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  • Ancestors Legacy Collectors Edition Sweepstakes! - MMORPG.com

    Sorry about the geo restrictions. The sponsor is doing the shipping and they get to set the rules there. This is a rather large package and I think they are trying to keep shipping costs down.
  • Just got a warning for deceptive site HERE

    Please do post screens of anything you see that is like a pop-up, etc.  We only serve ads that we sell and host directly and then the unsold ad space is served up to Google.
  • Star Trek Online Victory is Life Sweepstakes! - MMORPG.com

    i still gotta say it should be a giveaway not sweepstakes

    I think if we did a giveaway with 50 keys we would have a riot when they were gone in 2 minutes ;-)
  • MMO Sites Are Lying To You For Money

    Eldurian said:
    You guys must have missed like the 20 threads arguing about MMORPGs where people like nauriseldon have been pointing out that same header I just showed an image of and using it to say everything on your list is an MMO.
    I totally agree - we need to update that header.  Remember this site is old (hoping for a total facelift within the next 12 months) and that header has probably had the same name for 6+ years.

    Again, we are not trying to be deceptive here.  As Suzie outlined - we clearly state the genre of the game in each list entry.
  • MMO Sites Are Lying To You For Money

    Eldurian said:
    I think I would be a lot more forgiving of this behavior if these sites were a lot more intellectually honest with us. Just own up to the fact that the game you're promoting is a survival game, or MOBA, or run-of-the mill RPG, or trading card game, or whatever it is.

    I've seen multiple people use arguments such as "Diablo III is an MMORPG because mmorpg.com has it on the MMO list."

    How about just calling it a game's list and breaking it into separate categories if you're not going to keep it a true MMO list. It spreads less misinformation, makes it easier to find the type of game you're actually looking for, and preserves your integrity.

    Nobody wants to see the site shut down because you fail to adapt, but we don't want to see you call party based dungeon crawlers and trading card games MMOs either.
    We new refer to D3 as a MMO on our game list.  Just because our domain name is MMORPG.com it does not require us to only feature and speak of MMORPG games.  You will even see on our big home page carousel when we cover something in the upper right it will say something like "MMO" or "RPG" or "SPONSORED" to break out the content.

    We are not trying to trick anyone around here.