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My favorite song is Maroon 5 - Sugar


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  • My favorite song is Maroon 5 - Sugar
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  • Fortnite Batlle Royale vs. Playerun

    I (strangely enough) have not seen any topics about the latest 2 Battle Royale genre video games known as PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale mode.

    So EVERYONE knows what these two games are and what the Batle Royale genre is unless you have been living under a rock with no youtube or twitch.
    But truly for all of you that do not know what the games are, what the Battle Royale genre is or just generally do not know what I am talking about here is the explanation:

    Battle Royale is a genre created by the first Battle Royale game known as Arma 3, then continued by a different and more optimised game called H1Z1, afterwards the new Battle Royale option came for DayzZ and then the king of the genre Playerunknown’s Battleground was released, everyone was loving it - now it has million of players A DAY. And after that came Fortnite Battle Royale. (The last two games are the ones this thread is specifically about).

    The Battle Royale genre/mode includes an airplane/any floating concoction (Yes Fortnite has a flying school bus on top of a hot air ballon lol) and a 99 other players beside you (100 in total) jumping of the floating concoction on a remote part of the island (any part will do you can choose it) with noone but you and other players whatsoever - in which you need to find any tools possible (guns, knives, ammo and healing items) and try to survive the players and the shrinking storm to be the last outta 100 standing. The storm is a vague part in which you need to go wherever it sorrounds to not take any damage. You can try to be a maniac and kill others, or a camper that stays till its only him and someone else standing or something in between.

    PUBG uses the same things mentioned up there, has more optimised graphics, slight lag and performance issues, has a bit more hackers and is for 29.99 dollars on Stam, while Fortntie Battle Royale is actually just a battle royale mode for a game known as…(Fortnite) and uses the same strategies but is far less complicated than PUBG, but still just about enough to get your heart pumping more than being on a period (I have been there gurls), unlike in PUBG you can also build structures, forts and defenses with crafting materials instead of looking for cover in Fortnite BR it also looks more cartoony-ish but has less lag and the fps can be on 130’s even on bad computers. You can get it for the low price of 9.99 dollars…*0 on their official website.

    PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale sre the ones we will be talking about today so if you know any of the games please leave a nice message down below and please tell me which one you like better, and give them ratings.

    For me PUBG is a tiny-tiny bit better but just because of optimisation and more fun gameplay - but I have ti givve the outmost credit for Fortnite BR creators for creating such an amazing game and putting it FREE.

    That being said both games are far away from perfect since hackers, glitches ect. but my ratings look like this:

    PUBG - 8.0
    Fortnite BR - 7.8

    Please if you know the games show me:

    Your ratings
    Funny Videos/Fails/Epic Moments
    Which is better

    October 11
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