy to play or pay to play. 

    Really?   Always?   LotRO, DDO, AoC, STO, STWoR etc... etc.....   They're 'free' or as much as anything is free and are still really good games.   
  • Longtime LOTRO player looking to shift gears

    Age of Conan.  Lot's of RE Howard's Lore is woven all through it.  F2p restrictions are a bit tight, but not so much as to make it unplayable.  Has some really good quest write up's that you can have fun with depending on how you answer the NPC.
  • Modern LoTR:O

    Yes Mordor's pricing was higher than it should have been, but I'm willing to put that down to SSG being a smaller company than Turbine was and not being able to soak up costs like Turbine could.

    As it is, there's a really good sale going on with all the expac's being on sale and a double point sale.  Per chat most have picked up all expac's with the exception of Mordor for cheap.  People have worked it out that some are going for $1.50 and others $2.00.  Mordor right now is down to 2400 points so $20 I think.

    I think SSG did a good move with putting the XP raisers in the store as most interest was in Mordor so buying an XP stone, jumping up to play Mordor brought a lot of players back along with some new ones.

    I'm currently working the lower epic quest line, bouncing all over the place (lvl 10 - 50 zones) and everywhere I go I see players.  Chat's full, community is still nice as ever.

    I don't see LotRO shutting down anytime soon.