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  • Originally posted by Draenor Originally posted by WisebutCruel   Originally posted by Draenor Originally posted by WisebutCruel   Who is this "Duke" Nukem you speak of? An aristocrat from a small but nuclear equipped country, perhaps? I…
  • Originally posted by TedDanson Originally posted by sololoco I wanted to cancel VG account but when I tried to put in my security word  it said, no good.  I recently read where people were having problems canceling so I phoned them.  I can't be…
  • Emigrate. Really why put up with that Orwellian camera bullshit if you aren't any safer?
  • Originally posted by modjoe86 That's why you slap a big F on their paper and tell them to do their research. As long as such stupidity isn't reinforced with passing grades, kids will be forced to do some research. And if anyone over the age of …
  • Originally posted by daeandor If your students enjoy the movie, it may inspire them to seek more information about the era, about Greek mythology, about the Persian empire, and overall in their scholastic knowledge of history.  I don't think …
  • Originally posted by Zaush I am not big on spawn camping, and think that is a huge flaw in MMOS. One day I would like to see some dynamic MOB spawning, traveling MOBS, etc. SoR creature AI is a good example of something that can be done. They ha…
  • Originally posted by Coldmeat     You are referring to Lord of the Rings Online, developed by Turbine, yes? Or are you playing a secret version of the game made by someone else? And people say the Vanbois are off in their own little world... I…
  • Originally posted by outfctrl The autonomy of Iraqi Kurdistan (currently advertising for investors and tourists on American television)   Why would you think that's a good thing? The Kurds have been doing the same damn things that make you …
  • I should hope they are working on a next operating system. What company have you ever seen that releases a new product, then everyone goes home with no thoughts on the future?
  • The last thing Fable needs is more ideas added, it needs the ideas it has already to have a point.
  • It has what has to be one of my favorite dialog choices in any RPG. After teaming up with a Japanese girl to kill a monster "Boy I bet you're glad that thing didn't have tentacles"
  • According to the bible the world can't end until that main jewish temple in Jerusalem (can't remember the name) is rebuilt because so much of its prophecy is related to it. Although the Jews want to rebuilt it, in its original place is the Dome of t…
    in 2012 Comment by tetsul March 2007
  • * Armor will no longer be broken into Light, Medium, and Heavy categories. They will now come in Newpaper, Wet Cardboard, and Styrofoam.
  • www.actsofgord.com/ The stories of a (now gone) game rental store about the retards who came in there.
  • Ward nurses in general were extremely lazy. ... If you asked for a wound dressing changed, you were more likely to have the nurse give you their house and first-born child rather than do this task. Ha. Not in a hospital, but I've worked with peopl…
  • Despite the fact he agrees with your thinking, he's a democrat so he's wrong. Yay partisanship.
  • Originally posted by Astropuyo   Originally posted by Razorback I dont even have online poker to fall back on. Believe it or not Ozzies arnt allowed to play things like online poker for real money thanks to our totally bizarre internet gamblin…
  • Originally posted by LordSlater It could just be that she is deliberatly changing her accent to better connect to the locals. So she'll talk like the Queen of England if she's in London? Hem hem hem, we are not amused.
  • Originally posted by roadwarriors Once again the anti soe cult strikes again and leaves a tad bit of evidence behind, a leopord skin thong with Euthoros. name on it. Is that what that was? I think my brain imploded reading it.
    in News flash! Comment by tetsul March 2007
  • Originally posted by Rover64dd 1. I can knock any strat i dont like. b. Youve missed the point of the MMORPG. Unlike Half-life the game is unbeatable. End game is often the highlight of MMO's. 2. I can insult whoever i dont like. You should…